Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where Have I Been?!?!?

I know its been a while since I posted last and I'm sorry for that, but in all fairness I have written several post but they were not in the best attitude and even though that is part of life (good days and bad) I just didn't want to put a negative attitude out in the world.  I am in a much better mood tonight so I thought this would be a great time to post. 

If you are wondering why I was not in the best mood I just wasn't feeling all that good.  I have eaten like crap for two weeks and my body felt bad.  I know I chose my foods and I have made poor food decisions but after I can feel it affecting my mood I know I have to get things back on track.  I started a cleanse this week.  I just needed a jumpstart back to my good eating habits but after one day of no food I realized that that is not the correct way to get back on track....the way to get back on track is to make good food choices.  Starvation is not what I needed.  So cleanse over and back to good food.  My cabinets are stocked full of good foods and I'm ready to be better and not eat every single meal out.

(I always struggle with food, its not a shocker anymore.  Its always my struggle and always something I have to get in check!)

On the workout front I have been on track.  I got in a bit of a rut last week, I got out of the habit of waking up super early since I'm currently without a job so I was just going when I woke up.  I'm ok with working out at 9am but I just need to make sure that the workout is my first thing of the day.  That for me works best.  I have been doing lots of running because I have a marathon to get ready for.

I have also been getting my CrossFit workouts and doing them the best I can at my current gym.  Its not the ideal place to get my workouts in because they don't have the right equipment for CrossFit but I have been able to modify somewhat to get the workout in that I need.  But if you are wondering I am missing my CrossFit friends!  There is just something about working out in the class with those people and feeling that energy...when I do my CrossFit at my gym I'm really just getting gawked at by the old people walking around a track.  Good thing I don't give a crap what people think at the gym (if I did I would have stopped going to the gym a long time ago) and I will just be watched!

Now that I have my brain back in the right frame of mind I'm ready to start training for all of those big goals I have for this year.  If I could get the weather to warm up I would get on my bike but in the mean time I will just have to settle for lots of running and swimming and weights and then hit the bike when it finally gets above the 20's.

And now since I have some extra time I figured it was a good time to crank back up on my social media.  I have been consistent on my facebook page but have kinda slipped on my FatGirltoThin Facebook page and Twitter so go over and Like me on Facebook and Twitter and I will do my best to actually post on those more.  And you can always catch more on Instagram!  The username on all of those it "fatgirltothin"

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