Monday, July 1, 2013

Phase 2 Done!

Well the results are in and I must say I am pleased.  No, I didn't hit my goal of 44 pounds but I think I’m ok with it this time because I have known for a few weeks that it was really not going to be possible to hit it safely.  I did all I could do and put up a decent number but I didn't  hit my Phase 2 goal.  I will always be a little disappointed when I don’t hit my goal but the big picture is way better.

I weighed in at 247 this morning, that is a total loss of 23 pounds this Phase.  I know, not the best for this Phase, but I also lost 2 pants sizes in this Phase and I am at a loss of 84 for the year.  I hit a complete stand still for about 7 weeks where the weight didn't go up or down so I really lost this 23 lbs. in the last 5 weeks.  So, that’s 84lbs in 6 months, how can you not be happy about that?!?!?

And now some Before/Phase 1/Halfway Photos!

Phase 3 has officially begun today but I have allowed myself a few things on this first day of Phase 3 that I have done without for a few weeks like Fruit Loops and Cheese Its.  Other than that its back to work as normal.  The goal for Phase 3 is 30 lbs. but I would really like to see the 100’s by the end of this phase.  


Elizabeth said...

that is freaking amazing! the numbers are wild, and so are those pictures!!you are doing things most people only dream of doing! hooray for setting a huge goal and then systematically going about achieving it!!!

Wendie Haynes said...

Awesome! Love the before/after look amazing!

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