Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday (Two Days, One Really Long Post)

When I walked in the door last night at 10pm I had to decide, shower and sleep or cook and post. Guess which one won????

Yesterday I was kinda stressed all day long. I went to the gym for my PUMP class, which thank goodness was a little bit easier than it has been for 2 weeks, and my morning workout. I made it through PUMP and was still able to move and knowing that I probably wasn’t going to get another one so I needed a good am workout. I left class and took off out the door. I did a run around the park, but not one of those strolly runs that I did last week, this one I was pushing my speed and trying to burn some mega calories. I was running through grass, streets, sidewalks…jumping curbs and over small statues! I was cooking, ~at a 11 min/mile pace!

After my very sweaty run I was back in the gym for a 4000m rowing session. I was drenched with sweat…this explains why I don’t pick up men at the gym

1. I am terrible at flirting
2. I look like a drowned rat!

I was incredibly pleased with my workout, so pleased in fact that I just went ahead and scratched my evening workout at 8am. After the gym it was time to start stressing about the mid-field Logo. I googled several images of logos to see about how big it really needed to be, I decided that I couldn’t free hand this design so I was going to have to get clever…art math! That is a FatGirl phrase if I have ever created one. If you can’t draw it find a way to create it using math. I printed my logo and started measuring. This way I knew how long each line needed to be, I just had to put them all in the right place and the logo would be complete…..and guess what, ART MATH works!

I had lots of helpers and I am overly pleased with how everything turned out!

I got home pretty late, I would have stayed out there all night long to get that done, but once I got home I realized that I had no food to pack for today. I am out of eggs (completely!!! That never happens I buy them 36 at a time) and out of deli meat. I couldn’t even make a sandwich. I could have cooked some chicken but it was all frozen so that was out too. I decided to have Oatmeal for breakfast and get a Subway at the gym in the morning for lunch. I packed up some fruit and veggies for my sides and snacks and just went from there. Then it was shower off the spray paint and go to bed!!

I do want to point out that I didn’t mention dinner in all this cause I never got dinner. I was way under my calories for the day and that’s my fault. I was starving all day long yesterday and managed to eat all my meals and snacked that I had packed before I got home. I stopped on my way home to get some paint and had to buy a pack of gum for the car because I was going to chew my arm off if I didn’t get something. I didn’t stop again for the entire evening. I went to the school, to choir, back to the school and then home. I had done so good on my food for several days and didn’t want to screw up with fast food junk late on a Wednesday night cause I was hungry. I could have made a good decision somewhere but I was so hungry at that point that I don’t think a good decision would have been made once I smelled a French Fry or saw an ice cream cone! Instead I just decided to skip dinner and go to bed.

Once I was in bed my entire body hurt. My legs were just aching and I thought about taking some Aleve before bed and then it hit me…..I started taking the steroid pack this week to help my hip/back pain. I had forgotten all the pills I was supposed to take for dinner and bed. So I grabbed a string cheese and finished up my pack for the night. This helped explain why I have been a little excitable (FULL OF ENERGY!!) and hungry for a couple of days! I’m not bright!

This morning it was a whole new workout! I had plans to meet my running buddy who is also doing this triathlon next week. She wanted to do a ride and a run this morning, she wanted to do all three disciplines but I didn’t so she swam before I got to the gym and I met her to ride and run. We had a pretty good workout! We did a total of 8 miles and today magically my GPS watch decided it wanted to turn on!!!!!!!

It has been completely charged but would not respond for weeks so I decided to let it die completely and then charge again and see if it would respond….and it did! I’m still investing in a newer model but the fact that this one is working until I get a new one makes me smile! I just hope it keeps working….

Anyway….we got a good workout in this morning. I wore my tri suit cause I wanted to test this thing out on the bike and the run, I have only swam in it up to this point so it was nice to see what it felt like.

After my workout I was hungrier than I could have even expected. I know I hadn’t had food for a while and I was ready to eat. When I ordered my lunch sandwich (turkey on wheat) I just went ahead and tried something new. I got the breakfast sandwich on an English Muffin. It was my first experience with an English Muffin and it was soooooo soooooooooooo good. I think it was really that good too and not just me being so incredibly hungry. I will definitely try this again. I have had their breakfast sandwich before but always got the 6 inch sandwich but this English Muffin cut the calories in half and was so good! I will be having that again and I might even invest in some English Muffins for my house!

After I finally got food in my gut I was ready to work. I have not been as hungry today as I was yesterday which is a blessing. My gosh if I had eaten everything I wanted yesterday I would have eaten 6000 calories minimum so I’m glad today has been a little better.

I finished up my day with a ballgame and a mini birthday party. I still managed to do good on my diet. I had soup for dinner and a bite of cake and hot ice cream cookie. All in all I had a good food day and managed to eat every single meal out. Small victories!

Im hoping for another good day tomorrow. I have another one a day, hey, ball seasons are among us so Ill get one a day more often than Ill get two so Ill need to really up the intensity of my morning workout. I don't know how much more intense they can get but I'm up for the challenge.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013 it Monday again?

Apparently Monday came twice this week...the first one was not to bad but today totally made up for it.  Ok, maybe that was a bit over dramatic but it was a very stressful for a few hours.

I started my day off with a nice little run.  We ran a familiar 5k route and ran the entire 5k before we took a walk break.  I thought it was an amazing run and then when I heard the time it was semi-good.  I was happy about running the whole thing strong, and I'm not all that bothered with the time so I was happy with the run overall, I think the time should have been better. (I'm just saying!)

After the run I was right off to work.  The day started off just fine, then at lunch everything that could have been wrong was wrong, so I took a half hour, went to lunch and left the office to decompress.  I called my sister, bought a new fall jacket, and went back to work.  It was just the stress relief that I needed.  Once back at work I was able to look at the things that weren't quite right and come up with a solution instead of just huffing and puffing and pouting.

After work I have been moving non-stop and never got in a second workout.  I went straight home to a volleyball game.  I got to debut my new shirt...
We HEART the coach!

Then after the game I had to run an errand and then try to figure out how I was going to draw a GIANT "R" on the midfield of the football field for Friday night football this week.  I have been thinking about it for a week and tonight I actually got in the yard and started working on it....the first idea was a bust today so I had to brainstorm so I spent my evening drawing in my yard.   I think I finally have it figured out, oh I hope so anyway.

Now with two giant R's in my yard and my stuff packed up for tomorrow I have high hopes for the rest of the week.  I want to get my workouts in and I want to eat well this week but more than any of those things I want this R to look good in the middle of the field.  I know it sounds crazy but I want it to look great, I don't take on a project and hope that it looks mediocre. 

Other thank my slight lunch time melt down I have had a good day, I had a great burn this morning and hopefully it can just be better tomorrow.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday

Well, I have had some sucky Monday's in my life but today was NOT ONE OF THEM.  Today was a pretty good one! I had a pretty busy weekend but it was mostly busy around the house.  We had a birthday in our family so Friday night was time to bake.  I made mini cupcakes and after a week of excellent eating I decided to treat myself to a little batter, lets be honest, good week, bad week, doesn't matter, if I make a cake I will be eating some batter.

On Saturday I didn't get a traditional workout.  I was busy doing my yard.  It has been neglected for the past few weeks cause it has rained every weekend so I haven't been able to mow.  I got my entire yard done and cleaned up nice and pretty.  It took the majority of the day to get my yard done and I worked like a dog.  I got a good sweat, lots of pulling, squatting, bending and walking.  It was not a full body workout just not the workout that I needed.  What I needed was a long bike ride followed by a run.  Maybe next weekend??!?!

Today was back to the gym like normal.  I got up on time this morning, even after forgetting to set my alarm clock.  It was hard today but nothing like last week.  I was ready to quit this class all together last week!  But today was nice, I felt strong and could have gone a touch heavier on a few workouts but it was a good weight exercise all together. 

After the PUMP class I was ready for some cardio.  I am just doing weights on MWF in the morning and not adding additional weight like I was doing at the beginning of this phase.  I thought that was a great idea but instead I gained weight that I had to lose all over again.  So just my hour of weights and then to cardio.  I did a good warm up on the rowing machine, the hard elliptical machine, followed by a 20 minute run.  The whole workout felt pretty good....probably because I got 2 days off this weekend. 

Then I was off to the doc to get my back checked out.  If you remember I was told last week that I have a bulging disc so I had to visit a neuro guy to have it checked out.  I was less than impressed.  Basically the bulging disc was slight (good news) and probably not causing the hip pain, and he doesn't know what is.  But here's some meds and a script for physical therapy.  So I was a bit put out that I wasted 3 hours of my life on an appointment with no real answer.  Ill take the meds, continue to workout like normal or harder (I was told it a-OK) and just deal with it.

After 2 times of going to a doc for pain and getting no answer what so ever I might be done with this crap.  I'm just gonna go for my annual physical and deal with anything else.  No need to make appointment after appointment to get no answers....fool me once right?

Anyway, I spent the rest of my day catching up at work, I wasn't too late but still playing catch up for the weekend and Monday morning.  It was not a bad day and the fact that it was short made it better.

Tomorrow I have my Tuesday run scheduled, I went ahead and set the alarm so I wont miss it.  I want to get in two workouts tomorrow so I might have to workout late and miss my show but that just might be what I have to do.  I like to watch my show but I cant be up til midnight like last week.  I need to be on top of my sleep this week cause its  shaping up to be much busier than last!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am beyond exhausted. Yesterday was a great workout day and today I am paying for it. I fought my alarm clock this morning but I got up and went to the gym. I had PUMP first thing but I was struggling. In PUMP we do a different muscle group for every song….warm up, squats, chest, etc. There are 9 total including the warm up and cool down and today I made it to song 3 before I was cashed out. The teacher kept saying, “this one is easier so go heavier than normal” fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and trice and even 4 times shame on me. After the biceps track I no longer believe anything she says ever again…ever!!!

Before the cool down song I threatened to quit and never come back but I had made it this far so I might as well finish, right?!?! I still don’t know if that was the right decision, I should have just laid on my yoga mat and slept the rest of the class away.

After my class I did go out to the gym floor and try to get a bit more cardio. I got 2000 meters rowing and 20 minutes of running/jogging. After the run I surrendered and went to get ready for work. I struggled through every single step but still did the full workout, just not with the intensity that I normally do.

I made it to work a little early today which worked out good cause I had lots of work to do. I have had a slight change in position and Im still adjusting and learning my new position so I am a little more stressed than normal. I am so grateful to have a job and happy to be busy, Im just ready to get in a groove of the new responsibilities.

After work I really wanted to get in another workout but my body really was tired. I kept thinking about skipping it but I know tomorrow I will only get one so I needed two today. Instead of doing a traditional workout at the gym I decided to take it outside and do something that needed doing. I took my car to the car wash and got all the berry tree poop off my car. I had some serious scrubbing to do and I got all the berries off so now I need a real car wash with wax to make her look all pretty. It took me about half an hour to get it done and I worked up a good sweat doing it so Ill take it.

After the car wash there was still a tiny bit of guilt for not actually working out I strapped on my running shoes and took a 20 minute jog. I only had 20 minutes until choir practice so I took off, no measuring time or distance, just 0 minutes of running with my headphones on, no stress nothing. It was AMAZING! Sometimes its nice to not be so goal oriented and just burn some calories.

Now I am hitting the bed. Im thinking after a good nights sleep and a late wakeup call tomorrow I might be more upbeat. The fact that tomorrow has one workout and an annual meeting that is fun year after year puts a smile on my face just a bit! Night all!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10k Tuesday: Not So Much/ Tri-Training Tuesday: Right on Track

We were shy on distance this morning running only 5 miles, but we got an amazing run this morning. I think everyone was pleased with the run today but I know 100% that I was pleased, over the moon, AMAZING!!! We did 5 miles in 64 minutes, for some that is so slow it’s boring but for me that is faster than normal and most definitely an improvement. A steady improvement for me, which is what I need. I love seeing progress and since my pants are not showing me results these days I’ll take it from my workouts.
We were right on time but there was just enough time to get in a few pull-ups and a short steam before it was time work.
After work I was quickly off to ride.  I was ready to get out of the office and ride some of the day away.  We were trying out a new course today and it was new for both of us.  It was a rough start because we were riding new terrain and got on a greenway with lots of blind turns but we were being adventurous.  Once off the short greenway we got on the highway.  It was a good one too, lots of shoulder room so we could ride and not be a nervous wreck about being hit, please note I said not AS nervous cause being hit is always a concern. 
Such a sad face!

And then, about 8 miles in, a flat!  We have had some serious tire issues lately.  This was completely flat and no riding back to the car so there was some transferring of keys and phones so I could ride back and get the car.  Then a good Samaritan and fellow bike rider came by to offer help.  He actually loaded up the bike and gave her a ride back to the car and after they pulled off I realized that probably wasn't the smartest idea so I instantly started trying to remember exactly what he looked like and his tag number so I could give a detailed sketch to the police. 

Turns out he was a good guy and didn't try to kidnap her, with his 2 kids in the car, and he even told us about a ride in Huntsville that was open to the public one roads with very little traffic.  Thanks random helper biker dude!!!

So the ride ended up being a little shorter than normal but I think I could like the road that we were on so we might have to take that route again.

I went home and packed up my bag quickly for tomorrow and headed off to the gym again.  I had my Tuesday evening swim to get to.  I had a little extra time since the ride went short so I got that done before it was time to go again.

The swim finished my night off on a positive note.  I got a strong swim done in 30 minutes.  Better than the swim I got quality time to pray.  I know it sounds funny but I love my pool time cause I get 30 minutes where I am not thinking about work or training or anything I just get my quiet time with my prayers.  This is a wonderful time for me, now you know why I love my swim time!

I am trying to get in all the great workouts I can before its time to start taper again for the next tri.  I have the Gulf Shores race coming up in the beginning of September.  I don't think I am going to taper like I usually do, maybe just a couple of days off before instead of relaxing for a week cause I have a weight loss goal to hit at the end of September and I cant be losing training time! 

Now, for my shameless plug of the day.  I don't love plastic containers but I use them cause I pack my lunch every single day, and I use several every single day.  I have wanted to try the VersaGlass containers for a while now and I finally broke down and got a few to try.  Guess What!?!?!  I love them (if you could say this in your singing voice you would hear it like I do!)  I am sold!  I will be adding this to my collection slowly SLOWLY since its a little more expensive.  I can already feel that this might make the Birthday/Christmas list. :) 

You should give these a shot!
Now that my body is pooped and my chores are done for tomorrow and my food is burnt I must go to bed.  Lets get this body rested so I can go all over again tomorrow.  Wednesday is a weight loss day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

This weekend I spent lots of time around food and in the kitchen.  Amazingly enough I didn't do terrible on my diet....I know those two things don't go hand in hand but this weekend they did.  My Friday was overly exciting.  I woke up ready for Friday night football, too bad I had 12 hours until actual football but I was ready....

I went to work and spent the whole day telling all my co-workers about my boys, all on the high school team, and how much I could not wait for this year's football season!  On my way home from work I had just a few extra minutes so I did my grocery shopping before game time.

I did pretty good at the grocery, all my food for the week or better.  I tried really hard to get my veggies and fruit first and then get the other stuff.  I bought pre-portion carrot seems stupid but they are incredibly convenient. 
Then it was time for FOOTBALL!!!!!!  They won their opening game and they all played great.  I was a proud proud aunt and cant wait for the next game.  It kills me to have to miss any but when they play out of town I wont make it so I have to make sure to cheer extra loud when they are home!

These babies are not so much babies anymore!
Over the weekend my goal was to get prepared for the week ahead.  This is always the goal to get ready for the week ahead but it rarely ever happens that way.  I got the house cleaned and the clothes washed.  I got all the food prepackaged and prepared and ready to go.  I made 5 days worth of food and laid out 5 days of clothes. 
I also managed to catch something else on fire...I burnt my food scale.  This is why I cant have nice things!
The only chore I didn't get accomplished was mopping my kitchen floor and I don't really care about that anyway so I can say I was successful. 

Then on Sunday I had my free day of the week.  I had some pizza for dinner on Sunday night and some french fries with lunch but didn't go too crazy on my cheat day.  I can go really crazy but this week I tried to keep it under control. 

Today was Monday, all day long.  I got a really good workout this morning with my Pump class.  I upped most of my weights today except my back.  I found out last week that I have a bulging disc in my lower back so I took it easy on the back track and did the rest like normal.  No one has told me I have to lay of my workouts yet so I have been doing the same thing as normal.  I think just knowing what the problem is makes it feel a little better, that and the 50 Aleve a day. 

I also got in some good cardio this morning before heading off to work.  I didn't know what the post work workout was going to be today but I hoped for something outside and different than other days.  As I left work it started pouring down rain....but thankfully by the time I got home it had stopped and I was able to do a rope workout outside.  It was a steamer and I got a good sweat going.  I could have probably done more but sometimes if I get a really intense workout before bed I cannot sleep.

I have been overly productive (probably because of all the crap I did this weekend) my bags are packed up and my food is ready for tomorrow and I even found a few extra minutes to work around the house, just imagine trying to take care of a wasp nest outside the screen door with Clorox kitchen cleaner and a golf club.  I even had time to put on a face mask after my shower to help with the teenage acne problem I have going right now!

I might, just might get in bed in the 9 o'clock hour!  Hopefully a full nights sleep will produce a good run tomorrow morning. I need a good run tomorrow but I sure hope I just get to run tomorrow.  We have another week full of forcasted rain so if I don't run get to run outside I will have to run inside or I'll just have to come up with a Plan B.  (cough cough....52 cards, I cant say that too loud or I'm afraid Ill lose my workout buddies!)

Rain rain, please go away.  I would love to go outside and play!

One final thing, I have been trying a new thing with my food for a few days now and I am really liking it so far.  I have tried to eat my biggest meal in the morning (usually I freak out when my first meal of the day has high calories) and then gradually taper off as the day goes along.  I am eating between 400-600 calories for breakfast, then 300-500 for lunch, and finally 200-300 for dinner.  It keeps me full most of the day and I'm not too full at bed time.  Its working for me so far but I have yet to be tested with a family dinner or late meal time.  We will see how that goes when I'm faced with it, because if I eat a big dinner then I will be way over my calorie count for the day.  That's exactly what we are trying to avoid. 

I hope these little changes help with my weight (it has to be better than the whole "up the protein" debacle that I tried earlier) I'm eating the same foods and same calories just a different time of the day!  If not we will adjust again.  I keep thinking that adjusting will keep me from plateauing again but right now I'm not seeing much movement in my clothes and I haven't weighed since the protein problem.  I might weigh at the end of this week and see how my progress is coming along.  Who know?

Now that I have officially covered everything from my weekend to my kitchen mishaps and wasp killing abilities I think it is officially early bed time!  I love those words!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

As much as I love HUMP DAY because of that stupid commercial I’m disappointed that I didn’t post but I will still give you a camel picture!

Hump day this week was a little bit of an overwhelming day for me. I got lots of things accomplished but I was really busy all day long. I did my weight class in the early AM, I fought my alarm clock hard Wednesday morning but I got up and went. After class I didn’t have any workout planned, it was more of a play it by ear kinda morning. I ended up doing several thousand meters on the rowing machine (it’s been a minute since I’ve been on it) and some time on the elliptical machine. No additional weights on Wednesday cause I knew I had another workout to go and I didn’t want to exhaust my legs before it was time to ride.

Thankfully we had a sunny day here, the first in months, and I was able to go for a ride after work. It took me a minute the night before to get my new bike rack installed but it was a pretty good rack! Ha! It held my bike tighter than the one on my truck and was more secure. That was a big question when I was looking at cars so the fact that the bike rode smoothly made me a happy happy FatGirl.

When we met up to ride we had to do a bit of bike maintenance, she thought one of her tires was leaking so we aired it up nice and full. Turns out her tires were great and I had a low tire the entire ride. It was holding air just low and I could feel my back tire slide every now and then. Cheryl decided that we were going to climb Mt. Everest at the beginning of the ride. This was the first time since I have owned my bike that I have had to get off and walk up a hill. It was a sad moment for me but I only had 2 options:

1. Get off and walk or
2. Fall over sideways because I was not making any forward movement.

I opted for #1 because I really wasn’t feeling. I was struggling the whole ride. I couldn’t manage to clip in and out easily like normal (lack of practice) and I felt like I was peddling through mud. It was just a harder ride than normal. We ended up exploring a little bit because we got off the Greenway and tried to find some roads that weren’t the main highway….instead we found a neighborhood that had No Outlets everywhere.

You know, it wasn’t the best ride but it wasn’t the worst and we did 12 total and finished with a run around to get our legs ready for the triathlon coming up!

After our ride/run I was done with my workouts for the night. All I had left was choir practice and was happy that I ran into my sisters painting the football field getting ready for the season to start. Football time is HERE!!!!! We open up Friday night and I can’t wait!

I got home late but not too late….it only seemed too late when it was time to get up this morning. Again I dragged myself out of bed, late, but luckily I didn’t hit traffic like I have the last several mornings so I still made it on time. This morning it was time to run again. It was a shorter run this morning….4 miles, 2 uphills (that was my payback for the hill yesterday) and 20 degrees cooler than Tuesday. I know I complained about the weather on Tuesday so I have to be thankful for the cool weather this morning. It felt like a cool fall day, 70 some odd degrees and almost felt cold a few time…it reminds me how much I like to run in the winter!

After work I had plans: Volleyball game, swim, office garbage, and then bed. Instead I went to the volleyball game, and then put on my workout clothes and helped my sister finish painting the football field. You don't realize how big the field is and how many lines are actually on the field until you paint one. Last year before football season I was unemployed so I got to paint the whole field with the sisters, this time I just came in at the late night hour when they were mostly done, I was just a little helper.

I missed my swim but I figure walking around a football field a couple thousand times burned some calories and we got done early enough to get home and packed up before it was too late. I like to be in bed well before 11pm but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Tomorrow is opening day of football season and like all good southern girls I am overly excited and wearing my Knights shirt to work all day tomorrow!!! Now I must go to sleep if I am ever going to be able to get up (my across the room alarm clock went out today so this might be a struggle) and workout in the morning.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T3: Triathlon Training Tuesday

Less than 25 days until the next triathlon so training is full force right now!  Today I got in 2 great workouts towards my training. 
I met with my buddies this morning to get in a 10k Tuesday.  We actually got nearly 7 miles.  It was way better than Last weeks 10k Tuesday.  I don't really know if it was any faster but my body felt better and I was able to run more than the week before.  Now, it was absolutely sweltering!!  I was hot that I started shedding clothing about half way through.  It a very occasional thing for me to wear only the tank top but today my tshirt was made of asbestos and I had to lose it or die of heat stroke!!!!

After the run I stretched out really good and then took a short time for a steam.  I couldn't stay in the steam room long because I was still pretty hot from the run. 

I do have a little funny for you.  I went to Books-a-Million this week to look for a book.  I want a triathlon training book that can give me some more options for swim workouts.  Laps get tedious after a while and I need some new ideas.  I was looking for something like this...  (I was told they have good training programs, I'm not doing an Ironman)
The sales girl seriously took me to this.....

I then decided that this was a book that was going to have to be purchased online!  My gosh, IRONMAN!  Really?!?!?!?
After work I had a few errands to run before I could get to my evening workout.  I managed to get things done in a reasonable time and got to the gym for a swim.  I left my phone in the car this week (so no selfies) because I really wanted to focus on my swim.  And that's exactly what I did, I swam hard and fast.  It was a personal best for me! 
Now I'm packing up for a full day tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning is a weight loss workout followed by a triathlon workout after work.  I have a brick planned for tomorrow afternoon (please no rain!) and I cannot wait to get on my bike.  It has just been too long since I have been on my bike.
My focus has been laser sharp this week, I know its only Tuesday, but I had a kinda bad week last week so I like that I feel confident this week.  I have goals set, I have workouts planned, and I like the way it feels to be in control!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Week

I'm sorry for my posting last week.  When I actually got to post it was a dis-jointed collection of thoughts because I was going in 100 different directions.  But the week came to a head on Friday afternoon.  I was so excited to take a short trip (one day) to St. Louis to see my friend.  She is getting married soooo soon and we had a bridal shower to take care of! 

I was so excited to get to see her and get this wedding thing kicked off in my brain.  Pretty much up to now I just knew they were getting married but I got to meet the future husband and in less than 3 months they will be getting married!!

But today it was back to the grind.  Last week my food was ok, not good not bad, my workouts were ok, not great but could have been better, and my motivation was slacking.  I know its only Monday but this week is already looking better.  I ate my food that I packed without cheating, and got a good workout.

This mornings workout could have been better but I was exhausted.  I didn't sleep well last night, I saw almost ever hour.  I traveled all weekend which was draining and I didn't workout after Thursday so I wasn't exhausted so my sleep suffered.  And the 4 hour nap on Sunday, that never helps but I was exhausted on Sunday afternoon.  Ha, I needed the sleep.

Even though I wasn't feeling it this morning I got up and did my Pump class and then got in a 20 minute run and finished off with 5 miles on the stationary bike.  I have really been missing my bike but it hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to get a ride in.  I have to ride the bike until I can get outside again. 

I got to work a little earlier than normal and started pounding the coffee cause I was still tired after my workout, I am usually Johnny Chipperpants after my workout but I'm telling you I was whipped today.  I visited my coffee drawer several times today.

Its not a problem, but it is funny when you see it!

After a few hours (and a few cups of coffee) I was finally up and ready for the day, it just took me a minute to get there.  I did great with my food today, it started with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites and some toast.  Instead of trying to up the protein, which was a disaster last month, I am eating a heavier meal in the mornings and tapering off as the day goes on. Now Im just trying to lose the weight I gained while trying to up my protein!

Lunch was a grilled chicken pita pizza w/ spinach!  Delicious!!!

I got a unconventional evening workout.  I mowed my yard.  It was embarrassing, some parts were 2 feet high.  I already said it has rained for weeks and I havent been able to mow.  I mowed this afternoon and had a good sweat going on, that was until it started raining again.  I finished up the yard in the wasnt going one more second without getting mowed. 

I actually got all my yard stuff and errands done before 8pm, and then got all my food and clothes packed up and I knew EARLY BEDTIME tonight!!!!

Now to keep from ruining it I am actually going to stop posting and hit the bed!  Have a good night!!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekend is Coming

When I posted on Monday (you know the post that was lost in cyberspace) I informed you all about how busy my week was. Well I never covered that again and it has all come to a head in the last few days.

Yesterday I worked out hard core in the morning. It was Pump with a Crossfit chaser. I did the same one as before...

Only this time I did it 3 minutes faster. I was really pleased with bettering my time. I would get fatigued and slow down and then remember I had a time to beat. I did this over and over, and the last 400m my butt was dragging.

I finished up my workout and headed off to work. I have had a busy week there too. I know I say it all the time but I like being busy because it makes the day go faster.

While at work I had just the last bad hair day I was going to have this week. I had to do something about the rootball frayed fro on my head so I made and impromptu hair appointment. I went to the mall and got my hair done....and I stayed there for hours while I waited between colors and the cut. I was getting aggravated about an hour and a half in, then I just decided that it was not worth getting angry so I just sat there and let her finish. Its not my best cut and color, not my worst, but it fixed the dead ends and covered some of the roots.

It took so long getting the hair done that I missed my choir practice. Again, I was trying not to get angry so I had to go to a very zen place. I went to my sisters to show off my hair and then I was ready for bed.

Today I was back to the gym early. I met my girls to go run and today we actually got to go run!!! We really haven't gotten to run since last Tuesday. It felt really good for the first 3.5 miles and then the last mile and a half were up hill. I swear we climbed Everest twice before the run was over. I was dying!!!! I was glad we were able to get the full 5 miles in and it was just a few minutes over an hour. It was not the best time but its getting better than it was.

After workout I had another test run on my hip pain. We are going to get to the bottom of this eventually. Ha! I hope! Then off to work for another busy day. I knew tonight I would never get in another workout. I had to get home and get to packing for a weekend trip. I get to go to visit my college roommate for a bridal shower. This is the wedding that I am going to be in in just a few months so I am super excited to see her and ready to go. Its a bit of a drive but I cant wait.

Once I got home I had to visit the sisters again to help pick out what I was going to wear to this shower. I don't have this problem much but I went to the store and found 3 dresses. I never find 3! I couldn't decide between them and did something that would have made my mom so proud. I bought all three dresses to take home and decide before ultimately deciding to keep all three. She was a smart woman!

Now after packing a clothes bag, a food bag, clipping my nails and painting my toes I think I am finally ready for the day ahead. I managed to get in 2 days of posting and a whole day of packing done all before midnight! Yipee...

And since I have to drive into the wee hours of the night I am going to get new tags for my car in the morning I will not be getting to the gym in the morning. I will have to make up for that but Im sure I can find something to do around the house...

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 Workouts 1 Day

Here we go again with that planning thing, it never works out quite right….but today I totally made it work.  With the help of my running partners of course.  We met like normal but on my way to meet them I got the dreaded text, “it’s raining!”  Dangit!  I don’t run in the rain, I’m not going to start running in weather that will soon be a storm so we were trying to decide if we were going to run or go inside and do an inside workout.  We chose inside, a decision I want to state was ok with everyone.  I got cussed soon after this decision was made so I want to make sure we all know that everyone was in agreement on the inside workout. 
I needed a good one today and what is better than 52 cards.
Today's 52 cards went like this.  Hearts: Burpees on Bosu, Diamonds: Up/Downs, Clubs: Step Ups, and Spades: Jumping Squats.  Each one was just a little harder than the next.  After the 52 cards it was outside for a couple of covered sprints with some lunges and then we called it a morning.  About halfway through the 52 cards I got cursed in a foreign language but I can take it because soon after I was doing the cursing for the sprints and lunges.  I was surely ready to get in the steam room when we finished that. 
After work I was ready to get back to the gym.  I just kinda feel like Ive been in a slump and this morning's workout really lit my fire.  I got home and packed up my clothes quick and went back to the gym.  I kinda wanted to run but it was still raining.

I went to the pool and did some laps and played with my waterproof cell phone case.  The selfies were fun but the looks you get while taking them is even funnier. 

After my swim I was ready for just a little more but I didnt want to lose my entire night at the gym so I came home and started supper and did a little workout in the living room.  I brought the undulation rope in from the garage and worked the rope while I watched Extreme Weightloss and cooked up some delicious new dinner receipe.

The dinner was pizza.  I know what you are thinking Pizza is not healthy, but this little guy is not that bad.  Its a pita with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and grilled chicken.  I put a touch too much cheese on this one tonight but I know now.  I am actually making another one for lunch tomorrow and it will have less cheese and some veggies but this was just a test run.  It was delicious!!!!  I cant wait to eat it again and I figure it will get better and better each time as I learn more ways to prepare them.

Amazingly enough I am done with my workouts and my food prep for the night and early bedtime is in my near future!  Lets see if we cant burn a few more calories tomorrow! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mondays Post

I don't know exactly what happened but I posted last night but somehow it got lost in Cyber Bloggerland and I don't really want to have to recreate the entire post.  So Ill give it to you in a nut shell.  Its actually a good thing that the post didn't make it up cause it was a little bit whiny and I was a little bit all over the place so this is better.

Ive been doing more Crossfit workouts lately and I'm getting better at them.  I can see how they are slightly addictive cause I want to do this one again already cause I think I can do better on time!

I bought a new car and before I even got my tags I made sure to get to the sporting goods store and got my new stickers for the back of the car.  I just got two for now, Ill get the rest and get it all worked out soon but I needed my Marathon and my Triathlon sticker just to get things started.
In the post last night I talked about planning for my run this morning but we all know that didn't really workout but I still just loved this picture!  This is the story of my life.

This was way shorter than last nights post and way more positive.  I was just kinda in a funk when I posted so I'm glad it got lost in cyber land! 

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday, Come Quicker

I don't know about all of you out there but I know I am so looking forward to Friday this week.  I have had a much better week with my workouts and my food has also been on track this week.  I have seen the number on the scale go down again which is a nice change from the train wreck that was the upping protein debacle for the last 2 week.

I know I skipped out on my post yesterday but my whole day didn't go exactly as planned and I got home entirely too late to post.  The day started off normally with my Pump class and a WOD.  This was my first actual WOD (workout of the day) and I tried to pick one that wasn't too challenging but not easy either.  It was 5 rounds: 250m row then 15 push ups.  It was harder than I expected but I was able to do it in just over 12 minutes. 

Not that I finally got my feet wet with the WOD I'm going to try to do them more often.  I like to do new things to keep from getting bored.  My other new thing this week has been the stability ball as a chair at my office and it took me a week to realize it but I think that is why my abs have been sore all week.  Its working!  Its still kinda odd to sit on but with a ab workout Ill take it.

After my workout on Wednesday it was time to eat some Subway.  I had planned for it and I couldn't wait.  There is actually a Subway in my gym so its a quick stop for a wonderful breakfast.  I can get a whole sandwich for 300 calories and I don't have to make a thing. 

I had another workout planned for after work but something came up.  I decided to go car shopping instead.  I have been flirting with the idea of a new car.   My truck gets about 9 miles to the gallon and even though I love it I just think it is time....well that and the fact that I drive about 100 miles a day.  So after work I ditched the gym and went for a joyride in this baby.

New Car means NEW stickers right?!?!

After test driving the car and then running around telling everyone about it it was almost 11pm and I still hadn't gotten my stuff together.  I got home and phoned in my food for the next day, a Lean Cuisine for lunch and I made the sacrifice and decided to just eat Subway for breakfast again!  I do what I have to do!!!  :)

So this morning I met up with my friend for a run, which was actually a walk with a 4 minute jog in the middle.  I know I was still sorta sore from the ride on Tuesday so I welcomed the walk.  When we got done I was sweating like crazy so I figured my burn was on track.

I also did some pull ups and a little more cardio once I got back to the gym and then headed off to work.  I tried to get there early cause I wanted to get out on time so I could go get the car again and drive it again.   I am actually taking for the day tomorrow to see how it fits into my lifestyle and hopefully if all goes well I might be getting a new car.

I thought about skipping my evening workout again tonight but I didn't and I'm happy about that decision.  Its ok to skip every now and then but if it becomes regular then it becomes habit and soon its just one workout a day.  I have to much weight left to lose to be taking days off. 

I went to the gym and got my swim on.  I am really focusing on my triathlon training again because I have officially signed up for another tri!  Today actually!  I signed up for a Triathlon in Gulf Shores, AL with an open water ocean swim.  Surely to goodness the ocean cant flood!  It exciting every time.

I think I did pretty good over the last few months of training and losing weight at the same time but in my mind I have to compartmentalize the two.  I "lose weight"train on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and I "triathlon" train on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and REST from all of it on Sunday.  I'm ready to crank up my training make me tired just thinking of it.
After my swim tonight I had to go to the grocery store because I am officially out of food.  I have resorted to eating Lean Cuisines and peanut butter out of a jar because I have no fresh fruits left in my house.  I found an apple and Miracle Whip but those don't go well together.
I apparently ran out of spoons too cause I ate it off the knife.
Other things from the last 2 cousin found this and I have accepted the #plankmonth challenge.  This should be fun because planking for 5 minutes is going to be a tough challenge.
And now at work my chair has become the new topic of lots of conversations.  Today one guy took a picture of it and my bossman kicks it every time he walks by.  Once today he grabbed it and ran around the parking lot with I took his chair and had a little fun of my own. 


I had another late night cause my dad called me right as I got out of the pool and invited me over for a Subway and a sit down before I headed home.  I love Subway honestly but I have had it more this week than I have this entire year, and I'm thinking of having it for breakfast again tomorrow....I'm just saying. 

Tomorrow is a weight loss day so I must sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow.  My body is a little weary this week and definitely looking forward to Sunday.

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