Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy Busy Busy BUSY

From what I gather from my entire family and group of friends this has been one crazy busy week for everyone! I know I haven’t spent much time at home, I haven’t watched any TV (and it’s all new this week) and most nights it’s been dark before I have gotten home. I think I have accomplished everything on my TO DO list for the week but with it being this busy I’m afraid that I am going to miss something. Luckily my phone has reminders set so I get at least 15 minutes’ notice before whatever event is next.

Wednesday was a particular busy day for me. I got up bright and early, before the sun (have you noticed that the days are getting shorter? Sad times … but the weather is getting cooler, Happy times!) and never stopped moving until my head hit the pillow. I had my early morning PUMP class and managed to get in quite a good cardio workout after class. I wasn’t in a hurry but I think my body knew what all was to come because I was hustling at the gym.

I went to work and worked right through lunch, unintentionally, but got lots of stuff accomplished. Around 3 I was told we had to get the Football field painting done a day earlier than scheduled cause there were pictures to be taken. OK, calendar shuffle….and then the big panic happened, where am I going to get the paint??? Who knew that purple spray paint was such a hot item, not me for sure, but I went to Lowe’s and bought all they had, 8 cans. I need about 12 to do the big “R” on center field but thankfully the one from last week was still pretty and I did have to use as much as normal.

I rushed home from work and went straight to the field so I could get it painted up before choir practice and before I lost my daylight. I got the big one done in just the nick of time, the sun was going down and my 15 minute alarm had already gone off urging me to go to church.

After choir it was right back to the field to finish up. Two tiny “R” for my nephew. They were special requested for homecoming week so those were necessary. I managed to get the painting done but the pain had already started. Do you know how bad it hurts to bend over for 5 hours? And do you know how bad your bicep and forearm hurt when you hold and squeeze and spray paint can for 5 hours? Totally worth it when all the work is done and it freed up my night tonight because now I don’t have to paint the field!

UPDATE: Last night I was tired and weary after 5 hours of painting...then today someone sent me this picture....makes it totally worth it.

I went to bed clean but with dirty toes just ready to run. I knew I was going to have a good run this morning, if not good entertaining. We have had some eventful runs this week so I knew this morning would not disappoint. I like to do strange things on my runs, that way it keeps life interesting and never dull. (This is my new trick, stop messing with my diet and try new things with my workouts!)

So we started off pretty good with the run. About 2-3 miles in, no Garmin today, Big Bad Cheryl’s toe started hurting. Toe: yes I said toe, but it really was hurting and she couldn’t really run on it. That part was fine but it was when she sat on the curb and took her sock and shoe off to examine the foot that things got funny. We looked it over good and concluded that she could make it the half mile back to the gym without having to call an ambulance! I just wish I had been a fly on the window in one of the cars that passed us as we sat on the side of the road checking the toe….

Update on this one: Broken Foot! This is really not cool!!!!!

After work I headed home quick so I could watch a ballgame, have some interaction with my family, and even have some dinner that was not cooked or packed in my kitchen. I didn't eat in the car or at my desk....I sat at an actual resturant and ate food prepared by others! It was AMAZE-BALLS!

I didn't get in a second workout today and tomorrow will be another day with just one workout so I have to make my morning workout count. Im going to try to up my weights in PUMP class tomorrow and get in another run tomorrow morning if I have the time. I need a good one tomorrow and a long one Saturday, thats the goal for now.

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