Sunday, July 7, 2013

Race Week!!!!!!

First, my bad for being a terrible blogger last week but the whole week was just a bit wonkey! Let me assure you, I got in all my workouts, ate a little more than I should but the holiday on a Thursday really messed me up. I didn't know what day of the week it was, just strange! But this weekend, thanks to the rain, all the rain, I have had the opportunity to get my stuff together for the upcoming week.

Cooking out...

Rainy fireworks....

The fireworks shooters got umbrellas.

This outfit?!?!?! Im not sure what is going on with this?!

This weekend I did get the opportunity to try out my new tri suit in the swimming pool. Its a little tighter than I would like, a little shorter than I would like, but I am embracing it and I am going to wear it proudly! But it is short and tight! I will post a pic of it eventually...

And you know why I am so excited about this upcoming week, BECAUSE ITS RACE WEEK!!!!! I have been waiting for this forever it seems like and we are so close. I have so much excitement and nervousness right now!

The big focus this week is getting my body ready for race day. I wont take the week off but I certainly don't want to do anything that will make me sore. I will workout as normal until Wednesday and then it will really be tapering off after Wednesday. I want to be rested and ready for race day on Sunday.

I can already tell that my nerves are kinda acting up because I have cleaned my entire house, I have laid out my clothes and food for the week, and I have even started laying out my favorite race clothes so I don't have to worry about them being dirty. In a few days I will start with the incessant list making, then I will know it is really race time! Hello OCD, yes I know it well!

Im ready to get this week started...and I wont leave you guys out there all week long again, I will post this week. Trust me, I will probably get a little more nervous as the week goes on which generally causes verbal diarrhea and you guys are the ones that usually suffer when that happens. (By the way the same thing happens when I try to flirt, which might be why Im single!!)

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