Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T3: Triathlon Training Tuesday

Less than 25 days until the next triathlon so training is full force right now!  Today I got in 2 great workouts towards my training. 
I met with my buddies this morning to get in a 10k Tuesday.  We actually got nearly 7 miles.  It was way better than Last weeks 10k Tuesday.  I don't really know if it was any faster but my body felt better and I was able to run more than the week before.  Now, it was absolutely sweltering!!  I was dying...so hot that I started shedding clothing about half way through.  It a very occasional thing for me to wear only the tank top but today my tshirt was made of asbestos and I had to lose it or die of heat stroke!!!!

After the run I stretched out really good and then took a short time for a steam.  I couldn't stay in the steam room long because I was still pretty hot from the run. 

I do have a little funny for you.  I went to Books-a-Million this week to look for a book.  I want a triathlon training book that can give me some more options for swim workouts.  Laps get tedious after a while and I need some new ideas.  I was looking for something like this...  (I was told they have good training programs, I'm not doing an Ironman)
The sales girl seriously took me to this.....

I then decided that this was a book that was going to have to be purchased online!  My gosh, IRONMAN!  Really?!?!?!?
After work I had a few errands to run before I could get to my evening workout.  I managed to get things done in a reasonable time and got to the gym for a swim.  I left my phone in the car this week (so no selfies) because I really wanted to focus on my swim.  And that's exactly what I did, I swam hard and fast.  It was a personal best for me! 
Now I'm packing up for a full day tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning is a weight loss workout followed by a triathlon workout after work.  I have a brick planned for tomorrow afternoon (please no rain!) and I cannot wait to get on my bike.  It has just been too long since I have been on my bike.
My focus has been laser sharp this week, I know its only Tuesday, but I had a kinda bad week last week so I like that I feel confident this week.  I have goals set, I have workouts planned, and I like the way it feels to be in control!

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