Monday, September 23, 2013

The Rhythm Got Me

Happy to report, that Gloria Estefan was right….the Rhythm has got me.

The Pre-Weekend:  Friday Night Football 

I had an overly productive, calorie burning weekend. I started off my weekend with a swim. (Not true:  I started my weekend with Friday night football, very rainy and fun filled victorious night of football) Then the next morning I met with my swim buddy and we got in a good training swim (she’s getting ready for a swim meet) and then managed to get in a pretty successful swim on my own. I did 1000m in the pool at a pretty fast pace. The pool was full but I managed to share a lane with someone I know and then got to finish up in a solo lane, that’s always good! I generally swim on weekday nights when no one is in the pool.

Then I did a little domestic calorie burn. My kitchen had gotten beyond the point of nasty and had to be dealt with. I cooked all of my food for the week (cause who wants to clean a kitchen and then cook in it) and then cleaned from top to bottom. Mopped the floors and even cleaned the cabinet doors! Once I got all my stuff done in the kitchen I moved on to the laundry. I HATE LAUNDRY! But I did manage to get all the laundry done and got all my clothes laid out for the week, work and workout! I told you….productive!

I played the role of babysitter extraordinaire on Friday night and had late night popcorn and coke bottled water and watched movies with some of my babies. So maybe it didn’t burn any calories while watching a movie but I had a pretty good burn leading up to movie time so I took the rest with a smile on my face!

Sunday was officially REST day and I enjoyed my REST day and my diet cheat day. I did better on my cheat day today instead of completely losing control like I have done in the past. And since I already had my stuff done for the week I also got to get to bed pretty early for a Sunday night.

Monday morning started off with a blast. First off: who is loving this weather!?!?! I love the fact that I need a light jacket when I leave the house. I woke up early today because I got lots of sleep on Sunday since I got to bed early and got a big nap on Sunday afternoon. I was at the gym ON TIME and ready for class. It was tough this morning but not too tough. Following PUMP I did some rowing and then some interval sprints on the treadmill.

Oh, it’s been too long since I did those and my hip is surely letting me know how long it’s been. I did hit a personal best on the sprint speed and hopefully I can do this again soon and get to 10.0 mph soon. I’m officially marathon training again, gotta run those sprints!!!!! I finished off with a short spin on the bike and then headed off to work.

Once I was at work fixing my breakfast I realized my planning has gone to a whole new level...I am officially labeling things in my fridge so I know what container goes with what day....

Needless to say my food was on track today.  Eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken and green beans for lunch, PB for snack and grilled talipia for dinner.  Once I get in the rhythm things fall into place.  My other minor work day fail came with my fatgirl fashion.  I was freezing when I got to work and finally gave in and put on my oversized sweatshirt.  I had on a cute little black dress and gold jewels and ended up with a hoodie, it was worth a bathroom mirror photo.

Once I got home I crammed dinner in my face and my clothes in my bag.  I got all my nightly stuff done well before the sun went down.  I had plenty of time to get in another workout tonight.  So I decided to do a dualathlon.  I got in the pool first (my Tuesday night swim has become my Monday night swim since I have Tuesday night Running Bootcamp and the swim team finally got out of my pool!) and swam at an fast pace for half an hour and then hit the spin bike for half an hour.  I got a great full body workout and managed to get it all in before 9pm. 

My only shirt got wet so I used the fan in the locker room as a dryer, not I get why those things are so high on the wall.  Good thing I'm tall!

I had time to go see some of my babies before heading home and got to help with some Homecoming week costumes before I finally gave in and went home.  I got the final bag packed for tomorrow and now I'm ready to do it all again tomorrow. 

I got a weigh in coming up soon so I am balls to the wall all week long!  I love it!  Its a good thing I got back into the rhythm...

*Please Don't Forget*

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