Monday, August 19, 2013

This weekend I spent lots of time around food and in the kitchen.  Amazingly enough I didn't do terrible on my diet....I know those two things don't go hand in hand but this weekend they did.  My Friday was overly exciting.  I woke up ready for Friday night football, too bad I had 12 hours until actual football but I was ready....

I went to work and spent the whole day telling all my co-workers about my boys, all on the high school team, and how much I could not wait for this year's football season!  On my way home from work I had just a few extra minutes so I did my grocery shopping before game time.

I did pretty good at the grocery, all my food for the week or better.  I tried really hard to get my veggies and fruit first and then get the other stuff.  I bought pre-portion carrot seems stupid but they are incredibly convenient. 
Then it was time for FOOTBALL!!!!!!  They won their opening game and they all played great.  I was a proud proud aunt and cant wait for the next game.  It kills me to have to miss any but when they play out of town I wont make it so I have to make sure to cheer extra loud when they are home!

These babies are not so much babies anymore!
Over the weekend my goal was to get prepared for the week ahead.  This is always the goal to get ready for the week ahead but it rarely ever happens that way.  I got the house cleaned and the clothes washed.  I got all the food prepackaged and prepared and ready to go.  I made 5 days worth of food and laid out 5 days of clothes. 
I also managed to catch something else on fire...I burnt my food scale.  This is why I cant have nice things!
The only chore I didn't get accomplished was mopping my kitchen floor and I don't really care about that anyway so I can say I was successful. 

Then on Sunday I had my free day of the week.  I had some pizza for dinner on Sunday night and some french fries with lunch but didn't go too crazy on my cheat day.  I can go really crazy but this week I tried to keep it under control. 

Today was Monday, all day long.  I got a really good workout this morning with my Pump class.  I upped most of my weights today except my back.  I found out last week that I have a bulging disc in my lower back so I took it easy on the back track and did the rest like normal.  No one has told me I have to lay of my workouts yet so I have been doing the same thing as normal.  I think just knowing what the problem is makes it feel a little better, that and the 50 Aleve a day. 

I also got in some good cardio this morning before heading off to work.  I didn't know what the post work workout was going to be today but I hoped for something outside and different than other days.  As I left work it started pouring down rain....but thankfully by the time I got home it had stopped and I was able to do a rope workout outside.  It was a steamer and I got a good sweat going.  I could have probably done more but sometimes if I get a really intense workout before bed I cannot sleep.

I have been overly productive (probably because of all the crap I did this weekend) my bags are packed up and my food is ready for tomorrow and I even found a few extra minutes to work around the house, just imagine trying to take care of a wasp nest outside the screen door with Clorox kitchen cleaner and a golf club.  I even had time to put on a face mask after my shower to help with the teenage acne problem I have going right now!

I might, just might get in bed in the 9 o'clock hour!  Hopefully a full nights sleep will produce a good run tomorrow morning. I need a good run tomorrow but I sure hope I just get to run tomorrow.  We have another week full of forcasted rain so if I don't run get to run outside I will have to run inside or I'll just have to come up with a Plan B.  (cough cough....52 cards, I cant say that too loud or I'm afraid Ill lose my workout buddies!)

Rain rain, please go away.  I would love to go outside and play!

One final thing, I have been trying a new thing with my food for a few days now and I am really liking it so far.  I have tried to eat my biggest meal in the morning (usually I freak out when my first meal of the day has high calories) and then gradually taper off as the day goes along.  I am eating between 400-600 calories for breakfast, then 300-500 for lunch, and finally 200-300 for dinner.  It keeps me full most of the day and I'm not too full at bed time.  Its working for me so far but I have yet to be tested with a family dinner or late meal time.  We will see how that goes when I'm faced with it, because if I eat a big dinner then I will be way over my calorie count for the day.  That's exactly what we are trying to avoid. 

I hope these little changes help with my weight (it has to be better than the whole "up the protein" debacle that I tried earlier) I'm eating the same foods and same calories just a different time of the day!  If not we will adjust again.  I keep thinking that adjusting will keep me from plateauing again but right now I'm not seeing much movement in my clothes and I haven't weighed since the protein problem.  I might weigh at the end of this week and see how my progress is coming along.  Who know?

Now that I have officially covered everything from my weekend to my kitchen mishaps and wasp killing abilities I think it is officially early bed time!  I love those words!

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