Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday

Well, I have had some sucky Monday's in my life but today was NOT ONE OF THEM.  Today was a pretty good one! I had a pretty busy weekend but it was mostly busy around the house.  We had a birthday in our family so Friday night was time to bake.  I made mini cupcakes and after a week of excellent eating I decided to treat myself to a little batter, lets be honest, good week, bad week, doesn't matter, if I make a cake I will be eating some batter.

On Saturday I didn't get a traditional workout.  I was busy doing my yard.  It has been neglected for the past few weeks cause it has rained every weekend so I haven't been able to mow.  I got my entire yard done and cleaned up nice and pretty.  It took the majority of the day to get my yard done and I worked like a dog.  I got a good sweat, lots of pulling, squatting, bending and walking.  It was not a full body workout just not the workout that I needed.  What I needed was a long bike ride followed by a run.  Maybe next weekend??!?!

Today was back to the gym like normal.  I got up on time this morning, even after forgetting to set my alarm clock.  It was hard today but nothing like last week.  I was ready to quit this class all together last week!  But today was nice, I felt strong and could have gone a touch heavier on a few workouts but it was a good weight exercise all together. 

After the PUMP class I was ready for some cardio.  I am just doing weights on MWF in the morning and not adding additional weight like I was doing at the beginning of this phase.  I thought that was a great idea but instead I gained weight that I had to lose all over again.  So just my hour of weights and then to cardio.  I did a good warm up on the rowing machine, the hard elliptical machine, followed by a 20 minute run.  The whole workout felt pretty good....probably because I got 2 days off this weekend. 

Then I was off to the doc to get my back checked out.  If you remember I was told last week that I have a bulging disc so I had to visit a neuro guy to have it checked out.  I was less than impressed.  Basically the bulging disc was slight (good news) and probably not causing the hip pain, and he doesn't know what is.  But here's some meds and a script for physical therapy.  So I was a bit put out that I wasted 3 hours of my life on an appointment with no real answer.  Ill take the meds, continue to workout like normal or harder (I was told it a-OK) and just deal with it.

After 2 times of going to a doc for pain and getting no answer what so ever I might be done with this crap.  I'm just gonna go for my annual physical and deal with anything else.  No need to make appointment after appointment to get no answers....fool me once right?

Anyway, I spent the rest of my day catching up at work, I wasn't too late but still playing catch up for the weekend and Monday morning.  It was not a bad day and the fact that it was short made it better.

Tomorrow I have my Tuesday run scheduled, I went ahead and set the alarm so I wont miss it.  I want to get in two workouts tomorrow so I might have to workout late and miss my show but that just might be what I have to do.  I like to watch my show but I cant be up til midnight like last week.  I need to be on top of my sleep this week cause its  shaping up to be much busier than last!

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