Monday, July 15, 2013

Recovery...this is a new kind of sore!

Today has been a big focus on beating this soreness.  I managed to get in bed around 10 last night but  I did have to post so I just did that while laying in bed.  I was a little bit later to bed than I had hoped but it was no big deal, I didn't do all that much on Sunday...haha, oh that's right.

Amazingly enough I was up and at 'um this morning and ready for my class.  I am a creature of habit, I like things to stay the same that way its easier to do it everyday, so even though I wasn't really feeling the weight lifting I really didn't want to sleep in cause that just makes it easier to do it the next time.

So I was up to the gym bright and early.  I got to tell all my friends about the race and maybe talk a few of them into doing one too.  That's the idea right, inspire someone else.  After the Pump class, which hurt like all hell it was time for the pool.  This is not my normal swim time but with the way my legs are feeling I needed to take some of that pressure off my joints. 

The pool felt nice.  I was able to get in a pretty good workout with very little stress on my muscles.  Then there was an extra long hot tub and extra long steam time.  That was a pretty good treat this morning. 

And my "creature of habitness" kicked in again when I was getting ready.  I was actually relieved to be getting ready at the place that I am comfortable getting ready, unfortunately that is not my house anymore and this weekend I have gotten ready at the house and a hotel so to get back to the gym to my regular spot was nice.  That sounds insane to say, home is always home but the gym is habit.

I did my best today to keep moving so I wouldn't get stuck but I also wanted to sit all day long so my legs would recover.

After work I had a short shopping trip that needed to be handled.  I needed to get some TRI stickers!  I have one on my car from the sprint tri a couple of years ago but Emma doesn't have one on her car and we all know the only reason to run these races is for the medal and the sticker! 

I might have gotten carried away!

Once I got home I was ready for bed but I think going to bed before the sun goes down is a bit insane so I hurried to get all my stuff packed up and ready to go again.  Tomorrow we bring the intensity level up a bit more which scares me a little bit because I stood up for about an hour and a half doing laundry and cooking and my legs were aching just from standing.

I have now taken steps to really help the sore muscles and chill out so that tomorrow mornings run will go well.

Ice, Ice and more Ice!

Before I go to bed I am going to try to workout some more of this lactic acid with The Stick and the Foam Roller, and then BEDTIME!!!!

The Stick is incredibly painful but if you can actually do it it really helps with soreness.  I am not all that good at doing it to myself but I am going to try!

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