Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesdays Workout Made Thursday PAINFUL!

Before you start reading, I complain quite a but in this post!  I know I chose to do a new workout and soreness comes with that.  I'm sorry to whine but it's been a big painful part of my day!  

Tuesday was a brutal workout…it was intense from the word go. Now, when it was written all pretty on the board it looked pretty simple but it shaped up to be intense.

My biggest fear was realized when the first thing on the board was “5x pull ups” cause even after all my practice I still cannot do a pull up. I did however get an alternative that I could do. Instead of a pull up I used rings and pulled from an incline position. It was not easy, actually it was pretty hard. That was followed up by 10 pushups (in CrossFit a push up is slightly different, you go down and put your body flat to the floor and push back up) There is really no knees on the floor option on this one or you would lose all the core work. Luckily, I can do a push up…I could do about 6 full range and would have to drop to my knees every now and then but I got them done. The workout finished up with 15 squats, full range squats. This is the part that did it for me. Every squat I did he wanted lower and lower so I kept going lower and lower. We did this as many times as we could for 20 minutes!!! 20 minutes, no biggie right, WRONG! It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I made it through the rotation 12 times and halfway through the 13th. When he called time I just rolled over to my back and tried not to die! There was a huge Emily size sweat stain on the floor when we were done.

How do you keep count?!? I'm obsessed with the chalk: hands, floor, wherever!

Personally I thought this was harder than the one the day before, it took 45 minutes less but was so intense. Shortly after the workout was over I could tell my legs were going to be sore from the deep squats, I was not quite prepared for how sore I would be.

After work I had to run home quick for our Chili Dinner to raise money for our Team 365 Marathon. We had an amazing turn out and raised nearly $2000 towards our goal. A huge thank you to all those that worked all day long cooking and prepping and to all those who gave a donation. I have the best Sunday School Class ever. I was overwhelmed at the amount of money raised in one night! We will do it again next month so if you missed the chance to come this month be watching and I will let you know about the next one.

If you can’t make it but would like to donate do it here!!!

As the day progressed my soreness did too. When the chili was all cleaned up and it was time to sing the soreness was in full force. What I wasn’t prepared for was the whole body soreness, I thought just my legs would hurt….NOPE! from neck to knees is sore. I tried to scratch my head but my arm will only go so high so I put my hand up and then brought my head down to meet it. Haha! No but really!

I was glad when it was bed time, I just knew once I got some sleep these weary muscles would be ready to go again…..

At some point in the night I woke up flat on my back, I thought to my half asleep self “Self, wonder what time it is and how much longer you get to sleep?” and I put my foot down on the bed to roll over, I felt the soreness immediately and said, “You know self, it doesn’t matter cause its not time to go yet!” and I just went right back to sleep until the alarm went off. I couldn’t even roll over!!!

The standing up out of the bed was the special part because I didn’t think my body was going to straighten, but once I was up and things started to loosen up it still hurt pretty bad! Ha! I was off to class again this morning and I really wasn’t sure how in the world I was going to do it. He stretched us and warmed us up good so when it was time to work I was ready and able to move slightly.

This morning it was another BRUTAL one. I think every day is going to be like that but right now they seem harder day after day so I keep saying that for the time being. It started with squats increasing in weight until we hit our max, then we did another workout that was timed. 15 minutes this time, 5 Burpees with box jumps, 10 Kettlebell swings, and 15 Dead Lifts.

I was really surprised how much I was able to squat. I haven’t squatted max in years, usually I put 10-15lbs on each side and do 10 reps but today we were maxing so I would do a few and the teacher would say “add more” so I did until I couldn’t do but one. I managed 135lbs which I was pleased with. I didn’t stand next to the boys to day which is probably best since I would have probably hurt myself. (One day I will be able to squat my weight, I’m looking forward to that!)

As the day has gone on my range of motion has gotten worse but I think my muscles are feeling better. I sat a little bit more at work today than I normally but still got up and moved so I wouldn't completely stiffen up.

Once I got home I had to get lots of errands done. I haven't been home this whole week and my house is starting to show it. I have dirty clothes in the dining room because there is no more room in the laundry room, it is full of clean unfolded clothes. I did dig through the clean basket and find something to workout in tomorrow and I was informed to wear knee socks since tomorrow will involve rope climbing. I don't know if I can climb a rope but Im going to wear the knee socks just in case I can.

BTW: I haven't worn socks in years!!!!! It's so weird.

I finally got home and got the house as clean as its gonna get, the laundry is still not done but I did wash a sports bra so I can wear it tomorrow, the food supply is dwindling but Im trying to eat all the food before I go out of town again so the meals are getting weird. (for example: Im eating dry Cheerios for dinner at 9pm because I just walked in the door and I used the last of my milk for lunch tomorrow)

I know I tell y'all all the time how busy I am and how its late, and I know you probably get tired of hearing it, but I do it on purpose. I want to make a point that even though days are busy, good food and workouts are possible, I just have to make them a priority. Obviously I have an advantage in this cause Im single with no children but I am a busy girl and it can be done.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!!

One Shameless Shout OUT Selfie: I am officially obsessed with and wearing SweatyBands to work. I'm in love!!!! They make them in holiday themes so Im hoping for a Thanksgiving and Christmas one.

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