Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost the Holiday! Are you READY?!?

You would think at any minute I would stop talking about how hard my morning workout was, but it just seems that each workout is harder than the one before. After the “Filty Fifty” workout I didn’t know if they could get much harder and its hasn’t yet, but todays workout was one of those crazy intense workouts that make it just fun!

We did 5 rounds of 3 mintues each, with one minute of rest in between.

3 Deadlifts (95 lbs)
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Wow, another one that seemed pretty easy when it started and it was soooo not easy. But it was so much fun! I was pretty sure at the end of 3 minutes I would die, but after the 1 minute of rest I was ready to go again. Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a workout that had a lot of smiles during the workout….instead it had lots of grunting and sweating, but when it was done the endorphin high was amazing! After my 10 minute of laying on the floor in a pile of my own death I scraped myself up only to see how filthy I had gotten during todays workout. Where did all the dirt come from?

After the workout it was off to work! Still pretty excited that this week is a short work week. While I was working I made sure to get my to do list for Tuesday night prepared. Since its Thanksgiving week we have no games all week so Im trying to get everything accomplished that needs to be done before Thanksgiving.

I left work and got a much needed hair cut, whew, that was a hot mess, and then headed home to let all the work begin. I started by prepping some baking that needed to be done before the holiday. Luckily I got one of those thing that actually says on the receipe "Best if it sits for a couple of days covered" Yes!!!!

And don't worry, I had the fire extinguisher ready just in case.

While the cake was baking I prepped the pies. In prepping the pies I managed to spill about a cup of sugar on the kitchen floor. Which prompted me having to mop the entire kitchen floor, which led to vacuuming the living room cause those floors were filthy too. (I got a new couch this week so I needed to get that vacuum out.

Now the cake is complete and the pies are in the oven. I got the bags packed up for tomorrow and I was trying to get my hair color finished up tonight but I have simply run out of time. I got it colored and cut just need to tone, that will just have to wait until tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I have to finish up my cooking duties for Thanksgiving and prep for Black Friday! (And hopefully finish up this hair!!) Its getting so close!!!

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Elizabeth said...

can't wait for the planning black friday post and of course the true black friday posts and all the pics. i think that's all i do thanksgiving weekend is check on updates from you! hah! how sad! but i'll be in mississippi so what else is there to do!--beth

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