Monday, August 5, 2013

Mondays Post

I don't know exactly what happened but I posted last night but somehow it got lost in Cyber Bloggerland and I don't really want to have to recreate the entire post.  So Ill give it to you in a nut shell.  Its actually a good thing that the post didn't make it up cause it was a little bit whiny and I was a little bit all over the place so this is better.

Ive been doing more Crossfit workouts lately and I'm getting better at them.  I can see how they are slightly addictive cause I want to do this one again already cause I think I can do better on time!

I bought a new car and before I even got my tags I made sure to get to the sporting goods store and got my new stickers for the back of the car.  I just got two for now, Ill get the rest and get it all worked out soon but I needed my Marathon and my Triathlon sticker just to get things started.
In the post last night I talked about planning for my run this morning but we all know that didn't really workout but I still just loved this picture!  This is the story of my life.

This was way shorter than last nights post and way more positive.  I was just kinda in a funk when I posted so I'm glad it got lost in cyber land! 

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