Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 Workouts 1 Day

Here we go again with that planning thing, it never works out quite right….but today I totally made it work.  With the help of my running partners of course.  We met like normal but on my way to meet them I got the dreaded text, “it’s raining!”  Dangit!  I don’t run in the rain, I’m not going to start running in weather that will soon be a storm so we were trying to decide if we were going to run or go inside and do an inside workout.  We chose inside, a decision I want to state was ok with everyone.  I got cussed soon after this decision was made so I want to make sure we all know that everyone was in agreement on the inside workout. 
I needed a good one today and what is better than 52 cards.
Today's 52 cards went like this.  Hearts: Burpees on Bosu, Diamonds: Up/Downs, Clubs: Step Ups, and Spades: Jumping Squats.  Each one was just a little harder than the next.  After the 52 cards it was outside for a couple of covered sprints with some lunges and then we called it a morning.  About halfway through the 52 cards I got cursed in a foreign language but I can take it because soon after I was doing the cursing for the sprints and lunges.  I was surely ready to get in the steam room when we finished that. 
After work I was ready to get back to the gym.  I just kinda feel like Ive been in a slump and this morning's workout really lit my fire.  I got home and packed up my clothes quick and went back to the gym.  I kinda wanted to run but it was still raining.

I went to the pool and did some laps and played with my waterproof cell phone case.  The selfies were fun but the looks you get while taking them is even funnier. 

After my swim I was ready for just a little more but I didnt want to lose my entire night at the gym so I came home and started supper and did a little workout in the living room.  I brought the undulation rope in from the garage and worked the rope while I watched Extreme Weightloss and cooked up some delicious new dinner receipe.

The dinner was pizza.  I know what you are thinking Pizza is not healthy, but this little guy is not that bad.  Its a pita with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and grilled chicken.  I put a touch too much cheese on this one tonight but I know now.  I am actually making another one for lunch tomorrow and it will have less cheese and some veggies but this was just a test run.  It was delicious!!!!  I cant wait to eat it again and I figure it will get better and better each time as I learn more ways to prepare them.

Amazingly enough I am done with my workouts and my food prep for the night and early bedtime is in my near future!  Lets see if we cant burn a few more calories tomorrow! 

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