Monday, December 30, 2013

December in a Nut Shell

How ironic is it that the one month of my life that is the most busiest is the one I am going to sum up in one blog post.  I don’t really have any other option.  This is the first day since about the 15th that I have had enough time to sit still and type for about an hour.  So let’s see what all we missed in December.

I got to tell you all about Fancy and her mischievous ways and I posted them to Instagram and Facebook daily but after about her first week at my house I didn’t get to post again.  So here are all of Fancy’s shenanigans for the month.  She did get to stay all the way up to Christmas eve and she left with a bang!


I also celebrated my BIG 30 in December.  Yes, I am O-F-F-I-C-A-L-L-Y in my 30’s.  I have big plans for my 30’s so no sadness here.  I’m glad I made it and just hope to see 40!  My family made sure to make it special and we had several parties.  On my actual birthday night we went out to the local Mexican restaurant and had a big dinner and I got showered with gifts and then had another party on Sunday where I got more gifts.  I racked up for my 30th.  I got the entire Rachel Ray cook ware, the Naked3 Palet, new goggles, and a radar detector.   I also got some t-shirts for working out and just everyday that I was so excited to have! 

So quick after my birthday it was time for Christmas.  I ran around for Christmas for a few days trying to get everything together for Christmas lunch, I’m in charge of that, but luckily I didn’t have to do any present shopping.  I was a good little shopper this year and I got all my shopping done early.  I got done with all my Christmas shopping on the 22nd and just got to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas without the stress!  That was a nice change from years before.  


Christmas went off without a hitch.  I managed to make it all day without taking one picture.  I got busy with family and food and presents and didn’t take any.  I got some wonderful presents, a new make-up bag, more cooking stuff for my kitchen (Panini press and Rachel Ray accessories), and a new Garmin watch.  Mine finally kicked the bucket so this is a much needed watch for all the races I have coming up this year. 

Once I got back to my house with my new birthday and Christmas loot I realized that I had to clean house.  Not clean clean but organize.   I spent this entire weekend cleaning out the house.  Kitchen cabinets all purged for new cookware and all duplicate appliances given to Goodwill.  I had to clean out my office because it has become the catch all and was overwhelming with junk!  And finally I had to get rid of the TV junkyard that has littered my living room for months.  I had lightening hit my cable months ago and the broken TV’s have just been sitting, but no more!  I like that everything is now organized and has a home.

I love that my house is ready to start a new year.  I’m not much for making a huge lifestyle change just because it’s the beginning of the year but I am looking forward to a new start and new goals for 2014.  I can’t wait to let you all know about my New Year’s resolutions and goals but that will just have to wait for now (cause this is the December post.) 

And as far as Phase 4 goes…..

I struggled in November and December and I am most certainly up in weight, but since I make the rules of this one year of weight loss I am giving myself a Mulligan.  I am extending my year by 3 months, Lets just call this the 5th Quarter!  I will do my final weight in at the end of March.  I did good in October and kinda fell off the wagon after that so instead of not getting the results I want I am just going to have a redo! 

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