Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Hangover

I'm in a food coma after a weekend full of sleep, football, more sleep, and way too much food! Let’s just say with the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday and a long weekend my food was not so good…and aside from standing up for 30+ hours on Thursday/Friday I didn’t get much of a workout in over the weekend as well. But none the less Monday came it was back to the grind. December is officially here and I have 1 month left on the “Extreme Weight Loss” Experiment left.

On Monday 4:15 am came really really early but I did get up and get to class. I was feeling a little bit under the weather but fine enough to get to the gym. I was glad to get back to the gym, it was finally a Woman’s Name workout that wasn’t too bad.

3 Rounds:
Run 400M
21 x Kettle Bell Swings (53/35)
12 x Pull-Ups

About halfway through my workout I stepped down just wrong and hurt my knee. It was nothing major but it was incredibly painful. It hurt most of the day and no matter how much ice or pain meds I took I just couldn’t seem to get it to settle down.

In the afternoon at work I managed to make a makeshift leg holder and got my leg up and ice on the knee and it started to feel a little better. When I finally got home (after 8pm) I went straight to bed with some BenGay and an ice pack and put my leg up for a good 20 minutes. It felt amazing and when I woke up this morning my knee felt better. Still pretty tender but so much better than it did on Monday.

When I woke up this morning my knee was feeling much better but my cold was not! I was still fighting a cold and this morning I was losing miserably. I wasn’t sick enough to skip a workout but still not 100%.

When I got to class this morning it was a tough one.

3-Position Snatch (light weight, focus on form)

5 Rounds:
10 x Curtis P (95/65)
Run 300M (2 laps)

If you are wondering what a Curtis P is you would be in the same boat as I was this morning. It’s a clean of the bar, a full lunge on both legs, finished with an overhead press. Also known as HELL! I did about 2 rounds with the full lunge and my knee just couldn’t do it. So I asked for a modification and got to do 4 front squats in place of the lunge. This didn’t hurt my knee which was nice but was still super challenging so I think the Modification was worth it. I also did a 500m Row in place of the run just to baby the knee. Basically I MOD’d the entire workout but I cannot complain because when I was done I was sweaty and had a great workout. I was a little disappointed in my time but that was the least of my worries this morning.

After the WOD I got in a few miles on the elliptical machine. I needed to burn off a few more of those Thanksgiving calories without banging my knee so the elliptical machine was a nice compromise. Once I was all done at the gym I went on a mission to find Aleve Cold & Sinus. The most amazing cold medicine in the world! Two stops to CVS later and I was stocked for the day.

My plan is for the rest of the evening is another round of ice on the knee and cold medicine in the gut and hopefully a lot of sleep.

Now, on Black Friday I did get myself a little fitness happy. As many of you know I have worn a Body Bugg for several years but I was ready for something new. I wanted something that was not so obtrusive on my arm so I decided on the FitBit. I had shopped several different products for the past few months and put the FitBit on my Christmas list but it was on such a good deal on Black Friday that I ended up buying it for myself. Ha, that is how I Black Friday shop, 2 for me, 1 for someone else!

I’ll let you know how I like it after I wear it for a little bit, it’s not really fair to review it since I have only worn it for 2 days!

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