Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uh Oh....

It shouldn't be this funny but it is every time.  Happy Hump Day people!

Today got started off much better than the last few days.  For starters I got up on time this morning and made it to my workout class.  Apparently this is a good thing just simply because the last two days I have not made my morning workout.  I am happy that I made it.

This morning was Pump with as much weight as I could stand, and today I could stand a lot.  Then I was able to get to the free weights and lift quite a bit there too.  Then I was off to cardio with some rowing.  I do love the rowing machine!!!

It was actually nice to get ready at the gym this morning because I am accustomed to getting ready there.  I had a bad hair day and another day of feeling fat.  I know my weight is down but I just don't feel all that thin right now, instead I feel like 300 lbs.  I'm hoping I'm just holding water or something cause my food has been pretty good and my workouts (as strange as they have been this week) have been right on. 

I have upped my protein this week and started adding protein shakes to my diet and maybe that's why I'm not feeling all that slim so I'm going to give it a few more days and if I'm still feeling fat I might cut my protein back again. 

I dont know if Im sticking to these shakes or not but look how cute my new pink Blender Bottle is!

I read about health and nutrition all the time and try to fit in as much knowledge as I can and the one huge question mark in my brain right now is How many calories should I be eating a day???  (Don't go less than 1200/1935 calories to maintain without any exercise/1500+ with exercise)  I'm just confusing myself at this point.  I don't want to hit another stand still but I feel like the number is going up right now!!  I don't know why this has all of a sudden gotten on my brain but I think Phase 2 should have had a bigger number and maybe my calories are too low.  I will figure it out...I need a big number this phase, I have a purse on the line!!!!

I got photo creeped on today but this is the way to show you my new desk chair.

Ok, I will step away from my crazy obsessive mind consuming thoughts of food and get back to my day....although if you have anything that might help with my food conundrum please comment or email me.  I'm taking all the advise I can right now.  Ive been reading the new Chris Powell book because I LOVE him because maybe he has a new suggestion that I don't know about yet. 

After work I headed out for a ride with my running buddy.  I'm going to get her to commit to a triathlon whether she likes it or not!!!  We did 18 some odd miles in just over an hour and it was a pretty awesome ride.  We kept a pretty steady fast pace the entire ride....we did however have to ride on a busy road which I don't love...just back read, I hate the busy roads but we got off the road and did the greenway for the majority of the ride.

I was glad to get a ride in because I really haven't been on my bike in a little over a week.  I'm sure my butt will be a pretty sore tomorrow and hopefully I will get to ride again sooner rather than later to keep from getting sore next time.

I'm done with my workouts for today and ready to get some sleep!  Go figure, waking up before 5am and actually going to workout makes me tired earlier.  haha, who would have guessed.

Lets hope for another good workout day tomorrow and just maybe a "feeling skinny" day tomorrow. 

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