Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday (Two Days, One Really Long Post)

When I walked in the door last night at 10pm I had to decide, shower and sleep or cook and post. Guess which one won????

Yesterday I was kinda stressed all day long. I went to the gym for my PUMP class, which thank goodness was a little bit easier than it has been for 2 weeks, and my morning workout. I made it through PUMP and was still able to move and knowing that I probably wasn’t going to get another one so I needed a good am workout. I left class and took off out the door. I did a run around the park, but not one of those strolly runs that I did last week, this one I was pushing my speed and trying to burn some mega calories. I was running through grass, streets, sidewalks…jumping curbs and over small statues! I was cooking, ~at a 11 min/mile pace!

After my very sweaty run I was back in the gym for a 4000m rowing session. I was drenched with sweat…this explains why I don’t pick up men at the gym

1. I am terrible at flirting
2. I look like a drowned rat!

I was incredibly pleased with my workout, so pleased in fact that I just went ahead and scratched my evening workout at 8am. After the gym it was time to start stressing about the mid-field Logo. I googled several images of logos to see about how big it really needed to be, I decided that I couldn’t free hand this design so I was going to have to get clever…art math! That is a FatGirl phrase if I have ever created one. If you can’t draw it find a way to create it using math. I printed my logo and started measuring. This way I knew how long each line needed to be, I just had to put them all in the right place and the logo would be complete…..and guess what, ART MATH works!

I had lots of helpers and I am overly pleased with how everything turned out!

I got home pretty late, I would have stayed out there all night long to get that done, but once I got home I realized that I had no food to pack for today. I am out of eggs (completely!!! That never happens I buy them 36 at a time) and out of deli meat. I couldn’t even make a sandwich. I could have cooked some chicken but it was all frozen so that was out too. I decided to have Oatmeal for breakfast and get a Subway at the gym in the morning for lunch. I packed up some fruit and veggies for my sides and snacks and just went from there. Then it was shower off the spray paint and go to bed!!

I do want to point out that I didn’t mention dinner in all this cause I never got dinner. I was way under my calories for the day and that’s my fault. I was starving all day long yesterday and managed to eat all my meals and snacked that I had packed before I got home. I stopped on my way home to get some paint and had to buy a pack of gum for the car because I was going to chew my arm off if I didn’t get something. I didn’t stop again for the entire evening. I went to the school, to choir, back to the school and then home. I had done so good on my food for several days and didn’t want to screw up with fast food junk late on a Wednesday night cause I was hungry. I could have made a good decision somewhere but I was so hungry at that point that I don’t think a good decision would have been made once I smelled a French Fry or saw an ice cream cone! Instead I just decided to skip dinner and go to bed.

Once I was in bed my entire body hurt. My legs were just aching and I thought about taking some Aleve before bed and then it hit me…..I started taking the steroid pack this week to help my hip/back pain. I had forgotten all the pills I was supposed to take for dinner and bed. So I grabbed a string cheese and finished up my pack for the night. This helped explain why I have been a little excitable (FULL OF ENERGY!!) and hungry for a couple of days! I’m not bright!

This morning it was a whole new workout! I had plans to meet my running buddy who is also doing this triathlon next week. She wanted to do a ride and a run this morning, she wanted to do all three disciplines but I didn’t so she swam before I got to the gym and I met her to ride and run. We had a pretty good workout! We did a total of 8 miles and today magically my GPS watch decided it wanted to turn on!!!!!!!

It has been completely charged but would not respond for weeks so I decided to let it die completely and then charge again and see if it would respond….and it did! I’m still investing in a newer model but the fact that this one is working until I get a new one makes me smile! I just hope it keeps working….

Anyway….we got a good workout in this morning. I wore my tri suit cause I wanted to test this thing out on the bike and the run, I have only swam in it up to this point so it was nice to see what it felt like.

After my workout I was hungrier than I could have even expected. I know I hadn’t had food for a while and I was ready to eat. When I ordered my lunch sandwich (turkey on wheat) I just went ahead and tried something new. I got the breakfast sandwich on an English Muffin. It was my first experience with an English Muffin and it was soooooo soooooooooooo good. I think it was really that good too and not just me being so incredibly hungry. I will definitely try this again. I have had their breakfast sandwich before but always got the 6 inch sandwich but this English Muffin cut the calories in half and was so good! I will be having that again and I might even invest in some English Muffins for my house!

After I finally got food in my gut I was ready to work. I have not been as hungry today as I was yesterday which is a blessing. My gosh if I had eaten everything I wanted yesterday I would have eaten 6000 calories minimum so I’m glad today has been a little better.

I finished up my day with a ballgame and a mini birthday party. I still managed to do good on my diet. I had soup for dinner and a bite of cake and hot ice cream cookie. All in all I had a good food day and managed to eat every single meal out. Small victories!

Im hoping for another good day tomorrow. I have another one a day, hey, ball seasons are among us so Ill get one a day more often than Ill get two so Ill need to really up the intensity of my morning workout. I don't know how much more intense they can get but I'm up for the challenge.

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