Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So Much to Discuss

I really only have two main talking points tonight...the Biggest Loser finale and cookies!

Let's start with the Biggest Loser...tonight I attended the annual Biggest Loser finale party. We watch the contestants final reveal and guess their final weight and try to prefect the winners. This has been going on for several years and has become a great fun tradition.

Now tonight the buzz was all about Rachel. She was my pick to take the win, I've liked her all season because of her work ethic and just knew she had it. I was a bit worried that she didn't have enough weight left to lose. I wasn't crazy about the other 2 so my pick was easy to come by.

We watched for 1 hour at 30 minutes to get the final reveal of the finalists and they were shocking to say the least. They seemed so much smaller than years past and Rachel was so emaciated and tiny that no one in the room had a positive thing to say about her other than "tooooo skinny!"

This reaction says so much!!!

I agree that she was too skinny. She didn't look like the athlete that she did when she won the triathlon instead she looked like a skinny skeleton. Now I have my opinions on how a healthy body should look as does everyone else so I get that to some it was beautiful but I just couldn't get past the "too" skinny buzz that has taken over the web.

But to be completely honest I have to come to her defense as well. When $250,000 is on the line I can't say I wouldn't do the same! Offer me a quarter of a mil to get 5-10% underweight and I would so anything I had to do to make it happen. There, I said it. Also, how many times do people say, " I would do anything to be on the show." She did just that, what she had to do to win!

I can argue both sides of the argument so I'm gonna just leave it at that. Congrats on all the weightloss! Some of the others that looked great were Tumi, the one with the short blond hair (one of my faves but I have totally blanked on her name, it's late!) and I was happy to see Mangold had kept hers off. She was another of my favorites!

Now on to cookies...

I made some cookies for tonight's party with a Biggest Loser theme but that's not all in saying on this topic.

Now that I have found myself with lots of time on my hands ( you know with the unemployment and all) I have decided to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies.

I posted a few pics to my Instagram (@fatgirltothin) and people have shown interest in my cookies!

So go over and follow my page and check out my cookie decorations. I'll be posting more pics soon. If you are interested in ordering any please email me for details, fatgirltothin@gmail.com.

I've spent lots of hours baking cookies and decorating but I have managed to get my workout in. I'm living by that old motto, workout first thing in the morning and you will be guaranteed at least one a day! Today I did my first group fitness class in a while and I am already feeling sore. I love this feeling!!! More tomorrow, why certainly!

Please forgive any typos, this whole thing was done from my phone!!!

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