Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wait...is it Monday again?

Apparently Monday came twice this week...the first one was not to bad but today totally made up for it.  Ok, maybe that was a bit over dramatic but it was a very stressful for a few hours.

I started my day off with a nice little run.  We ran a familiar 5k route and ran the entire 5k before we took a walk break.  I thought it was an amazing run and then when I heard the time it was semi-good.  I was happy about running the whole thing strong, and I'm not all that bothered with the time so I was happy with the run overall, I think the time should have been better. (I'm just saying!)

After the run I was right off to work.  The day started off just fine, then at lunch everything that could have been wrong was wrong, so I took a half hour, went to lunch and left the office to decompress.  I called my sister, bought a new fall jacket, and went back to work.  It was just the stress relief that I needed.  Once back at work I was able to look at the things that weren't quite right and come up with a solution instead of just huffing and puffing and pouting.

After work I have been moving non-stop and never got in a second workout.  I went straight home to a volleyball game.  I got to debut my new shirt...
We HEART the coach!

Then after the game I had to run an errand and then try to figure out how I was going to draw a GIANT "R" on the midfield of the football field for Friday night football this week.  I have been thinking about it for a week and tonight I actually got in the yard and started working on it....the first idea was a bust today so I had to brainstorm so I spent my evening drawing in my yard.   I think I finally have it figured out, oh I hope so anyway.

Now with two giant R's in my yard and my stuff packed up for tomorrow I have high hopes for the rest of the week.  I want to get my workouts in and I want to eat well this week but more than any of those things I want this R to look good in the middle of the field.  I know it sounds crazy but I want it to look great, I don't take on a project and hope that it looks mediocre. 

Other thank my slight lunch time melt down I have had a good day, I had a great burn this morning and hopefully it can just be better tomorrow.

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