Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fancy: A Second Chance (UPDATED)

Well, I have quite a story to tell.  Stick with me for a few minutes...

I went to my sisters house (Sister 3) one day last week.  I was only there for a  few minutes when my nephew came to get me and take me to his bathroom.  I was a little bit confused on why we were taking a field trip to the bathroom but I went anyway.  When I walked in his Elf on the Shelf and his sisters elf were sitting on the bathroom sink with shaving cream everywhere.  One shaving his face and the other shaving her legs. 

The conversation from that point went something like this....

"Oh my G, I cannot believe that.  There is shaving cream everywhere.  That is crazy"

Grady said, "You know Emily, you need to get an Elf at your house."

I was trying to be encouraging and said, "That would be awesome, but I don't think Elves live with adults."

He said so quickly, "You know what, I'm gonna leave a note for Santa tonight asking if you can have an elf at your house!" 

He was so excited about this idea and I love the innocents of children so I was already ready to go that second.  That's right, I was committed to having an elf come live at my house.  A 30 year old, single woman with no children having an elf.  Cool!

So I went home after a few more conversations about the elf, got all ready for bed and really just let the idea go through my head.  When I woke up the next morning I had the sweetest text and the idea became real....

This pic is not the best but here's what it says, "Dear Santa Clause, Can you please get my aunt Emily and Elf on a Shelf.  Please don't give Emily one of mine.  Emily wants a girl elf.  She lives (my address here) Love, G

When I got home on Friday afternoon he asked if I got an elf and I told him that she was not there when I woke up but I was still hopeful.  We talked about it for the rest of the evening.

Then this morning, Saturday morning I woke up to a phone call from my niece.  She said that her elves had left a note that I should have an elf at my house in the living room and could I go check.  I hung up with her and checked by my tree.  (G informed me that that is where the elf comes the first day)  There she was with a note and everything...

The pic is not the best so Ill tell you what this note says too. 
Dear Emily,  I am so excited to be at your house this Christmas.  This is a BIG deal for me.  You see, I was a naughty elf last year and Santa sent me home.  I didn't get to play with any little kids last Christmas.  Yesterday Santa came in and asked me if I would like a 2nd chance.  I got SO excited.  It seems that your nephew, G has requested you have an elf to watch over you this year.  We normally don't get to go to grownups houses but Santa is making a special exception this year since G has been so good.  So.....I get to play at your house this Christmas.  YEAH!  I cant wait to see how much fun we have.  Remember, don't touch me so I will have all my special powers.  I love you already.  Fancy

I called my niece back after a few minutes and told her I got an elf!  Her exact reaction was "YESSSS!"  I can only imagine it came with a fist pump and a lift of the knee. 

I know it seems a little bit crazy but I am so excited to have this elf at my house.  I love the Christmas season and the innocence of children so I am totally embracing the ELF at my house this year.  There will be plenty of pictures (instagram and twitter both @fatgirltothin if you want to follow along) of what my elf does daily, just prepare yourself for that now.  I am not crazy, just someone who loves her babies very very much!

Fancy got very friendly with my fish Bruce.  I'm not sure how friendly she is....

Apparently my Christmas decorations were not sufficient so Fancy helped me out....

Fancy had a night of beauty playing in my makeup.  Obviously I'm not the only one who like red lipstick....

The game and coat closet was just too tempting....

I worked all night Monday night wrapping gifts only to be greeted with this the next morning.

Fancy is living up to her reputation.


Hope you all Enjoy this!!!

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