Saturday, November 16, 2013

Krispy Kreme Challenge Race Review

Well I think I can safely say that this mornings race was one of the funnest races I have done in a long time. So the challenge goes like run 2 miles to Krispy Kreme Donuts, eat a dozen donuts, and then run 2 miles back to the finish. You can run it as an individual or as a team but not me, I met several guys from my CrossFit class and we all did it as individuals.

Who wants to eat some donuts?!?!?!!?

All these folks!

The race started at 8am which was quite nice because I skipped breakfast in anticipation for all the donuts. Good decision right!? We were off and I had decided that I was going to try to go out faster than I would normally because i needed to do the first 2 miles in 20 minutes to allow myself time to eat the donuts and hobble back. The bad part of that plan was that I didn't look at a clock not once.

So I just ran like hell to Krispy Kreme. The run went really well personally. It was mostly flat with a few hills but nothing big all. I could see Krispy Kreme for about a quarter of a mile ahead and was kinda getting a littler nervous about the eating part of this...

As I ran into the parking lot there were lots of people sitting, standing and cramming donuts into their mouths. Luckily I was greeted by friends, Ralph and Jen (hello thanks so much for coming and holding all my crap while I ate), and all the guys that I was running the race with.

And then I started eating.....

and eating.....

and smashing them together and eating them 3 at a time.

 It was so cool cause I had people to talk to while I ate them. I know its an amazing thing to say but I got down the first 6 ok, the next 3 went a lot slower and the last 3 were almost comically slow.

This is Alex, he is my CrossFit coach and he ate 12 donuts in about 2 minutes.  I have never seen anything quite like it!!!  He destroyed that dozen.


This was a proud moment in my life!

Who would have thunk it....a girl I went to high school with the sticker hander outer! I was so excited about this sticker that I requested 2.

I didn't see anyone puke but I know it was happening around me....this girl was the funniest I saw all day long. I would watch her put a donut in her mouth and then start crying and jumping and whining. I watched her as long as I could but I was afraid she was going to lose it so I finally turned the other way.

Once it was time to start running again I realized that I had to get my last 2 miles done in 14 minutes. By the way, I don't run 7 minute miles! I just knew I had to go, as fast as I could to make the 1 hour time mark. I was amazed at the run back. I was not hurting like I thought I would be. I think it was all the excitement.

As I came up towards the finish line I could hear the crowd and saw some friendly faces to run in with me. All the boys had come back and ran the last 50 yards or so with me.

I didn't quite make the 1 hour mark but 1:06 for 4 miles and 12 donuts was a pretty good time for me. And they gave me the shirt so it was all worth it.

I finished up this race with the biggest smile on my face. It was almost like finishing my first race. I was so happy that I did it and didn't puke!!!! And I had a new shirt, Krispy Kreme hat and and belly ache so it was all worth it!

This is officially one of my favorite race bibs to date.

This is a must do and needs to be on every runners bucket list.  I am so happy that I did it and think this might become a yearly run for me.  No guilt over the calories, Ill just take this as my free day....totally worth it!

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