Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The 3.5 Miles that Saved My Legs

This morning I had a scheduled run. My legs were still pretty fatigued when I woke up and I was just not sure that I could do it. But like normal I needed to keep my routine so I got out of the bed to go meet BigBad Cheryl for our morning run.

When I got there I was still limping at best but we walked for a while to get warmed up and then were able to start jogging. I was moving at a snails pace and she was moving good....why cant we get on the same schedule...but she champed it out and ran slow with me and my sore legs.

Who would have thought it but after our run and for the rest of the day my legs got better and better. I was able to stand and sit like normal and with a few moans and groans I was feeling much better.

BTW, my Garmin watch has now officially hit the skids! Its such a sad day, it was a Christmas present the year that I ran my marathon (I actually got to use in on Dec 10 and then had to put it in the box and wrap it up and open it on Christmas morning) and now it is dead. I have an app on my phone that does what the watch can do but I hate running with my phone. I like to unplug and visit with my friend and having that phone attached to me just makes that more difficult.

So I got to do some research today and I think I might have to get a new watch, but Christmas is coming up so I might put this on my list instead of just going to buy it. The new Garmin is basic, I just need distance and time, and its waterproof which is an awesome bonus because Im pretty sure sweat is what killed the last one.

Cute yes?!!?!? Sisters 1-3 Can you add this to my Christmas/Birthday list please? I'll really try not to buy it before then....try!

This afternoon I had running bootcamp. I told my buddy this morning I was going to give it 100% but I just didn't know if my legs were going to hold up for bootcamp. Again, we did hills! Im beginning to think this should be called Hill Bootcamp. My legs were burning and hurting but I was able to do it. A few times I needed to stop and walk but it never failed that my bud would not let me quit so we ran most of the hill with a few walk steps here and there.

My legs were dead when class was over. That was great because the only thing I had left to do was swim. I know it sounds like a lot but if I want to hit these huge goals I am setting for myself I am going to have to step it up once again. I swam harder than I have in years. Again, its upping the intensity and making myself stronger. So I tried something tonight that I haven't been able to do in a while. I swam my last 500 meters doing flip turns. I have had trouble with dizziness and motion sickness when I flip but I know my swim will be more effective if I can get my turn more efficient. And tonight I was able to flip for 500 meters with no problem, its not much but it matters to me.

I was pleased with my calorie burn for the day and even more pleased that my sore tired body was able to keep up with 3 hours of cardio today. And my body is not near as sore as it was yesterday....PROGRESS!!!

Tomorrow I am implementing a few more changes. (Mix it up to make it better!) I am adding more to my weight training tomorrow, more to PUMP and even some additional weights after class. I need to build some muscle and not only do cardio. I'm going to also try to get in some more intense intervals with my cardio.

The only other real changes I am making are to my diet. Its nothing crazy, just trying to up my protein since I'm upping the weights. I have to rebuild all that muscles Im breaking down. I also need to take a closer look at my sugar intake and keep that down. I AM NOT GOING LOW CARB! I am not a fan of low carb diets, I just need to make sure that the carbs I am eating are helpful and useful to my body and not an ICEE! So if you see me at the gym in Beast mode lifting really heavy weights and grunting just smile and know that Im gunning for that Phase 3 goal.

I would really like to hit one of my goals since I have taken a year out to focus on weight loss and still have not actually hit my number!

Tonight Im going to leave you with one little happy....this made me laugh out loud. I don't really feel this way (I like to talk to people when I workout) but I have had days were I wanted a T-shirt with this one it.

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Spoonful of Me said...

I want a shirt that says that, more for strangers than my friends.

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