Monday, July 1, 2013

Phase 3 Day 1

Well, I can happily report that Phase 2 is over.  It was lots of hard work and what felt like catch up (I never quit what I was doing but I did hit a plateau) and I didn't hit my goal, but amazingly enough I am still quite happy with my weight loss.  For my total I am down 84 pounds!  I didn't get my prize of Crossfit which is a bit disappointing but like I said before I have known for a few weeks that I was not going to hit that goal...instead, I am focusing hard core on Phase 3 and hitting my new goals.

If you missed it the progress pictures are in the post below!

If your just now joining the blog let me explain the Phases to you.  I have taken 1 whole year that my focus is weight loss.  I broke the year down into 4 the TV show Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell.  I set a goal at the beginning of the Phase (really they were all set at the beginning of the year) and then strive to hit a 3 month goal.  At the end of the Phase there is a prize if you hit the goal.  I missed my Phase one goal by 4 pounds but I still got the prize!  I missed this last one and I'm not getting the prize this time.  I figure since I'm paying for the prizes (no one gave me a $25,000 Wal-Mart gift card like they do on the show) and not a TV show then I can pretty much decide if I should get it or not, right?

Phase 3 has a goal of 30 lbs and that is the official goal but I would really like to see under 200.  Even if its only by 1 pound I would love to see a number below 200.  I think I am going to set two prize goals for this Phase.  If I lose the 30 one prize and if I hit the under 200 another cooler more awesome prize!  As for the prize this time I don't know....I'm tempted to leave one of them as Crossfit and come up with a new one but I would like to come up with two new ones.  I just don't know as of right now but I will soon.

Now today I have been pretty excited about my weight loss and I have enjoyed a day a little more relaxed than normal.  I think the stress of the last week of Phase 2 has gotten to me because my face is all broken out so I just kinda rested.  I did go workout this morning and got in a great workout.  I did Pump and got a great workout and then hopped on the treadmill and got in a very good run.  I was beginning to think after that race on Saturday that I needed to give up running but this was such a nice little jog it made me remember why I liked it so much.  And then I didn't workout again for the rest of the day.  Instead I came home and packed up for two big workouts tomorrow and shopped for a bridesmaid dress and went grocery shopping since I had no food in my house!

The rest of my night was chill with the most activity coming from vacuuming my living room.  I used the weekend to clean my kitchen but I never got around to vacuuming anything.  Now I fell pretty good about starting phase 3, I have a stocked fridge, a clean house, and a new motivation/goal to hit!  Let's get it going!!!

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