Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful Halloween.  I hope you got to put on a fun costume, eat too much candy, and maybe just maybe got in a good workout.  That's pretty much my day in one sentence.   I found out yesterday that we were dressing up for the morning workout so I spent the day trying to figure out what to be. 

I decided on Flo from Progressive cause I could take of the apron and still get in a workout.  I was worried that no one would really dress up but turns out everyone did.  It was really fun to go to class in a costume.  I try to dress up every year for something and I will be missing a Halloween party this year so this had to be my dress up for the season.

Even our morning workout was Halloween themed.  We did a short workout but everything had a scary name.  Instead of chest to bar it was bones to bar and so on...

And then when class was done we found these on the floor!

All in all it was good fun, holiday and workout all in one.  I decided not to wear my costume all day long since I already had a good time with it. 

After a long day of work I got home just in time to Trunk or Treat.  Since we are having very Halloween appropriate weather they had to move the Trunks inside.  I think we may have set a record with the number of people in our church.  The crowd seemed bigger than normal but mostly because they were all inside.

It took a little longer than normal but they did such a good job it was worth waiting.  All in all it was a great HALLOWEEN!  This is one of my favorite holidays anyway and the fact that I get to fall asleep to in a spooky storm.  Happy Happy Halloween All!
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