Thursday, November 21, 2013

Several Days in One

I was a little bit nervous that after the donut race weekend that I would struggle with my workouts but after some much needed rest after the race I was ready to go again on Monday.  I’m a little bit embarrassed at how much sleep I got over the weekend, but I napped after the race on Saturday and took a 3 hour nap on Sunday afternoon.  I figure if you can sleep that much during the day and still get a full 8 hours over night then you needed the sleep.

It was right back to the grind on Monday morning, and Monday was brutal.  In all fairness I had a lot of crap on my mind Monday morning and had bad dreams all night Sunday night.  Monday was not my best showing in the gym….I did the workout but not my best time.   The upside to Mondays workout was my pull-ups.  I am getting better at them each week and Monday I did 10 in a row and almost got my chin above the bar, with the resistance band. 

40 x Power Snatch
4 Rounds:
10 x Box Jump
10 x Push-Ups
10 x Wall-Ball
10 x Sit-ups
40 x Double-Unders

And I skipped the cardio section of the morning to get to work.  This is my last week of the month so work was crazy and will be all week long.  We are busy and pushing right up against the holiday!  Whew.  So I got to work early so I could be ahead of the game.  And on top of being busy I’m also HUNGRY!  Yes, the real kind of hungry.  Sometimes I have to differentiate between hungry or bored, but this is real life hunger….I want to have 5 meals a day!

Anyway, Monday I went straight home after work and right to a ballgame.  Luckily over the weekend while I wasn’t sleeping I fixed my food for the week because I knew we had lots of games, which means lots of late nights.  But amazingly enough on Monday night I got to cheer my little heart out for the team and still got home in time to get in bed at a reasonable hour.

Tuesday morning was better.  I got a good night’s sleep, no bad dreams that night, and was ready to go again.  Tuesday I got the pleasure of rowing.  I do love to row but even I wasn’t prepared to row 10,000 meters!  I rowed and rowed until my hands were raw and still got beat by everyone.   I still managed to do 5000m more than I have ever done before.   A new personal best for me, I don’t know if it counts as a personal best if it’s the only time you’ve ever done it?

On Tuesday I tried to get off to work again early, I was not as successful as I was the day before.  I was also trying out a new fashion style.  I bought my first jump suit!  That’s right, I made the jump to the jumpsuit.  I’m taking the FatGirl fashion to a whole new level.   A few asked why I was so dressed up and the best answer I had was that I bought a new outfit and couldn’t wait to wear it!!!!  And it was so comfortable I will probably wear it several times a week!

We had ballgames last night too so I was not in bed at a reasonable hour.   I’m beginning to think not getting enough sleep makes my workout better.  This morning was way better than Monday and Tuesday.  I was lifting heavy weights again and not finishing last!  Aside from the push ups that brought tears to my eyes.  I cried and complained and whined about them every single time.


After I broke my butt trying to lift the bar during the dead lift and then Alx managed to do a one armed snatch with my 135lb bar….a little jealous.
Video of that coming soon!
After the WOD we did a 500 M sprint.  After all the rowing the day before I wasn’t sure how my hands were going to handle it.  They didn’t take it well.  They have hurt all day long and hurt so bad that I took a picture to get sympathy but you can’t see how bad they hurt in a picture.
I finished off my night with a little extra time at work and then home to choir practice.  I was ready to be home for the night.  I had a few extra minutes between work and choir so I was able to get all my next day things done before choir so all I had to do was get home and crawl into my bed. 

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OMG LOVE the jumpsuit.

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