Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What are you doing!?!?!

So the news is officially out and I'm going on day 3 of unemployment.  I've spent the last couple of days updating my resume and doing a little job searching.  I have also spent quite a bit of time at the gym because my days are wide open at this point.  I don't know if embarrassed is the right word/emotion to have but I am a bit embarrassed that I lost my job.  I don't want to make some grand announcement about it so I just say it on here and I am working with some contacts in the job hunt.  (If you know of any openings let me know please!) So you will probably be getting lots of posts about workouts since I am spending lots of time at the gym.

I went to my CrossFit class twice this week.  It seems silly to drive to Huntsville early in the morning if I am not going to work afterwards but I love the class and I want to go as much as I can before my membership runs out.  Both the classes I have been to this week have been heavy in the weights

Now with the bout of cold weather that has drenched the south this week I haven't been overly excited about going outside but I am officially in marathon training so its time to get back to the streets.  It came at a pretty good time.  My cuz was alone this week, her running buddy is out for the week, so I stepped in.

We left out this morning in the freezing cold and got in a good 3 miler.  This was my first run since I hurt my knee a few weeks ago (like 6 weeks ago) so I was a little bit tentative about it but my knee held up just fine for the first run out.  Yipee!!!!

I could have used a few more clothes in the cold weather, I also could have done without spilling water on my leg before we got started...that helped with the cold...but I did manage to break in my new running gloves!

Who says running gloves cant be stylish!!!

After a heavy lifting CrossFit and a very cold run I was ready for a break.  I had a little lunch with my sisters and headed home for some R&R.  Then my idle time got the best of me and I thought it would be a great time to try to fix my garage door (or attempt to) and load up some old broken TVs that need to go the recycle center.

I worked for quite a while cleaning out my garage and trying to fix my garage door, to know avail, and then decided it was time to pack up the old box televisions.  Little did I know that the TVs weight a combine weight of 1.932 pounds.  I got the first two packed up and then moved on to the biggest one.  I was not quite prepared for the big one.  It weighs about 80lbs, no exaggeration, and it took all I had to get it off the ground.

I finally got it picked up and headed to the trunk of my car.  It didn't fit so I tried to move it to the front seat, again, no luck so I tried it every way I could think.  It was not going into my car in the state that it was in and I was exhausted.  After 2 hard workouts my muscles were shot and I came up with the brilliant idea to just take it apart, how hard could that be?

My new beautiful lawn ornament.

 The taking it apart was not the hard part.  I just loosened a few screws off the back and the one tiny piece of plastic came right off.  Turns out that piece only weighs about .5 lbs and really didn't reduce the size of the television.  So now I had the front of a TV with an exposed bulb that weighed 80 pounds and had no grip.  I tried again to put it in the trunk of my car where I successfully busted the bulb.  It made a sound that I don't even have words to describe.  It was so loud and alarming that I actually ran away from the car just waiting for an explosion.  After my heart quite racing and I realized that there was probably not going to be an explosion I went back to the TV, threw it on the ground and went inside and gave up.  That stupid TV can live in the front yard forever as far as I care.  I cant pick it up one more time!

After my break I took another run at the TV.  I just pulled it across the driveway and put it in the garbage pickup pile and can only hope that the garbage men will pick it up's hoping, otherwise it's staying right where it is. Oh, and my garage door still does not work!

I had evening plans so there was no time for another workout.  Instead I mooched some spaghetti from my sisters and then went to choir practice.  I figure picking that TV up 20 times or more had to count as some sort of weight lifting.

I haven't quite figured out my plan for tomorrow.  It will include job hunting and running but who knows what else I will be able to get into with the rest of my time.

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