Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ready for Monday (Even Though its Tuesday)

I have had a tough couple of weeks but I finally finally finally got things to calm down and bit and got my life back to some sort of organization this weekend so Im ready to kick off this week.  

The last couple of weeks have been really good as far as school goes.  I got to take clients for the first time last week and so far I havent really screwed up anyones hair.  I also started a new diet program with a group of people to help me get off the pounds I gained during unemployment.  Now I did not get to the gym like I needed to the last couple of weeks.  I got a few workouts in but definately not daily.  I had lots of cookie orders that kept me up late at night and that makes it pretty tough to wake up at 4:15am.

But this weekend I think I got things in order to make my week easier.  I got my laundry done (like 9 loads), got my clothes laid out for the week got my food planned out for the week, got all my gift bags delivered (that was a thing for school and if you are still interested in buying one let me know, they are still for sale), and got my house cleaned up and I was sure that was never going to happen!

I also got my gym membership worked out so I can workout in the afternoon in case I dont get to the gym in the morning because I still have to get cookies done.  

Im not guarenteeing that this week will be less stressful or better than the last two week (cause the last two weeks have been pretty awesome) but maybe this one can be  little more organized so that I can keep my sanity while trying to get everything done!

And all that hard work on the gift bags has won me a trip to Caper!!!  This is a trip to Vegas for an educational conference that I get to be a part of!!!!  Thanks to all those who bought a bag!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Day Is It Again????

Now that my schedule has changed to Tuesday thru Saturday I officially have no earthly idea what day of the week it is.  I got up this morning and went to the gym (like I try to do everyday, we will address this in a minute) and as I sit here at Starbucks it just occurred to me that today is Thursday and I am officially 2 days away from the beach!  Go ahead and get your jealousy ready because thats how I felt all summer long when you posted pics of your beach vacation.

I am looking so forward to my trip and I don't even care that my bathing suit fits like a tourniquet I'm gonna wear it like I'm freaking Keri Walsh and play and swim all day.  Im so looking forward to some time off, a small break, and just some chill time!  The last 2 months have been big adjustments with starting school and going back to CrossFit as well as trying to spend time with my family (which you know is super important to me)  Sometimes I have to see them late at night but I definitely have to get that time in where I can.

Now this week should have been crunch week at the gym since Im going to be in my bathing suit but I didn't figure I could lose 100 pounds before I left so I just treated it like any other week.   I actually have done a terrible job of getting to the gym this week.  Actually, I have done a terrible job just waking up this week.  For example, yesterday I woke up at 8:08am and I have to be at school at 9am.  It was a remarkable morning because I got up and showered and made it to school just a few minutes late.  I live 45 minutes away from school, thats a valuable piece of info for that last sentence.  I also managed to run (literally) out of my house without my cell phone and I challenge any of you to give that a shot now that you are used to having it every day.  I felt naked not being able to check it.  When I finally got home I had 2 missed calls and 38 text messages.  Im not that popular of a person and probably don't get that many text in 3 days!  

Once I got home yesterday I thought things were back to normal, I had my phone and I was off to the gym to swim with my swimming buddy (who on a side note did a great job last night, especially since the last time we swam she cried and I got mad) and then off to choir practice.  It wasn't until I sat down at choir for 30 minutes that I realized that since I wasn't going to be there Sunday then I probably didn't need to stay for practice.  OH MY how stupid can one person get!?!?!?  DONT ANSWER THAT!

I left practice and then headed home.  Once I had my phone I got my most favorite text message..."I made taco bake, come on over and eat with us."  There are no more sweeter words, someone made dinner and gave me some so I didn't have to cook dinner.  And it was the first time since last week that I have gotten to eat something crunchy due to a cracked tooth that I got fixed on Monday.  That will make a good taco bake a GREAT taco bake.  

This morning I did wake up on time, Hallelujah, and headed to the gym.  I got through the warm up and the weight portion of the workout and as soon as we started the WOD I pulled something in my back.  I got through the 90 jump ropes and about 17 kettle bell swings and then pow, back said absolutely no more!  It hurt like a bitch but after I whined, winced, and thought about crying I was able to get upright and walk around a little bit it started loosening up.  Now after a good long hot shower, some Aleve, and Perform Im already feeling better.  Im a little sad that I didn't get a great workout but Im happy that Im not really hurt that bad.  I think Ill be back to 100% just in time to lay on the beach! (I can hear the laughter of my sisters already, Im the worst beach buddy ever cause I just cant sit still and lay on the beach, I always want to get up and do something)

Im finally at Starbucks, first time this week!  That is just entirely too long to go without my morning coffee or blogging.  And I got a wonderful little happy yesterday.  Some girl at school came to me and gave me a gift card to Starbucks.  When I asked her what it was for she said that she read my blog and thought I could use it....so thank you so very very much, I couldn't get to it quicker!

Friday, September 26, 2014

This Week....Whew!

I havent gotten to post this week like I would like to but its been a doozie of a week.  Between school, cookies, ballgames, workouts, and my Starbucks catching on fire my blog time has been seriously cut in half.  But I have tried to stay on track with everything.  Ive been to Crossfit 2 days this week, I shoot for 4 times a week but one day I overslept and I had a cookie order another day that kept me up pretty late so I didnt make it Thursday but Wednesday and Friday were pretty tough so I think twice might have been enough this week.  There was lots of cardio this week which was nice because sometimes when we finish a weight heavy workout I feel like I need an little extra but not this week.  I spent more time trying to catch my breath than I have sleeping.  

School has been fun this week.  No testing this week which helps my stress level and we got to dress casual 2 days in a row!  And you have to see my cutie necklace that my sisters got me for going back to school.....Scissors!!!!

Just look at all that color...

I usually post in the morning right after my workout (when the endorphins are really high) so for the most part my soreness is not to bad but today I can already tell my legs are gonna hurt!  We jumped rope and ran in grass and both of those are calf killers for me, not to mention Im out of shape and just trying to get back to my old level!  We also got to flip the tire today and slam the ball into the floor!  These are my favorite workouts!  I like the nitty gritty ones and flipping the tire makes me feel like a badass every single time!!!!  OK, Ill admit that flipping the tire gave me a major tight cramped up back that made my last run nearly impossible but once we finished I got to sit and stretch it out a bit and its not hurting at all now.

I try to wear my best clothes for the 5am workout....NOT!!!!  Big Bad Cheryl is over there being all cute and I have a cutoff shirt and my bra hanging out.  Works tho!

So I have had to go to the Starbucks 2 minutes down the road from the one I usually go to because of the whole fire thing.  I like my old Starbucks better because I already know the people and they have a huge table that I can spread out on because its not so crowded but this new one that I have had to go to has air conditioning.  As many of you know I am the hottest person in the whole world and this AC is rocking my world.  

I would also wish you a happy Friday but for me thats another day away, but having worked for years in an office setting I can appreciate how exciting it can be to wake up on Friday and know the next day you get to sleep in, so happy Friday folks, just remember us Saturday schoolers as you sleep in and watch college football all day!  

(Please be patient with the misspellings and typos, I cant spell for s#!? and my auto correct seems to not be working so Im doing the best I can but Im sure I missed a few hundred misspelled words!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So Many Days to Cover in One Post

I would appoligize for not posting last week but I simply cannot.  I had the toughest week since going back to school.  Since going back I have been in the beginner group called Core and I had one week of testing to get out of core.  I spent an entire week studing and making sure I was prepared for testing.  It was 3 full days, on day was a womens practical exam, next mens cutting, then the written test.  This was all going on during fair week and workouts.

I had to decide if I was going to workout before school or if I was going to sleep a few more hours...i opted for the workout (shocker I know)  but getting up early and getting the muscles and brain moving really proved to be successful because I passed all my test with flying colors!!!!! YEAH!!!!

On Tuesday I did have the day off from school so I tried to prep for the entire week.  I had clothes laid out for the entire week and plenty of time to study.  I got up early and worked out on Wednesday morning and went to Starbucks to study some more before it was time for the practial exam.  This was the one I was most worried about and nothing about the test stumped me too bad.  That felt like a 30 pound weight lifted off my shoulders but there was still 50lbs hanging out up there for the next few days of testing.

My crew and I went to the fair on Wednesday night for some rides and the demolition derby.  As I get older I have to limit my rides because they make me sick but this year went well.  I only had to ride one thing and that was the merry go round and I won 3 fishy for everyone to take on home.  

I just love these kiddos so much and loved getting to spend the evening with them but I did have to cut out a little bit early to get home for a little bit more studing.  Plus, they took all of our seats!!!!  

September 11th:  That day holds so much meaning to us all.  I have always been a patriotic person and now that my beautiful neice is in the Navy it just seems so much more meaningful.  I remember talking to my mother moments after the attack on the World Trade Center and she cried saying it would be "my friends" that would fight this war, and now my active duty neice has joined up to protect our country!  To say that this day is meaningful is the greatest understatement I can think of.  So the 5am workout was themed perfectly...

It was a pretty quite workout.  Still the regular grunting and groaning but not near as much complaining as most days.  I know for me personally I would think about quitting at rep 8 on several of the exercises but just remembering that some people never quit made it easy to power throught the workout.  We had 30 minutes to complete the workout and I got through everything and got 650m on the final row but was not about to quit there, and it seems like the others felt the same way.  Everyone stayed on the the rowers until the workout was done!  It sounds stupid but it was an awesome workout.

I got off to school and ready for day 2 of testing. Day 2 was a male haircut, on an acutal person.  The anxiety was pretty high for this one but my brother-in-law was a champ and let me cut his hair.  It didnt take too long and I think the hair cut went extremely well.  He also got a nice head massage out of it so I hope he enjoyed it.  After the male haircut all of the hands on testing was officially done!!!!  Yipee!!!  


I had finally made it to Friday.  Fridays workout was a partner WOD and Big Bad Cheryl and I teamed up together.  I like being with her, first, she is my frand, second, she is in better shape than I am and it made me push myself to keep up, and C, she took selfies on my phone during the workout!!!  

Between BB Cheryl and the Coach my phone was littered with pictures from Fridays workout....

This collection of pictures is why I love my Crossfit Peeps!!!!!  They make me laugh every single time I look through my pictures.

Finally the final day of testing was here.  The written test to cover everything we had learned for the past 6 weeks.  I was ready for this, I had done well on my quizes and I knew the information.  Then when I got to school I remembered this one thing that I completely forgot to study.  Panic!!!!  Luckily I was relatively familiar with it so I did a little bit of last minute cramming and then tested away!  

It was about a 10 page test and for the frist 9 pages I knew all the answers, it wasnt till the last 3 questions that I didnt know one.  Ill take that any day!!!  I ended up with a great grade on both tests and it was finally party time.  We took the entire day Saturday to party and celebrate our graduation from CORE!!!!!

Today I was back to the gym early early for a terribly hard workout and now I must scoot on to class.  I move up today and we get to welcome a whole new group of CORE babies!  Finally, not the low man!!!!

Thanks for being patient with me last week and my lack of posts.  Hopefully this week will be a little more chill and Ill be able to post a  little more frequently.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Test Week= Stressed Week

This week is already stressing me out and my class week hasnt even started yet.  I have my first testing week in Beauty School and I am a nervous wreck.   Luckily, this week started with a day off and I got to go do a little retail therapy with my sisters before the testing begins.  I have 3 days of testing before me and I have done all I can do to study, now I just hope it all stays in my brain so I can pass everything.

I contemplated not working out this morning so I could get some extra Zzzz's but I thought getting up and getting my blood and brain going before school would be helpful ( I also thought the Venti latte might help).

This mornings workout was a doozie.  Apparently yesterdays was harder so Im not to sad about missing it because todays whipped my tail.  Today was 3 rounds....400m run, 20 ring pull ups, 15 overhead press, and 10 burpees with a broad jump.  I know my limitations so I left the broad jump off of the burpee but everything else I did as required!   After the first round of burpees I just knew i was going to hurl.  I made it through and back out to the run and things just got worser and worser!   I made it thought the workout, dead last, but I freaking finishing.  Thanks to Big Bad Cheryl who did the last 5 burpees with me.

When it was finished most people walked around picking up their weights, not me, I laid in a giant sweaty pile on the floor trying really hard not to die or puke.  IT WAS NECESSARY!   

Not everyone can start the day with a sweat angel!

Now that it is over I am so glad that I went but I can already tell my body is going to hurt after that workout!  Now Im enjoying my latte while getting in the last few minutes of studing I can before its time to start testing.  Wish me luck and shoot up a little prayer for me today.

Hope you all have a great one!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rough Start to the Morning, Off to a Good Day

When I first woke up this morning I was pretty sure it was going to be a bad day.  I didnt want to get out of bed this morning and I had to drive all the way to the gym with my interior lights on so I could stay awake!  But soon after I got to the gym I was wide eyed and ready for my partner WOD.  It was a tough one this morning but I managed to get through it with my partner with lots of sweating and grunting.  

Luckily, I am wide awake now and drinking a triple latte so Ill be overly awake in just a few minutes.

This week at school we are doing spa week which is not helping with my tiredness at all.  Yesterday I got 2 facials in a cold, dark room with soft clunky music.  Luckily I had my friend as my partner and we cut up and had a good time so I didnt fall asleep.  Today....pedicure!  Im looking forward to that one.

Also, this weeks workouts have been absolutely body pounding.  It seems like each one have had a nice cocktail of cardio and strenght.  One day it was run a mile, row 2000, run another mile.  I discovered really quick that I need to work more on my running because I was dying at my snails pace, but I was doing it!  Then the next workout was rowning, situps, pull ups, and something else but I have somehow managed to block that memory from my brain! (defense mechinism I think) 

This morning was front squats, bar on ground (I know that doesnt mean much when you read it but that means every time you pick up the bar you have to clean it from the floor to the shoulders, and it gets pretty exhausting, pretty quick) box jumps (for me step ups) and pull ups.  After all that today I am so ready for my pedicure!

Im hoping for an early night tonight because I could use the rest but either way the weekend will be here soon and I can catch up on some much needed sleep before test week next week!  All week, only tests, that makes my nerves act up a little (and I already have enought nervous problems) so I might have to chill with the coffee this week, ok maybe cut back, I cant give up my coffee!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Tough Week

Last week was a tough week all the way around.  I was adjusting to my new workout schedule, had cutting week at school and had a pretty large cookie order due.  It was slightly overwhelming and I spent lots of time fustrated and running late every where I went.

I didnt get to the gym every morning but due to the overwhelming soreness I was feeling and lack of sleep I think 2 days was a pretty good showing.  It has been a week now and most of the soreness has gone away but I was back at it today and it was a pretty tough workout so Im sure Ill be feeling it again in a few hours.

I was also pretty fustrated last week during school.  I would do a hair cut at school and royally screw it up and be so angry but then when I would get home I would try again.  I eventually got all the hair cuts right but most of them took 2 (and maybe 3) times.  This week at school is spa week which means I get to give and get a pedicure, manicure, and facial.  It already sounds like a more relaxing week....sounds like, it hasnt even started yet.

Im hoping this week my schedue gets a little more routine and less forced, I know it will eventually I just hope it gets there sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Time to Post

I have been working hard to figure out my new schedule and trying to figure out the best time to get online and post.  I can do it from my phone but typing a blog post on an iPhone is not ideal, any of you that have tried it can verify that for me I'm sure.  But I think I have come up with a solution.

This week I have started back to CrossFit!!!!! Yipee!!!!!  Yippee really doesn't even cut it!  I am so excited to be back at the gym with my people doing a workout that I love I cant even think of the right adjectives.  

They are in a new facility to me, they moved into this building quite a while ago but Im the one thats been MIA.  This place is HUGE and has so much more equipment compared to the "room" we were in before.  And the technology has improved too!  We now use a program called Wodify that keeps track of the daily WODs (workout of the day) and personal records so that I don't have to tote my phone around with me to keep up with it, but don't worry, I have my phone anyway to take pictures.....

But first....

Big Bad Cheryl and I are back together again!  

This new program also has an app for my phone:  high tech and a nitty gritty workout= one happy fatgirl.

I was so excited to get back to the gym.  I have missed these folks and was worried that I would be so far behind or they would give me "those looks" since I gained weight again but they welcomed me right back in and it was off to the workout.

Day one was a doozie for the first day back, 3 rounds of 30 wallballs and 15 pulls on the rowing machine.  Wallballs suck on every level and I just knew that on day one the soreness would be epic.  I was right...today when I got the gym I could barely make it up the stairs to get into the gym.  I made it through the workout without puking!!!!  Small victories!  I didn't even think I needed to puke (huge victory)

Before I even got to class I bought a bottle of Aleve and started eating them like M&M's.  

Todays soreness is much worse but I still rolled out of bed bright and early ready to go again.  One of my favorite parts of Crossfit is the weight lifting and that was what I got to do today.  I was lucky that it was upper body lifting since my legs are screaming just getting up and down off the toilet.  

It was maxing out on overhead press and then 50 reps of a strict overhead press.  Only difference in those two is one you can use your legs the other is shoulders only.  I managed to get 135lbs on the Push Press and 50x 75lbs.  That was awesome for me for my first trip back with weights.  There was lots of grunting and groaning but I did it.  When I hit 135lbs my coach told me that I could "toss a skinny bitch!"  The ultimate goal is to pick up my own body weight which means I need to get my weight down and my weights up!

So now we get to the "When to Post" title of the blog.  Since I have to be at class so early I have found myself with a little extra time in the mornings.  My days are pretty full so any extra time in my life I am trying to use wisely so I have parked it at Starbucks and set up a new blogging location.  (I am officially one of those people that is sitting at Starbucks with my headphones in typing away....and I used to laugh at those people)

Im taking advantage of the time between gym and school so I can get home after school to see my kiddos play various sports and not have to stay up till all hours of the night!

So, after using a lot of words to say this, things are great.  School is going wonderfully, Im finally back at the gym working hard as ever and hopefully I can start to see some positive changes in my body that are so needed.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Ran Away and Got Lost....

I know, I know, I was going to do better and post daily but then life happened and I didn't post one day, which led to two days, a week, a month and then it had just been too long to put something up because I didn't really have a reason for my break or anything to say.  I got laid off from my job in January (good start to the year right??) and for several months I didn't really know what I was going to do with my life.  I had several great jobs in my past and I really like the one I lost so I was just slightly in limbo.  With the loss of my job came the cancellation of my CrossFit membership and that kinda broke my heart and seemed to make my workouts less fun.  I tried to keep up with them at my home gym but I just didn't have the same intensity without my workout friends.

After a few months of soul searching (and very little working out or eating healthy) I made a pretty big decision in my life.  I have left the housing market completely and re-enrolled in school.  Not a traditional college like most would think, I already got that diploma, no, I have enrolled in beauty school.  Hopefully in 11 months I will be the proud owner of a state cosmetology license.

I always said I would never go back to school but just shopping for the schools supplies made me so excited!

Week One and I'm already getting hands on!  But first let me take a selfie!

This has been something I have wanted for years and I'm still not really sure why it has taken me so long to take this step and go for it but now that I have made the decision to do it I am so ready!!!!  I finally have a daily schedule, something that I have missed over the last 7 months.  You all know I LOVE a schedule.  When my day has no structure I find myself not getting to the gym and eating junk....and I'm hoping my new lifestyle can help me lose this weight that I have gained over the last 7 months.

I'm not trying to pretend that I haven't gained weight cause I have and its pretty obvious so its time to get back into focus and headed back to the goal weight.  I have proven that I haven't figured out this healthy lifestyle thing yet cause I still continue to yo-yo with my weight but by golly I sure as hell haven't finished trying!

I'm not making any promises cause I'm still adjusting to my schedule but I'm going to try to get back to my blog (cause I love it and miss it sooooo much) and in the next few weeks I will be joining back up with my CrossFit folks (which by the way just makes me smile to type those words!)

I hope to get all my readers back after my leave of absence so feel free to share with your friends, and if your not much of a blog reader you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter @fatgirltothin.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So Much to Discuss

I really only have two main talking points tonight...the Biggest Loser finale and cookies!

Let's start with the Biggest Loser...tonight I attended the annual Biggest Loser finale party. We watch the contestants final reveal and guess their final weight and try to prefect the winners. This has been going on for several years and has become a great fun tradition.

Now tonight the buzz was all about Rachel. She was my pick to take the win, I've liked her all season because of her work ethic and just knew she had it. I was a bit worried that she didn't have enough weight left to lose. I wasn't crazy about the other 2 so my pick was easy to come by.

We watched for 1 hour at 30 minutes to get the final reveal of the finalists and they were shocking to say the least. They seemed so much smaller than years past and Rachel was so emaciated and tiny that no one in the room had a positive thing to say about her other than "tooooo skinny!"

This reaction says so much!!!

I agree that she was too skinny. She didn't look like the athlete that she did when she won the triathlon instead she looked like a skinny skeleton. Now I have my opinions on how a healthy body should look as does everyone else so I get that to some it was beautiful but I just couldn't get past the "too" skinny buzz that has taken over the web.

But to be completely honest I have to come to her defense as well. When $250,000 is on the line I can't say I wouldn't do the same! Offer me a quarter of a mil to get 5-10% underweight and I would so anything I had to do to make it happen. There, I said it. Also, how many times do people say, " I would do anything to be on the show." She did just that, what she had to do to win!

I can argue both sides of the argument so I'm gonna just leave it at that. Congrats on all the weightloss! Some of the others that looked great were Tumi, the one with the short blond hair (one of my faves but I have totally blanked on her name, it's late!) and I was happy to see Mangold had kept hers off. She was another of my favorites!

Now on to cookies...

I made some cookies for tonight's party with a Biggest Loser theme but that's not all in saying on this topic.

Now that I have found myself with lots of time on my hands ( you know with the unemployment and all) I have decided to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies.

I posted a few pics to my Instagram (@fatgirltothin) and people have shown interest in my cookies!

So go over and follow my page and check out my cookie decorations. I'll be posting more pics soon. If you are interested in ordering any please email me for details, fatgirltothin@gmail.com.

I've spent lots of hours baking cookies and decorating but I have managed to get my workout in. I'm living by that old motto, workout first thing in the morning and you will be guaranteed at least one a day! Today I did my first group fitness class in a while and I am already feeling sore. I love this feeling!!! More tomorrow, why certainly!

Please forgive any typos, this whole thing was done from my phone!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where Have I Been?!?!?

I know its been a while since I posted last and I'm sorry for that, but in all fairness I have written several post but they were not in the best attitude and even though that is part of life (good days and bad) I just didn't want to put a negative attitude out in the world.  I am in a much better mood tonight so I thought this would be a great time to post. 

If you are wondering why I was not in the best mood I just wasn't feeling all that good.  I have eaten like crap for two weeks and my body felt bad.  I know I chose my foods and I have made poor food decisions but after I can feel it affecting my mood I know I have to get things back on track.  I started a cleanse this week.  I just needed a jumpstart back to my good eating habits but after one day of no food I realized that that is not the correct way to get back on track....the way to get back on track is to make good food choices.  Starvation is not what I needed.  So cleanse over and back to good food.  My cabinets are stocked full of good foods and I'm ready to be better and not eat every single meal out.

(I always struggle with food, its not a shocker anymore.  Its always my struggle and always something I have to get in check!)

On the workout front I have been on track.  I got in a bit of a rut last week, I got out of the habit of waking up super early since I'm currently without a job so I was just going when I woke up.  I'm ok with working out at 9am but I just need to make sure that the workout is my first thing of the day.  That for me works best.  I have been doing lots of running because I have a marathon to get ready for.

I have also been getting my CrossFit workouts and doing them the best I can at my current gym.  Its not the ideal place to get my workouts in because they don't have the right equipment for CrossFit but I have been able to modify somewhat to get the workout in that I need.  But if you are wondering I am missing my CrossFit friends!  There is just something about working out in the class with those people and feeling that energy...when I do my CrossFit at my gym I'm really just getting gawked at by the old people walking around a track.  Good thing I don't give a crap what people think at the gym (if I did I would have stopped going to the gym a long time ago) and I will just be watched!

Now that I have my brain back in the right frame of mind I'm ready to start training for all of those big goals I have for this year.  If I could get the weather to warm up I would get on my bike but in the mean time I will just have to settle for lots of running and swimming and weights and then hit the bike when it finally gets above the 20's.

And now since I have some extra time I figured it was a good time to crank back up on my social media.  I have been consistent on my facebook page but have kinda slipped on my FatGirltoThin Facebook page and Twitter so go over and Like me on Facebook and Twitter and I will do my best to actually post on those more.  And you can always catch more on Instagram!  The username on all of those it "fatgirltothin"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What are you doing!?!?!

So the news is officially out and I'm going on day 3 of unemployment.  I've spent the last couple of days updating my resume and doing a little job searching.  I have also spent quite a bit of time at the gym because my days are wide open at this point.  I don't know if embarrassed is the right word/emotion to have but I am a bit embarrassed that I lost my job.  I don't want to make some grand announcement about it so I just say it on here and I am working with some contacts in the job hunt.  (If you know of any openings let me know please!) So you will probably be getting lots of posts about workouts since I am spending lots of time at the gym.

I went to my CrossFit class twice this week.  It seems silly to drive to Huntsville early in the morning if I am not going to work afterwards but I love the class and I want to go as much as I can before my membership runs out.  Both the classes I have been to this week have been heavy in the weights

Now with the bout of cold weather that has drenched the south this week I haven't been overly excited about going outside but I am officially in marathon training so its time to get back to the streets.  It came at a pretty good time.  My cuz was alone this week, her running buddy is out for the week, so I stepped in.

We left out this morning in the freezing cold and got in a good 3 miler.  This was my first run since I hurt my knee a few weeks ago (like 6 weeks ago) so I was a little bit tentative about it but my knee held up just fine for the first run out.  Yipee!!!!

I could have used a few more clothes in the cold weather, I also could have done without spilling water on my leg before we got started...that helped with the cold...but I did manage to break in my new running gloves!

Who says running gloves cant be stylish!!!

After a heavy lifting CrossFit and a very cold run I was ready for a break.  I had a little lunch with my sisters and headed home for some R&R.  Then my idle time got the best of me and I thought it would be a great time to try to fix my garage door (or attempt to) and load up some old broken TVs that need to go the recycle center.

I worked for quite a while cleaning out my garage and trying to fix my garage door, to know avail, and then decided it was time to pack up the old box televisions.  Little did I know that the TVs weight a combine weight of 1.932 pounds.  I got the first two packed up and then moved on to the biggest one.  I was not quite prepared for the big one.  It weighs about 80lbs, no exaggeration, and it took all I had to get it off the ground.

I finally got it picked up and headed to the trunk of my car.  It didn't fit so I tried to move it to the front seat, again, no luck so I tried it every way I could think.  It was not going into my car in the state that it was in and I was exhausted.  After 2 hard workouts my muscles were shot and I came up with the brilliant idea to just take it apart, how hard could that be?

My new beautiful lawn ornament.

 The taking it apart was not the hard part.  I just loosened a few screws off the back and the one tiny piece of plastic came right off.  Turns out that piece only weighs about .5 lbs and really didn't reduce the size of the television.  So now I had the front of a TV with an exposed bulb that weighed 80 pounds and had no grip.  I tried again to put it in the trunk of my car where I successfully busted the bulb.  It made a sound that I don't even have words to describe.  It was so loud and alarming that I actually ran away from the car just waiting for an explosion.  After my heart quite racing and I realized that there was probably not going to be an explosion I went back to the TV, threw it on the ground and went inside and gave up.  That stupid TV can live in the front yard forever as far as I care.  I cant pick it up one more time!

After my break I took another run at the TV.  I just pulled it across the driveway and put it in the garbage pickup pile and can only hope that the garbage men will pick it up tomorrow......here's hoping, otherwise it's staying right where it is. Oh, and my garage door still does not work!

I had evening plans so there was no time for another workout.  Instead I mooched some spaghetti from my sisters and then went to choir practice.  I figure picking that TV up 20 times or more had to count as some sort of weight lifting.

I haven't quite figured out my plan for tomorrow.  It will include job hunting and running but who knows what else I will be able to get into with the rest of my time.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year: Not Exactly What I Had Planned

I got off to a good start yesterday.  Up with the sun and off to the gym.  I was pretty sore from the workout earlier in the week but still able to move after a week off at the gym.  I was sure I was going to be so sore that I wouldn't be able to walk.  I got up early and ran out to the car (cause its freezing) and in my haste I managed to pull my groin getting in the car.  Yep, I actually pulled a muscle on the way to the gym.  Who does that??!!!?  I sat in my car for a minute in some actual pain and tried to determine if I was really hurt of if it was just that moment when you pull something that goes away after a few minutes.  Luckily, after about 5 minutes I made the decision that I was fine and that I would be ok to go on to my workout. 

The drive was rather painful and I thought I was just going to have to re-asses the injury once I got to the gym.  If I looked at the leg and it was bruised I would know I was actually hurt but luckily when I got to the gym there was no bruising so I knew it was just a pull.  I started warming up for my workout and once I got warm I was ok.  We had an absolute doozie.  It looked so easy on the board but once we got going it was much harder than I expected. 

The rest of my day went pretty normal.  It was work as usual and then home.  I got to go home early to make a deliver to our Tennessee office so I was home before the sun came down.  I got my errands done and was home before 7pm.  I was feeling pretty special. 
I didn't sleep all that well last night and slept right through my alarm this morning.  It happens every now and then and I'm am so sore from the Deadlifts in yesterdays workout that it might have been for the best.  (You will catch on that I am trying to find the bright side in this post, it gets worse)
So I missed my workout and headed to work.  I had to drive in traffic which is a big bonus to going to the gym as early as I do, that and the fact that I get to miss most of the "new year" traffic.  Work started off like normal today and then at lunch time I was informed that I was losing my job.  (I told you it got worse)  I was called in and let go right around lunch time.
I got to go home today before the sun went down today too!  So things changed really quickly today.  I was upset but I also know that I cannot change the situation so I'm trying really hard to make the best of it.   
I am going to start the job hunt again, not something I planned on this year but I am going to lose weight, run some races, and now....find a new job.  uh!
One thing that is really disappointing (in the FatGirl part of my brain) is that this is going to make it hard to go to CrossFit.  I don't know that I will be able to keep drive down every morning and if I want to keep 2 gym memberships.  I'm just glad I didn't sign a years membership with my new gym.  Nothing is final, I still have lots of things to figure out......

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: New Year, New Goals

Well, I don't know about you but 2013 was a great year.  I accomplished so many goals that I set for myself and tried things that I have been eager to try but was to afraid or had some other stupid excuse not to try.  I set these goals every year (last year seems to be a success) All in all I can say it was a great year....

Now, lets look forward to next year.  I am excited to try more new things and try to reach goals that may seem out of reach but still worth shooting for.  Now not all of my resolutions have to do with diet and exercise and I'm going to give you all a total list of my goals for the year.

1.  This first one is lots of numbers....13.1, 26.2, 32.2 and 70.3.  For those wondering those are a half marathon, full marathon, Olympic length triathlon and half ironman.  That's a lot of miles but I need them cause I made a bet with my nephew that I could travel 2680 miles in a year (the distance from here to Canada) so I need all these training miles to add up.

2.  I want the number on the scale and the first number in my pants to be a 1. Haha, but yes!  I am not all that wrapped up with numbers but these are two big mile stones for me.  I am currently an 18-20 in pants so hopefully I will reach that one quick but that 100's on the scale has haunted me for a while.  I know I can get there this year, especially since I am already on a weight loss roll.

3.  To go on a date.  I have been on a 30 year dry spell in the dating game and this year, this year I will go on at least one date!

4. I want to finish up all the improvements in my home.  I have lived in this house for several years and have worked towards getting it just like I like it.  I'm close to getting it and would like to finish up this year.

5.  I want to work towards diet moderation.  I have a strange relationship with food.  I want to have a healthier lifestyle and binge eating is not part of that.  I seem to do things in excess, I want to have a diet coke every now and then without having only diet coke, and I want to eat cake at a birthday party without having to have 2 or 3 slices and then ruining the rest of my day because I "screwed up!"  This is probably my biggest struggle with weight loss.  I know and I have accepted this is the hardest part for me, so lets work on it!!!!

That's it, that is what I am going to strive for this year.  I hope to reach them all but I will work towards them all.  Like I always say, you can start at any time but there is something about a new year and writing down goals that is just a great way to get your mind in the right place.

Oh, one more.....
And this might be the most important one of all!!!!!

I'm looking so forward to what all is to come!!!  I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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