Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Terrible, Horrible, No Good....

Come on we all remember this book from Elementary school right? Well, this is how my day started and it took a while before it got any better. Let me just start from the beginning. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and 2 of those I had cramp in my calf. At one point I was clutching my calf and moaning all alone in the bed with a cramp the size of Texas! Then, I woke up late, again, and while I was getting ready for my workout I twisted to pick up my cell phone and tweaked my back. I couldn't believe it....I have tried to keep from injuring myself for weeks and I juke my back out picking up my cell phone.

I missed the warm up for my class because I was late but got there in time to do the squats! I made it though the rest of the class with moderate weights, nothing too heavy, and then did a half an hour on the elliptical machine. A good workout, yes indeed!

I got to work and it just seemed like one of those days that nothing would go right. I wasn't all that busy but every thing I touched seemed to turn to crap! Then about mid-way through the morning I got an email from the Triathlon people....

Oh, Chattanooga Riverfront Triathlon you have broken my heart!!! I know it’s not official yet but I got an email today saying that all this rain has basically made it very unlikely that we would be able to do the swim portion of the race this year making it a Dualathon (which sucks!) and that we would run/ride/run. I cannot tell you how much this has hurt my feelings. I cannot think of the last time I have looked this forward to something and now unless we get a water reducing miracle I just have to wait to do it for real.

I am still going to the race and I will compete but I am just so heartbroken that I have trained this hard and for so long (the last two weeks with some pretty bad pain in my hip!) and now I’m going to have to wait until I can find another one. I have actually started looking for another one to register for. I have had this on my bucket list for so long and I finally got the courage to do it and now it just looks like it’s another running race.

I know that this must be for a reason, I know that in my brain, but right now Im just so blinded by the disappointment of not getting to do the race that I cant see it quite yet. Im still trying to be positive that the water will go down and we will get to do it as planned but if not I am going to have a good time and find another triathlon to run!

After work my day got significantly better. I got home and got most of my stuff done at the house and then went to dinner with my daddy-o and got to see some of my family. That always makes my day a little better. Then I went to color my nephews hair and just getting to talk with my babies got me in a plum good mood!

Now Im just trying to not think about the race being a dualathon, Im still holding out some hope that the water will go down, Im planning my last workout for tomorrow before I am officially on rest until race day, whatever the race may be!

So thanks for listening to me complain for a bit. That is just how my day has been. I have high hopes that tomorrow will be better, please let it be better!!!!!

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