Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Longest Day....

I have had a day that just wont quit. It hasn't been the best, hasn't been the worst but it has been long! My day started with a run with my running friend but she was a touch under the weather this morning so we actually ended up walking this morning instead of running. I was not stressed about walking this morning because I knew my afternoon was going to be full of calorie burning fun!

After our run I did a couple thousand meters on the rowing machine and then some pull-ups and then a steam and a shower. Someone put some eucalyptus in the shower and it was just heavenly this morning.

Then work was kinda blah (that comes with a sound but I don't quite know how to spell it, blackehinfaifuiebirulfnlansedknlllllk.) I was definitely ready to hit the door at 5 which worked out good since I had to get to running bootcamp. That's right, they let me in the class halfway through. I made it just in time and was ready to go run out some of my frustration.

So I am pretty much the slowest one in bootcamp which doesn't bother me like finishing last in a race. I knew before I signed up that I was going to be slower than the other, the minimum requirement for the class is a 10 minute mile, and FatGirl ain't no where close to that! My goal is to just keep up and I am busting my butt to keep up. But I think I was pretty successful.

We did hill sprints, lots and lots of hills sprints. Oh, did I mention that it was about 1000 degrees outside too! The one thing about being last is the break at the end is not as long as the people who got there first....that should be reason enough to get faster, a LONGER BREAK! But it worked out best for me (selfish Sally here) because I got a solid 30-40 minutes of running without any break.

I have to share one more thing. Since losing 84lbs in such a short time I have a small skin issue. Its not really bad but its kinda gross and annoying at the same time. When you run hill sprints with extra skin it makes a slapping noise....a little embarrassing just in case you are wondering. (I really wish I could post some of the facial expression that are happening as I am posting this!)

It's funny cause its true!

After the running workout I hopped in the car quickly and headed off to the pool. I told you I didn't have any worries about walking this morning. When I got in the car I realized that I had makeup from forehead to chin...I had literally sweatted it all off...

I hit to pool quickly, I wasn't quite done with my therapy session today. I love having my time in the pool cause its just me and my prayer. Running clears the head but sometimes you just have to talk to the Big Guy upstairs. After 30 minutes I was all refreshed and pooped at the same time. I was definitely ready to get home and get my stuff done for tomorrow.

I got my laundry done which was necessary if I want to workout again tomorrow. I got my food packed up for tomorrow, no eating out tomorrow, and even updated my workout board.

Now after getting all my chores done and watching my Extreme Weight Loss episode I am ready to hit the bed. Now that my board is updated I have to look at it every time I sit on my couch and it makes me want to get up a do something or go to sleep so I can be ready to do it all again tomorrow.


Night all!!!

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