Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost the Holiday! Are you READY?!?

You would think at any minute I would stop talking about how hard my morning workout was, but it just seems that each workout is harder than the one before. After the “Filty Fifty” workout I didn’t know if they could get much harder and its hasn’t yet, but todays workout was one of those crazy intense workouts that make it just fun!

We did 5 rounds of 3 mintues each, with one minute of rest in between.

3 Deadlifts (95 lbs)
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Wow, another one that seemed pretty easy when it started and it was soooo not easy. But it was so much fun! I was pretty sure at the end of 3 minutes I would die, but after the 1 minute of rest I was ready to go again. Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a workout that had a lot of smiles during the workout….instead it had lots of grunting and sweating, but when it was done the endorphin high was amazing! After my 10 minute of laying on the floor in a pile of my own death I scraped myself up only to see how filthy I had gotten during todays workout. Where did all the dirt come from?

After the workout it was off to work! Still pretty excited that this week is a short work week. While I was working I made sure to get my to do list for Tuesday night prepared. Since its Thanksgiving week we have no games all week so Im trying to get everything accomplished that needs to be done before Thanksgiving.

I left work and got a much needed hair cut, whew, that was a hot mess, and then headed home to let all the work begin. I started by prepping some baking that needed to be done before the holiday. Luckily I got one of those thing that actually says on the receipe "Best if it sits for a couple of days covered" Yes!!!!

And don't worry, I had the fire extinguisher ready just in case.

While the cake was baking I prepped the pies. In prepping the pies I managed to spill about a cup of sugar on the kitchen floor. Which prompted me having to mop the entire kitchen floor, which led to vacuuming the living room cause those floors were filthy too. (I got a new couch this week so I needed to get that vacuum out.

Now the cake is complete and the pies are in the oven. I got the bags packed up for tomorrow and I was trying to get my hair color finished up tonight but I have simply run out of time. I got it colored and cut just need to tone, that will just have to wait until tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I have to finish up my cooking duties for Thanksgiving and prep for Black Friday! (And hopefully finish up this hair!!) Its getting so close!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Filthy Friday and Manic Monday

I was sure Friday was going to be a bad day. On my way to workout I got caught behind a train, then after arriving to my workout 5 minutes late I saw the workout on the board and kinda freaked out.

It was too hard, it was just too much. I didn’t know how in the world I was going to get this workout done. It was called Filthy Fifty and is kind of a Benchmark workout. I don’t know that officially but my class does it a couple of times a year to see progress. I kinda freaked just looking at it. Some I knew I could do some of the exercises with no problem but 50 burpees or 50 Push Presses was just too many.

I thought about crying before the workout so you can imagine how excited I was for it to start. We got a 50 minute cap on this workout and I couldn’t imagine doing the burpees in that time frame much less the entire workout. But it began none the less….

And I was able to do it. Against my doubt I was able to finish the workout.

Side Note: After the workout was done I finally got to move down a notch on the resistance and did 10 pull ups, all the way ups.

So you can imagine how excited I was to get to work. I try not to talk about work to much on here but Ill make an exception this time. When I got to work things started to fall into place. I got my entire daily to do list done my 11am and then things that I have not been able to get started filing in as well. It was shaping up to be an awesome day. I was so excited to be able to mark everything off my “To Do” list and then mark the things off my “Maybe Get Done” list. It was awesome. I finished up my day by marking up my “Never Gonna Get Done” list and just left with a smile on my face.

I’m pretty sure my day took a turn for the better by finishing that workout. Ha! Ok, so maybe it didn’t do anything about the rest of my day but the fact that my day took a turn from Eh to GREAT! Is a nice change of pace. Usually it’s the other day around.

This workout taught me a lot of things.

1. I can do way more than I think possible.
2. I never need to read the WOD the night before because there is no way I would have come Friday if I had known what was coming.
3. Knees to Elbows are hell on the hands.

Once the weekend officially began I ran off to Friday night basketball. Don’t you worry about a break between seasons, not here, we went right from a Championship Football game on Friday night to Regular Season Basketball game the next Friday night.

Now my weekend was pretty chill. I chose not to workout on Saturday morning because I really felt like my body needed a day of rest, more than Sunday like it always gets. It made a big difference this morning because my lefts finally felt fresh and not like they had been beat to death like they do the 6 other days of the week.

Now this morning’s workout was a little bit different. We did squats for our strength work up to 95% of our max squat weight and I was so happy because my 95% felt so good. I could have done lots more. I cannot wait to re-max on back squats.

AMRAP 5 mins
7x Thrusters
7x Burpees (ugh!)

Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP 5 mins
7x Thrusters
7x Burpees (ugh!)

It seemed so easy on the board but it was way tougher than I thought. I got a whopping 3 rounds done the first time, and a whopping 3.5 rounds done the second time. If you are wondering that was not a great number! But I was giving it all I had so I have no regrets.

Today Ill go back to vaguely talking about work. It was just another Monday, this one just happens to be a Monday that starts a short week! Yippee!!!! Im really excited about Thanksgiving and Black Friday...beginning to get a little nervous about Thanksgiving because my sisters and I are preparing the meal ourselves this year. Let me just give you all the info, we don't really cook. We can all cook basic things for our family's and for my lunch everyday but no Thanksgiving dinner. And I still have scorched cabinets from the last fire in my kitchen, note, last not only!!!! I cant it on fire on a regular basis now.

Im so looking forward to the holiday but should be able to post again before the holiday and especially before Black Friday, you know Black Friday will get its own post!!!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Several Days in One

I was a little bit nervous that after the donut race weekend that I would struggle with my workouts but after some much needed rest after the race I was ready to go again on Monday.  I’m a little bit embarrassed at how much sleep I got over the weekend, but I napped after the race on Saturday and took a 3 hour nap on Sunday afternoon.  I figure if you can sleep that much during the day and still get a full 8 hours over night then you needed the sleep.

It was right back to the grind on Monday morning, and Monday was brutal.  In all fairness I had a lot of crap on my mind Monday morning and had bad dreams all night Sunday night.  Monday was not my best showing in the gym….I did the workout but not my best time.   The upside to Mondays workout was my pull-ups.  I am getting better at them each week and Monday I did 10 in a row and almost got my chin above the bar, with the resistance band. 

40 x Power Snatch
4 Rounds:
10 x Box Jump
10 x Push-Ups
10 x Wall-Ball
10 x Sit-ups
40 x Double-Unders

And I skipped the cardio section of the morning to get to work.  This is my last week of the month so work was crazy and will be all week long.  We are busy and pushing right up against the holiday!  Whew.  So I got to work early so I could be ahead of the game.  And on top of being busy I’m also HUNGRY!  Yes, the real kind of hungry.  Sometimes I have to differentiate between hungry or bored, but this is real life hunger….I want to have 5 meals a day!

Anyway, Monday I went straight home after work and right to a ballgame.  Luckily over the weekend while I wasn’t sleeping I fixed my food for the week because I knew we had lots of games, which means lots of late nights.  But amazingly enough on Monday night I got to cheer my little heart out for the team and still got home in time to get in bed at a reasonable hour.

Tuesday morning was better.  I got a good night’s sleep, no bad dreams that night, and was ready to go again.  Tuesday I got the pleasure of rowing.  I do love to row but even I wasn’t prepared to row 10,000 meters!  I rowed and rowed until my hands were raw and still got beat by everyone.   I still managed to do 5000m more than I have ever done before.   A new personal best for me, I don’t know if it counts as a personal best if it’s the only time you’ve ever done it?

On Tuesday I tried to get off to work again early, I was not as successful as I was the day before.  I was also trying out a new fashion style.  I bought my first jump suit!  That’s right, I made the jump to the jumpsuit.  I’m taking the FatGirl fashion to a whole new level.   A few asked why I was so dressed up and the best answer I had was that I bought a new outfit and couldn’t wait to wear it!!!!  And it was so comfortable I will probably wear it several times a week!

We had ballgames last night too so I was not in bed at a reasonable hour.   I’m beginning to think not getting enough sleep makes my workout better.  This morning was way better than Monday and Tuesday.  I was lifting heavy weights again and not finishing last!  Aside from the push ups that brought tears to my eyes.  I cried and complained and whined about them every single time.


After I broke my butt trying to lift the bar during the dead lift and then Alx managed to do a one armed snatch with my 135lb bar….a little jealous.
Video of that coming soon!
After the WOD we did a 500 M sprint.  After all the rowing the day before I wasn’t sure how my hands were going to handle it.  They didn’t take it well.  They have hurt all day long and hurt so bad that I took a picture to get sympathy but you can’t see how bad they hurt in a picture.
I finished off my night with a little extra time at work and then home to choir practice.  I was ready to be home for the night.  I had a few extra minutes between work and choir so I was able to get all my next day things done before choir so all I had to do was get home and crawl into my bed. 

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Krispy Kreme Challenge Race Review

Well I think I can safely say that this mornings race was one of the funnest races I have done in a long time. So the challenge goes like this....you run 2 miles to Krispy Kreme Donuts, eat a dozen donuts, and then run 2 miles back to the finish. You can run it as an individual or as a team but not me, I met several guys from my CrossFit class and we all did it as individuals.

Who wants to eat some donuts?!?!?!!?

All these folks!

The race started at 8am which was quite nice because I skipped breakfast in anticipation for all the donuts. Good decision right!? We were off and I had decided that I was going to try to go out faster than I would normally because i needed to do the first 2 miles in 20 minutes to allow myself time to eat the donuts and hobble back. The bad part of that plan was that I didn't look at a clock not once.

So I just ran like hell to Krispy Kreme. The run went really well personally. It was mostly flat with a few hills but nothing big all. I could see Krispy Kreme for about a quarter of a mile ahead and was kinda getting a littler nervous about the eating part of this...

As I ran into the parking lot there were lots of people sitting, standing and cramming donuts into their mouths. Luckily I was greeted by friends, Ralph and Jen (hello thanks so much for coming and holding all my crap while I ate), and all the guys that I was running the race with.

And then I started eating.....

and eating.....

and smashing them together and eating them 3 at a time.

 It was so cool cause I had people to talk to while I ate them. I know its an amazing thing to say but I got down the first 6 ok, the next 3 went a lot slower and the last 3 were almost comically slow.

This is Alex, he is my CrossFit coach and he ate 12 donuts in about 2 minutes.  I have never seen anything quite like it!!!  He destroyed that dozen.


This was a proud moment in my life!

Who would have thunk it....a girl I went to high school with the sticker hander outer! I was so excited about this sticker that I requested 2.

I didn't see anyone puke but I know it was happening around me....this girl was the funniest I saw all day long. I would watch her put a donut in her mouth and then start crying and jumping and whining. I watched her as long as I could but I was afraid she was going to lose it so I finally turned the other way.

Once it was time to start running again I realized that I had to get my last 2 miles done in 14 minutes. By the way, I don't run 7 minute miles! I just knew I had to go, as fast as I could to make the 1 hour time mark. I was amazed at the run back. I was not hurting like I thought I would be. I think it was all the excitement.

As I came up towards the finish line I could hear the crowd and saw some friendly faces to run in with me. All the boys had come back and ran the last 50 yards or so with me.

I didn't quite make the 1 hour mark but 1:06 for 4 miles and 12 donuts was a pretty good time for me. And they gave me the shirt so it was all worth it.

I finished up this race with the biggest smile on my face. It was almost like finishing my first race. I was so happy that I did it and didn't puke!!!! And I had a new shirt, Krispy Kreme hat and and belly ache so it was all worth it!

This is officially one of my favorite race bibs to date.

This is a must do and needs to be on every runners bucket list.  I am so happy that I did it and think this might become a yearly run for me.  No guilt over the calories, Ill just take this as my free day....totally worth it!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Workouts With Names are the Worst!

Who would have thought it? When we do a workout in Crossift they are different every day, but there are these Benchmark workouts that are the same every few months to check progress and those workouts have these cute little names. Linda, Fran, Karen (that last one is said with a growl where the R is, cause its evil!) On Wednesday we did Karen. It sounds so easy, 150 wall balls for time. It was absolutely brutal. I did it with the requested weight, 14lb ball, and I never put it down. I did take a few breaks, a lot of breaks, but I didn’t put the ball down. I was ready to die at about 90 and there were still 60 to go. I did it! But I am paying for it today….

15 reps of 10 in 14:28. The time is upside down because I after 150 I just fell to the wall and slid down and wrote my time with my dead arm!

In case you are wondering what a Wall Ball is….

Also, my Wednesday workout was with a new Coach. The normal guy was out so we got to have a sub, the girl Coach from the evening class. She was so nice and encouraging and played pretty good music so I just might have to take her evening class sometime!

As the day went on my legs got more and more sore. I even used the foam roller when we were done but no luck still sore. I stayed pretty still at work, did my best not to get up and down excessively. I really just wanted to sit with ice on my legs and not move but work had to be done. If I moved the muscles would loosen up and I felt better but that moment from sitting to standing was just almost not worth it.

After work I had several errands to run and thought I would never get in bed at a reasonable time. I was out the late the night before and really wanted to get in bed at a reasonable time. I managed to get all my “next day” stuff done before Choir practice so when we finished up choir I just had to go home and put on my jammies! I was in bed by 9:15 and sound asleep by 9:30. When you are exhausted you sleep so soundly, ha! Oh and when I got home there was a big box rubber banded around my mail box, guess what I got…..MY NEW SHOES!!!! Marathon training is getting more and more real by the second.

This morning it was another named workout but not a woman (which makes it better I guess) but it was still a full body scorcher. Today was squats followed by Ricky. Ricky: 10 Pull-Ups, 5 Dead Lifts, 8 Push Presses. AMRAP (As many reps as possible) in 20 minutes. I got 8 full rounds and not one thing more. I have been really working on my Pull-Ups so today instead of using the Rings I actually took my butt to the bar. I pulled up with all my might and with a big resistant band under my foot and did the pull-ups. They weren’t perfect but they were better than they have ever been. I thought this workout was easier than the gajillion wall balls yesterday but Big Bad Cheryl thought it was worse than yesterday.

As the day has gone on I have noticed a little more soreness in my legs. The worst part was my inner thighs but I am still able to move. I just can’t wait to see what we have tomorrow. I am amazed every time at how some things seem so easy and aren’t and the hard ones are even harder than you could imagine…and I just love it!

I do have one thing coming up that I am way too excited about. This is one of those things that I say year after year, “I really want to do that race!” and well I hope to never think that again so when the idea of the Krispy Kreme Donut run was mentioned I was ready to go. It’s a crazy 4 mile race. You run 2 miles to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen donuts, and then run back to the finish line, all in 1 hour. I have wanted to do this race since I heard about it for the first time and have missed it or been afraid to try it in the past so I thought, Why not this time? I’m not officially signed up yet but I got tomorrow to register. I CANT WAIT….and depending on how it goes I might have a few pictures for you when done. It has the potential to be really fun or to be awful but I want to do it so I’m going for it.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Post that Took a Week

I tried to post on Friday last week.  I got home from a walk around town, I got all settled with my laptop in bed.  I put in a movie (Hunger Games) got my drink and snack all settled in, and even uploaded my photos to my blog.  I got really cold while I was sitting up in bed so I got the electric throw out and cuddled under it for a second to warm up....cut to midnight and me sound asleep in my bed, laptop right by my pillow, the menu screen of Hunger Games blaring, and me out like a light.

Apparently I needed the sleep so I will give you the end of last weeks blog post in pictures and then just start with today.

We had several birthdays in class this week.  So Thursday was a brutal workout, Dirty Thirty followed by cupcakes.

Friday was a very different workout.   All running, front and back, and I wasn't prepared for how tough it was. 
All that running was followed by a 1 Rep Max on Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Jerk.  I was so pleased with this.  I hit 100 lbs on the Press, 125 on Push, and 130 on Jerk.  I was pushing so hard for 135 and just didn't get it.  Next time!
Saturday Group Class:  A first time with several of these folks!  It was a tough one, too many burpees, and the first time I honestly thought I was gonna barf.
SUNDAY WAS REST DAY so the best thing I could show you would be my pillow!

And we are caught up.  My body is still a little bit weary from last week and the crazy intense 6 days.  I was not sure how much I was gonna be able to do today.  I knew I was gonna give it my all but wish I had taken another day or a few more hours of rest in there somewhere.  None the less I was off to class this morning.  I was a little bit late but just happened to be the first one there.  It started off a really small class but people trickled in and we ended up with 4 women and one really hard workout.

So I saw the workout today was less Shoulders (last week was wicked with shoulder work) and back to squat work.  They have been doing a squat thing for a while, before I started coming to class so I have just been working in to the routine of it all.  I maxed out my first week at 135lbs.  I was pleased with that weight but in the last 4 weeks I was pretty sure I could do more than that.  So today we were working up to our max.  Since I came in late on this deal he let me push to my max again even though the rest were just doing 100%.  I was able to better my back squat by 20lbs.  A new MAX this morning of 155.  ILL TAKE IT!!!

Then we did our WOD.  It was Dead Lifts, Burpees with a Pull Up, Kettle Bell Swings, and a 250m Row.  I like all the aspects of this workout except the Burpees, I have a new found hatred for Burpees.

I took a picture of my station to have a picture for the blog but luckily I have met my picture taking match.  The teach likes to have pics for his blog so he takes even more than me.  So when he saw me taking a pic of my area he grabbed my phone and took pics of me working out so I could post them.

<=== this was my sorry excuse for a photo....

These were his photos....

This was the entire workout in 4 pictures. 
Once done we were ranked on how many rounds we were able to complete in 20 minutes and I was the winner so I got to stand on the Gold Medal spot of the boxes.  ha!  It was great fun!  Yet another picture....

I made a special request that when MY birthday finally rolls around that we will not have to do Buprees!  For the love, no more Burpees!!!!

Already ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It has truly taken me two days to write this weekend post because we had a lot of stuff going on this weekend. On Friday night I traveled to Nashville to the MTAC State Championship game. My boys (3 of them anyway) are all on the high school football team and they were playing/defending their state title from the year before. It was a long, way to close game, that ended in a REPEAT State Championship win for the KNIGHT Nation!

Friday night ended up being a very long night. After hours of cheering we made a 1am stop at IHOP and then finally got home around 2:30. I already told my Crossfit teach that I would come to the beginners class on Saturday and when I crawled in bed at 3am I was regretting that decision….just kidding, I was really excited to go like I have been every morning. Luckily Saturdays class is at 9am so I got a few hours before it was time to go again.

Saturday’s class was learning proper technique and doing a beginners WOD, not what everyone else was doing. It was such an easy one too: 3x Rounds of 10 push-ups, 5 Dips, and 150m run. “RUN: Like you are being chased by a LION” so sprint! I thought this was going to be so easy, boy was I so wrong. It nearly whipped me. I had to get supine when the workout was over just to keep from puking. I couldn’t believe how hard it was!

Once class was over I was off to the house and right back in the bed. I had a few hours to go before it was time to officially change to Basketball Season. They have been playing basketball for about a week but once football was over it was time to Basketball. We were in the championship game Saturday afternoon and finished off with another tourney championship!

I was ready for Sunday for so many reasons. It was finally rest day and time to catch up on a week worth of sleep. I was up too late every night…I might as well get used to that because now that Basketball has started we will play 4 nights a week most weeks! We got our extra hour on the clock but I was so many hours behind I was still able to take a 3 hour nap and still go to bed at 9pm.

After a week with 6 days of Crossfit and only 1 day of rest I was a little cautious about getting back to the grind Monday morning…but amazingly enough Monday was an amazing workout. We were lifting 95% of our max squats and I could have done 110%. I felt strong and ready for more. I’m ready to re-test my max cause I think I can destroy my previous back squat weight. Then we did the WOD which included freakin’ handstand push-ups. This is officially my nemesis in cross fit. I thought I was doing it ok but no, after Saturday I know I was doing it wrong and I am not able to do it correctly. They are awful. I put my bottom half on the box and do them the easiest way possible and I still can’t do them exactly right. Thank goodness for this guy in class….he comes most mornings but does his own workout. He is really quiet but yesterday he set up beside me and was encouraging me the entire workout. He helped me with my form (without being “that guy”) and was so helpful. I now officially want to stand next to him every day.

After work we had another ballgame. This week’s game schedule is pretty tame compared to what is coming up. If I have my calendar correct it’s the only game all week. That could mean a week of early bedtime or a week of 2 a days! I think we all know what I will pick right?!!?!

So this morning I was back to the gym. It was a full class, really full, and another crazy intense workout. I learned how to do a power clean (it hurts) and more box jumps. These things scare me still even though I know I can do a 20 inch jump. Today I fell a little bit, just caught my toe just right and stumbled. Didn’t even hit the floor, it freaked me out for about 2 seconds until another girl in class wrecked her shin by missing and hitting the corner of the box. All of a sudden my trip was a joke, she had blood running down her leg. Anyway…..we did 5 rounds: 10 power cleans (65lbs), 15 Sit-ups, and 20 box jumps. I did as many as I could and then switched to step ups. I got at least 10 each time. Then after the class was over I moved on to the pull up bar. I am trying to do them every day until I can do 1! Just one!!!! One FREAKIN’ pull-up!

I then decided that I needed to get some cardio in. I ate pretty bad at the end of last week and over the weekend and I need to get back to my cardio. After class I headed out for a run…alone! My running buddy still has a boot on her foot and its really cramping my style. I have a marathon to train for!!!! This is her current status……

This morning I tackled the hill behind the gym. It was cold outside (which was great!) and I made it further up the hill than I did last time. I still didn’t make it all the way to the top but I will one of these days. I finally took a picture of this hill so you all can appreciate it. Its 1 mile straight up, and it keeps going beyond what the pic can show. Its great training for my marathon in Nashville because that race is just one hill after another.

And a few more little tid bits. I am officially in Marathon training mode. I ordered a new pair of running shoes because mine have 2 holes right in the back of the shoe. I tried to order these a month ago when I needed them and they were sold out and I put it off until my shoes got in bad shape. But look how cute these things are….

And finally, I did something this week that I have wanted for years. I rented a locker at the gym. My gym growing up would not let you rent a locker, then my last gym would rent them but they were so expensive I couldn’t afford it, but now I finally have all my shower stuff at the gym and I don’t have to tote it back and forth (across state lines) every single day! Yipee! I know it sounds a little silly but when you take 10 lbs out of your gym bag it makes a big difference.

Just to finish off the post a family pic from the championship game. We are always doing things together but someone always seems to be missing….we finally got everyone!

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