Monday, October 28, 2013

Amber's Wedding Weekend

I am accepting the challenge of how many topics can I cover because Im sure you will be surprised at this one.....and the amount of pictures I have!

I told you at the beginning of last week that I had a doozie of a scheduled for last week and I wasn't kidding. On Monday I was overwhelmed at the schedule, and was really unsure at how I was going to get everything in...but I can gladly say that everything went amazingly well, more than I could have hoped for.

I think I left of Wednesday night, and we had a pretty big event in my family, my sister turned 40!!!!! OMG! 40 years we had to have a big party. We did the family thing on Sunday and then we did girls night out on her actual birthday.

My nerves were really high all week. The day after my sisters birthday I had to get on a plane to go to St. Louis and zip a bridesmaid dress that was not zipping really easily. I had been eating very little all week (mostly juicing) but no cheating, none at all!!!!

I got up Thursday morning and made it to my early workout. I wasn't sure if I was going to make this one or not so the fact that I got in another good workout before the dress zipping was good. It was an amazing workout followed by a short hill run and then off to work.

I was on an endorphin (stress) high and ready to hit the road for my trip but also trying to get all my work completely caught up so I could leave without stressing about work on top of everything else.

How did you feel on Thursday? I was Fantastic!!! I have a problem with my nerves lately, its a constant thing I struggle with but this stress was a bit overwhelming. I will say it a lot in this post so just forgive me now. After lunch I was on the road. Off to the airport....

This is the first flight I have ever taken alone (not pre-planned by an agency or school trip) and the first since all the TSA regulation have gotten crazy! I had my tiny tiny carry on bag packed up with 4 days of clothes, 5 pairs of Spanx, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, 2 complete outfits, and a Bridesmaid dress.

Once I got all checked in and frisked at security I was ready to fly. I can say I was not nervous about that part, just the security and getting to my gate on time. The one thing that was amazing to me was the TSA agent took my bottle of water. Really, I wanted that water. I stopped at the Starbucks and got a coffee (thats liquid right?) and a $6 bottle of water (they let me take that one on the plane.)

Once I got to the gate I was like a kid at my first visit to the airport taking pictures and just praying that they didn't make me check my carry on. I got on the plane with no problems and was off to have a big weekend!

On time, actually early I landed in St. Louis!!!!! Woo Hooooo Ambers Wedding Weekend was officially underway!

We had a bit night planned in St. Louis, out to dinner and drinks at a local Mexican resturant and then off to a local bar to watch the end of game 1 of the World Series. The Cardinals were playing so how could we miss that experience.

On Friday it was officially no more St. Louis visiting time but only wedding prep. We did all the day before things that need to be done. Wake up, workout, nails, packing and all the other things I cannot even remember.

After all the chores were done it was time to leave St. Louis and head off to the wedding venue. Don't worry, I still managed to get tons of pictures of the Arch.

Do you see it?

Hotel check in and right into rehearsal dinner prep. The venue was amazing with all they did, she didn't have to be stressed out about the wedding stuff, just about her. And the resort was connected to the hotel so we had rooms right by the wedding venue. We got ready and walked across the hallway to the rehersal.

Bathroom mirror selfie to show you my outfit. I am in LoVE with this dress and so happy to get to wear it finally. I had been saving it. And the fact that it came with red high heels (and no zipper) made it better.

We rehearsed and headed off to dinner. I was kinda glad that dinner was at a Chinese resturant cause Im not a huge fan of Asian food so i was able to make really good decisions and not stress about swelling or bloating cause I wasn't going to eat enough for all that.

After dinner the Bride and all her "Maids" went out for a little after party and then back to the room for a semi-early bedtime. The next morning Amber (the Bride) her maid of honor #1 (her sister) and I went out for a little jog/run around the neighborhood for a little stress relief/sweat for the last few centimeters around my waist and an all around endorphin high for the day, cause you know what....IT WAS FINALLY WEDDING DAY!!!!!

Once we got back to the room it was full force hair/makeup get ready for the wedding day! I was behind the rest in the get ready cause it only takes about 3 minutes to do my hair so I watched the rest get ready and tried to keep everyone calm. The bride was amazing! She was so calm and relaxed for her wedding day which made everyone and everything move smoothly.

The time had come for me to put on my dress and the nerves were really over the top for me. Not to take anything away from he bride and all! haha, please know that was meant in humor!

I put on my bra and panties and then slipped the dress on, no Spanx or anything, just needed to see where we were with whole zipper thing, and the DAMN dress zipped!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have puked and cried right then. I was so excited that it fit. I just couldn't imagine how I was gong to tell the bride that my dress wouldnt zip.

After my dress zipped I was ready to go. I shoved a granola bar down my gullet and helped the bride get into her beautiful dress. It was so beautiful, as was she, and she looked amazing.

Once everyone was dressed and ready it was off for a few hours of pictures and the final wedding details and then Amber would officially be a Wife!

The she got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony to be followed by an equally as beautiful reception. We danced the night away so now you get the rest of the photo dump from my phone!

I was honored to be able to celebrate her big day with her!!!!

I got home Sunday afternoon and it was right back to the grind. Time to prep for my upcoming week, workouts, food, and work but none of that was going to happen until I got a nap!

Now I have more to tell you but this post took about 2 hours so it will have to wait! Be looking for it tomorrow!

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