Saturday, December 7, 2013

So Ready for Friday

It has been another absolutely crazy week at work this week and with the Holiday upon us I am just trying to keep up.  I made all 5 days of CrossFit which is pretty normal but being that I was sick the first three days of the week it was a struggle the beginning of the week. 

On my way to the gym on Thursday Big Bad Cheryl sent me a text saying she wasn't coming so I was on my own.  I don't look ahead to the workout but I just assumed that it was something that she couldn't do cause she still has the boot. So when I got it I looked at the board and it seemed so simple.

The DU (double unders: jump rope with the rope passing under your feet twice for one jump) are what caused Bootie Pants from being able to participate.  Anyway, I still cannot do the double unders so I did just regular single under (regular jump roping) times 4 to make up for the fact that I cannot do double unders.  So the workout went 200 jump ropes and 50 sit ups, 160 jumps and 40 sit-ups, and so on until it was done. 
It was amazingly hard!  I was able to do it but I went absolutely stupid with the jump rope.  It got caught on my shoe, untied my shoe lace, whipped me on the leg, arm, side of the head, and around the ankle.  I couldn't seem to get the jump rope to participate. 
I finished the workout in 16:50, in perspective the best time was just over 7 minutes so I did a lot of the workout after everyone finished.  I totally underestimated how long it would take to sit up 50 times.  By the 10 times round I was pooped, I could hardly get up.  My arms were sore the rest of the afternoon from swinging my arms to help me up.
I have really tried to get in additional cardio after my WOD in the mornings so I went out to the elliptical machine to get in a few more miles before work.  The more I workout the less stressful work gets...its an amazing comparison.
Today was BigBad Cheryl's birthday so we had a special birthday workout today.  She broke the rules and sent it to me the night before and I knew how bad it was going to be.
When I saw it I was instantly wishing that she was turning 15.  36 of anything is too many and we were doing 36 of a lot of things, some really hard things, but luckily no burpees!!!!
The only part I really struggled with was the step ups.  I step upped 10 times but it was really hurting my knee so I decided to take the step ups to the tiny step so I wouldn't hurt myself.  I have been very gentle all week long with my sore knee cause I have some serious training coming up and I don't need an injury. "Aint nobody got time for that!"
After the brutal workout it was time for cupcakes....yep cupcakes at the gym!  And after the crazy workout.  Everyone needs cupcakes on their birthday!

After another busy day at work I was ready to get home to watch some basketball.  All of our games got cancelled this week so there were no games this week.  Usually when we have no games I don't see my family but its Christmastime so I am seeing them every night because there are gifts to be delivered and dropped off.
I was glad to see the kids play and not have to rush home to get in bed at a reasonable hour.  After a long week of being under the weather and dealing with knee pain I was glad to have a chill night where I can blog till after midnight but its ok because I get to sleep in in the morning!!!
I have also worn my FitBit band all week long and I am almost ready to give a review on it.  I'm trying to get it synced with MyFitnessPal to see how that works but I just haven't had the chance yet.  Ill let you know!

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