Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It has truly taken me two days to write this weekend post because we had a lot of stuff going on this weekend. On Friday night I traveled to Nashville to the MTAC State Championship game. My boys (3 of them anyway) are all on the high school football team and they were playing/defending their state title from the year before. It was a long, way to close game, that ended in a REPEAT State Championship win for the KNIGHT Nation!

Friday night ended up being a very long night. After hours of cheering we made a 1am stop at IHOP and then finally got home around 2:30. I already told my Crossfit teach that I would come to the beginners class on Saturday and when I crawled in bed at 3am I was regretting that decision….just kidding, I was really excited to go like I have been every morning. Luckily Saturdays class is at 9am so I got a few hours before it was time to go again.

Saturday’s class was learning proper technique and doing a beginners WOD, not what everyone else was doing. It was such an easy one too: 3x Rounds of 10 push-ups, 5 Dips, and 150m run. “RUN: Like you are being chased by a LION” so sprint! I thought this was going to be so easy, boy was I so wrong. It nearly whipped me. I had to get supine when the workout was over just to keep from puking. I couldn’t believe how hard it was!

Once class was over I was off to the house and right back in the bed. I had a few hours to go before it was time to officially change to Basketball Season. They have been playing basketball for about a week but once football was over it was time to Basketball. We were in the championship game Saturday afternoon and finished off with another tourney championship!

I was ready for Sunday for so many reasons. It was finally rest day and time to catch up on a week worth of sleep. I was up too late every night…I might as well get used to that because now that Basketball has started we will play 4 nights a week most weeks! We got our extra hour on the clock but I was so many hours behind I was still able to take a 3 hour nap and still go to bed at 9pm.

After a week with 6 days of Crossfit and only 1 day of rest I was a little cautious about getting back to the grind Monday morning…but amazingly enough Monday was an amazing workout. We were lifting 95% of our max squats and I could have done 110%. I felt strong and ready for more. I’m ready to re-test my max cause I think I can destroy my previous back squat weight. Then we did the WOD which included freakin’ handstand push-ups. This is officially my nemesis in cross fit. I thought I was doing it ok but no, after Saturday I know I was doing it wrong and I am not able to do it correctly. They are awful. I put my bottom half on the box and do them the easiest way possible and I still can’t do them exactly right. Thank goodness for this guy in class….he comes most mornings but does his own workout. He is really quiet but yesterday he set up beside me and was encouraging me the entire workout. He helped me with my form (without being “that guy”) and was so helpful. I now officially want to stand next to him every day.

After work we had another ballgame. This week’s game schedule is pretty tame compared to what is coming up. If I have my calendar correct it’s the only game all week. That could mean a week of early bedtime or a week of 2 a days! I think we all know what I will pick right?!!?!

So this morning I was back to the gym. It was a full class, really full, and another crazy intense workout. I learned how to do a power clean (it hurts) and more box jumps. These things scare me still even though I know I can do a 20 inch jump. Today I fell a little bit, just caught my toe just right and stumbled. Didn’t even hit the floor, it freaked me out for about 2 seconds until another girl in class wrecked her shin by missing and hitting the corner of the box. All of a sudden my trip was a joke, she had blood running down her leg. Anyway…..we did 5 rounds: 10 power cleans (65lbs), 15 Sit-ups, and 20 box jumps. I did as many as I could and then switched to step ups. I got at least 10 each time. Then after the class was over I moved on to the pull up bar. I am trying to do them every day until I can do 1! Just one!!!! One FREAKIN’ pull-up!

I then decided that I needed to get some cardio in. I ate pretty bad at the end of last week and over the weekend and I need to get back to my cardio. After class I headed out for a run…alone! My running buddy still has a boot on her foot and its really cramping my style. I have a marathon to train for!!!! This is her current status……

This morning I tackled the hill behind the gym. It was cold outside (which was great!) and I made it further up the hill than I did last time. I still didn’t make it all the way to the top but I will one of these days. I finally took a picture of this hill so you all can appreciate it. Its 1 mile straight up, and it keeps going beyond what the pic can show. Its great training for my marathon in Nashville because that race is just one hill after another.

And a few more little tid bits. I am officially in Marathon training mode. I ordered a new pair of running shoes because mine have 2 holes right in the back of the shoe. I tried to order these a month ago when I needed them and they were sold out and I put it off until my shoes got in bad shape. But look how cute these things are….

And finally, I did something this week that I have wanted for years. I rented a locker at the gym. My gym growing up would not let you rent a locker, then my last gym would rent them but they were so expensive I couldn’t afford it, but now I finally have all my shower stuff at the gym and I don’t have to tote it back and forth (across state lines) every single day! Yipee! I know it sounds a little silly but when you take 10 lbs out of your gym bag it makes a big difference.

Just to finish off the post a family pic from the championship game. We are always doing things together but someone always seems to be missing….we finally got everyone!

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