Monday, November 11, 2013

The Post that Took a Week

I tried to post on Friday last week.  I got home from a walk around town, I got all settled with my laptop in bed.  I put in a movie (Hunger Games) got my drink and snack all settled in, and even uploaded my photos to my blog.  I got really cold while I was sitting up in bed so I got the electric throw out and cuddled under it for a second to warm up....cut to midnight and me sound asleep in my bed, laptop right by my pillow, the menu screen of Hunger Games blaring, and me out like a light.

Apparently I needed the sleep so I will give you the end of last weeks blog post in pictures and then just start with today.

We had several birthdays in class this week.  So Thursday was a brutal workout, Dirty Thirty followed by cupcakes.

Friday was a very different workout.   All running, front and back, and I wasn't prepared for how tough it was. 
All that running was followed by a 1 Rep Max on Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Jerk.  I was so pleased with this.  I hit 100 lbs on the Press, 125 on Push, and 130 on Jerk.  I was pushing so hard for 135 and just didn't get it.  Next time!
Saturday Group Class:  A first time with several of these folks!  It was a tough one, too many burpees, and the first time I honestly thought I was gonna barf.
SUNDAY WAS REST DAY so the best thing I could show you would be my pillow!

And we are caught up.  My body is still a little bit weary from last week and the crazy intense 6 days.  I was not sure how much I was gonna be able to do today.  I knew I was gonna give it my all but wish I had taken another day or a few more hours of rest in there somewhere.  None the less I was off to class this morning.  I was a little bit late but just happened to be the first one there.  It started off a really small class but people trickled in and we ended up with 4 women and one really hard workout.

So I saw the workout today was less Shoulders (last week was wicked with shoulder work) and back to squat work.  They have been doing a squat thing for a while, before I started coming to class so I have just been working in to the routine of it all.  I maxed out my first week at 135lbs.  I was pleased with that weight but in the last 4 weeks I was pretty sure I could do more than that.  So today we were working up to our max.  Since I came in late on this deal he let me push to my max again even though the rest were just doing 100%.  I was able to better my back squat by 20lbs.  A new MAX this morning of 155.  ILL TAKE IT!!!

Then we did our WOD.  It was Dead Lifts, Burpees with a Pull Up, Kettle Bell Swings, and a 250m Row.  I like all the aspects of this workout except the Burpees, I have a new found hatred for Burpees.

I took a picture of my station to have a picture for the blog but luckily I have met my picture taking match.  The teach likes to have pics for his blog so he takes even more than me.  So when he saw me taking a pic of my area he grabbed my phone and took pics of me working out so I could post them.

<=== this was my sorry excuse for a photo....

These were his photos....

This was the entire workout in 4 pictures. 
Once done we were ranked on how many rounds we were able to complete in 20 minutes and I was the winner so I got to stand on the Gold Medal spot of the boxes.  ha!  It was great fun!  Yet another picture....

I made a special request that when MY birthday finally rolls around that we will not have to do Buprees!  For the love, no more Burpees!!!!

Already ready for tomorrow!

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