Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: New Year, New Goals

Well, I don't know about you but 2013 was a great year.  I accomplished so many goals that I set for myself and tried things that I have been eager to try but was to afraid or had some other stupid excuse not to try.  I set these goals every year (last year seems to be a success) All in all I can say it was a great year....

Now, lets look forward to next year.  I am excited to try more new things and try to reach goals that may seem out of reach but still worth shooting for.  Now not all of my resolutions have to do with diet and exercise and I'm going to give you all a total list of my goals for the year.

1.  This first one is lots of numbers....13.1, 26.2, 32.2 and 70.3.  For those wondering those are a half marathon, full marathon, Olympic length triathlon and half ironman.  That's a lot of miles but I need them cause I made a bet with my nephew that I could travel 2680 miles in a year (the distance from here to Canada) so I need all these training miles to add up.

2.  I want the number on the scale and the first number in my pants to be a 1. Haha, but yes!  I am not all that wrapped up with numbers but these are two big mile stones for me.  I am currently an 18-20 in pants so hopefully I will reach that one quick but that 100's on the scale has haunted me for a while.  I know I can get there this year, especially since I am already on a weight loss roll.

3.  To go on a date.  I have been on a 30 year dry spell in the dating game and this year, this year I will go on at least one date!

4. I want to finish up all the improvements in my home.  I have lived in this house for several years and have worked towards getting it just like I like it.  I'm close to getting it and would like to finish up this year.

5.  I want to work towards diet moderation.  I have a strange relationship with food.  I want to have a healthier lifestyle and binge eating is not part of that.  I seem to do things in excess, I want to have a diet coke every now and then without having only diet coke, and I want to eat cake at a birthday party without having to have 2 or 3 slices and then ruining the rest of my day because I "screwed up!"  This is probably my biggest struggle with weight loss.  I know and I have accepted this is the hardest part for me, so lets work on it!!!!

That's it, that is what I am going to strive for this year.  I hope to reach them all but I will work towards them all.  Like I always say, you can start at any time but there is something about a new year and writing down goals that is just a great way to get your mind in the right place.

Oh, one more.....
And this might be the most important one of all!!!!!

I'm looking so forward to what all is to come!!!  I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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C Flick said...

great goals girl!

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