Wednesday, September 4, 2013

*Race Week* Hump Day Edition

Happy Hump Day all!!!! 

Let me just tell you it has been a day!  This morning started off as any other morning but things changed quickly, some for the better, some worse, either way changes happen and adjustments were made.

Let me start on Friday to explain.  I worked out on Friday like normal last week.  After my workout I had this burning on my right thigh.  It felt kinda like a rash but there was nothing there so I just assumed it was like a heat rash or irritation, no biggie, just put a little lotion on it and went on.  It really did burn like the dickens and I couldn't figure out why.

All weekend long it hurt but nothing really ever changed so I just complained about it and went on my merry way.  Then yesterday a small bump came up on my thigh.  A girl at work mentioned for a second time that I had Shingles.  Shingles is a gross thing that old people get and I didn't have shingles...but after the bump came up I got to thinking she may be right.

Well yesterday it was hurting really bad and more bumps appeared, just 3 total, but I was beginning to think she was right.  We move on to this morning, ignoring the whole Shingles thing.

After a night with very little sleep because I was up and down because of the pain in my leg and what moved to my butt I finally gave up and got ready for class.   I woke up as usual and went to PUMP and I was running behind.  I didnt know where the time went but I was about 5 minutes late, I'm normally 2 minutes late but this was worse than normal and no real reason to be late, I left on time just couldn't get there.  Well by the time I got there there were no more spot available and some guy took my spot.  I did the squat track and realized there was not going to be enough room to do the whole workout so I left class and just went out into the gym and lifted free weights and did my cardio.  I got a great workout just didn't do PUMP.

This is where the "things happen for a reason" thing happened.  After the gym I went to work and I couldn't stand it much longer.  Every time my clothes touched me it would hurt.  It hurt to move, breath, even think.  So I called the doc to see if I could get squeezed in and get some help.  I had to know what it was, even though at this point I was sure of the Shingles.  After a few short questions from the nurse I got "worked in" because they were pretty sure I had them too.

After seeing the doc for less than 4 minutes he confirmed what I didn't want to hear, Shingles....and since I hate the name and idea of Shingles from here on out we will refer to them as Adult Chicken Pox!  ~Yes I know they are not Chicken Pox but I dont like the real name so this is what we will call them.  I got meds and was sent on my merry way with one rule, don't hang with pregnant women.  Turns out that one of the girls in my morning class is with child so it was a blessing in disguise that I didn't get to go to PUMP.  See things work out like they are supposed to.  I was pretty pleased with my doc, not only did he get me in quick but this is the first time in 3 years that I have gone to the doc and actually got a diagnosis.

So there is my morning.  Adult Chicken Pox!  And it just so happens it falls right here on RaceWeek.  I am lucky that my pain is really manageable and not to bad, just mostly annoying, and the doc said it was fine if I kept my workouts like normal.

I had another busy day at work and the day just seemed to scoot by.  Other than the overwhelming urge to take my pants off it was a pretty good day.  I was ready to get home so I could get in one final ride and start getting packed up for race day.  I did this last ride to make sure everything on the bike was working well and to try out my new toy.  Sister 2 and Sister 3 got me a new toy and I am in love!!!!

An iPhone mount for my bike.  I actually texted and rode today, I'm pretty sure that Texting and Riding is not safe so I didn't do it on the road.  It was so cool, I could see my route and hear my mileage and pace.  This thing is just TOO cool!

After my ride it was officially time to start packing.  I would have started packing Sunday but I don't have enough workout clothes to pack up 1 of 2 sports bras.  Just before I started my serious packing...basically that moment when all the crap is out but not in any sort of organization I got a text....

I'm not really sure what the message said but I knew what the pic means "I made roast and carrots and potatoes and I have some for you!!!!"  So I abandoned the packing and headed over to pick up my to go plate.  Sometimes Most of the time being the youngest of 4 girls is GREAT!  I got fed a delicious home cooked meal and even got a little extra to take home for later.  And it was soooooo good.

I came home to the semi packed triathlon bag and got to work.  I got everything organized and put in piles, its not done but it looks better than it did.

Now that my day has come to a end I am very excited about sleep.  I hope that I can get some sleep tonight, I have not been able to sleep well for the last couple of days and being that I still hurt pretty good I'm not overly hopeful for tonight but I have to be positive.  Tomorrow morning is my last workout before the Race so I will be moving/burning calories but not doing anything overly intense.

Night all....

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