Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10k Tuesday: Not So Much/ Tri-Training Tuesday: Right on Track

We were shy on distance this morning running only 5 miles, but we got an amazing run this morning. I think everyone was pleased with the run today but I know 100% that I was pleased, over the moon, AMAZING!!! We did 5 miles in 64 minutes, for some that is so slow it’s boring but for me that is faster than normal and most definitely an improvement. A steady improvement for me, which is what I need. I love seeing progress and since my pants are not showing me results these days I’ll take it from my workouts.
We were right on time but there was just enough time to get in a few pull-ups and a short steam before it was time work.
After work I was quickly off to ride.  I was ready to get out of the office and ride some of the day away.  We were trying out a new course today and it was new for both of us.  It was a rough start because we were riding new terrain and got on a greenway with lots of blind turns but we were being adventurous.  Once off the short greenway we got on the highway.  It was a good one too, lots of shoulder room so we could ride and not be a nervous wreck about being hit, please note I said not AS nervous cause being hit is always a concern. 
Such a sad face!

And then, about 8 miles in, a flat!  We have had some serious tire issues lately.  This was completely flat and no riding back to the car so there was some transferring of keys and phones so I could ride back and get the car.  Then a good Samaritan and fellow bike rider came by to offer help.  He actually loaded up the bike and gave her a ride back to the car and after they pulled off I realized that probably wasn't the smartest idea so I instantly started trying to remember exactly what he looked like and his tag number so I could give a detailed sketch to the police. 

Turns out he was a good guy and didn't try to kidnap her, with his 2 kids in the car, and he even told us about a ride in Huntsville that was open to the public one roads with very little traffic.  Thanks random helper biker dude!!!

So the ride ended up being a little shorter than normal but I think I could like the road that we were on so we might have to take that route again.

I went home and packed up my bag quickly for tomorrow and headed off to the gym again.  I had my Tuesday evening swim to get to.  I had a little extra time since the ride went short so I got that done before it was time to go again.

The swim finished my night off on a positive note.  I got a strong swim done in 30 minutes.  Better than the swim I got quality time to pray.  I know it sounds funny but I love my pool time cause I get 30 minutes where I am not thinking about work or training or anything I just get my quiet time with my prayers.  This is a wonderful time for me, now you know why I love my swim time!

I am trying to get in all the great workouts I can before its time to start taper again for the next tri.  I have the Gulf Shores race coming up in the beginning of September.  I don't think I am going to taper like I usually do, maybe just a couple of days off before instead of relaxing for a week cause I have a weight loss goal to hit at the end of September and I cant be losing training time! 

Now, for my shameless plug of the day.  I don't love plastic containers but I use them cause I pack my lunch every single day, and I use several every single day.  I have wanted to try the VersaGlass containers for a while now and I finally broke down and got a few to try.  Guess What!?!?!  I love them (if you could say this in your singing voice you would hear it like I do!)  I am sold!  I will be adding this to my collection slowly SLOWLY since its a little more expensive.  I can already feel that this might make the Birthday/Christmas list. :) 

You should give these a shot!
Now that my body is pooped and my chores are done for tomorrow and my food is burnt I must go to bed.  Lets get this body rested so I can go all over again tomorrow.  Wednesday is a weight loss day!

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