Thursday, August 15, 2013

As much as I love HUMP DAY because of that stupid commercial I’m disappointed that I didn’t post but I will still give you a camel picture!

Hump day this week was a little bit of an overwhelming day for me. I got lots of things accomplished but I was really busy all day long. I did my weight class in the early AM, I fought my alarm clock hard Wednesday morning but I got up and went. After class I didn’t have any workout planned, it was more of a play it by ear kinda morning. I ended up doing several thousand meters on the rowing machine (it’s been a minute since I’ve been on it) and some time on the elliptical machine. No additional weights on Wednesday cause I knew I had another workout to go and I didn’t want to exhaust my legs before it was time to ride.

Thankfully we had a sunny day here, the first in months, and I was able to go for a ride after work. It took me a minute the night before to get my new bike rack installed but it was a pretty good rack! Ha! It held my bike tighter than the one on my truck and was more secure. That was a big question when I was looking at cars so the fact that the bike rode smoothly made me a happy happy FatGirl.

When we met up to ride we had to do a bit of bike maintenance, she thought one of her tires was leaking so we aired it up nice and full. Turns out her tires were great and I had a low tire the entire ride. It was holding air just low and I could feel my back tire slide every now and then. Cheryl decided that we were going to climb Mt. Everest at the beginning of the ride. This was the first time since I have owned my bike that I have had to get off and walk up a hill. It was a sad moment for me but I only had 2 options:

1. Get off and walk or
2. Fall over sideways because I was not making any forward movement.

I opted for #1 because I really wasn’t feeling. I was struggling the whole ride. I couldn’t manage to clip in and out easily like normal (lack of practice) and I felt like I was peddling through mud. It was just a harder ride than normal. We ended up exploring a little bit because we got off the Greenway and tried to find some roads that weren’t the main highway….instead we found a neighborhood that had No Outlets everywhere.

You know, it wasn’t the best ride but it wasn’t the worst and we did 12 total and finished with a run around to get our legs ready for the triathlon coming up!

After our ride/run I was done with my workouts for the night. All I had left was choir practice and was happy that I ran into my sisters painting the football field getting ready for the season to start. Football time is HERE!!!!! We open up Friday night and I can’t wait!

I got home late but not too late….it only seemed too late when it was time to get up this morning. Again I dragged myself out of bed, late, but luckily I didn’t hit traffic like I have the last several mornings so I still made it on time. This morning it was time to run again. It was a shorter run this morning….4 miles, 2 uphills (that was my payback for the hill yesterday) and 20 degrees cooler than Tuesday. I know I complained about the weather on Tuesday so I have to be thankful for the cool weather this morning. It felt like a cool fall day, 70 some odd degrees and almost felt cold a few time…it reminds me how much I like to run in the winter!

After work I had plans: Volleyball game, swim, office garbage, and then bed. Instead I went to the volleyball game, and then put on my workout clothes and helped my sister finish painting the football field. You don't realize how big the field is and how many lines are actually on the field until you paint one. Last year before football season I was unemployed so I got to paint the whole field with the sisters, this time I just came in at the late night hour when they were mostly done, I was just a little helper.

I missed my swim but I figure walking around a football field a couple thousand times burned some calories and we got done early enough to get home and packed up before it was too late. I like to be in bed well before 11pm but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Tomorrow is opening day of football season and like all good southern girls I am overly excited and wearing my Knights shirt to work all day tomorrow!!! Now I must go to sleep if I am ever going to be able to get up (my across the room alarm clock went out today so this might be a struggle) and workout in the morning.

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