Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So Many Days to Cover in One Post

I would appoligize for not posting last week but I simply cannot.  I had the toughest week since going back to school.  Since going back I have been in the beginner group called Core and I had one week of testing to get out of core.  I spent an entire week studing and making sure I was prepared for testing.  It was 3 full days, on day was a womens practical exam, next mens cutting, then the written test.  This was all going on during fair week and workouts.

I had to decide if I was going to workout before school or if I was going to sleep a few more hours...i opted for the workout (shocker I know)  but getting up early and getting the muscles and brain moving really proved to be successful because I passed all my test with flying colors!!!!! YEAH!!!!

On Tuesday I did have the day off from school so I tried to prep for the entire week.  I had clothes laid out for the entire week and plenty of time to study.  I got up early and worked out on Wednesday morning and went to Starbucks to study some more before it was time for the practial exam.  This was the one I was most worried about and nothing about the test stumped me too bad.  That felt like a 30 pound weight lifted off my shoulders but there was still 50lbs hanging out up there for the next few days of testing.

My crew and I went to the fair on Wednesday night for some rides and the demolition derby.  As I get older I have to limit my rides because they make me sick but this year went well.  I only had to ride one thing and that was the merry go round and I won 3 fishy for everyone to take on home.  

I just love these kiddos so much and loved getting to spend the evening with them but I did have to cut out a little bit early to get home for a little bit more studing.  Plus, they took all of our seats!!!!  

September 11th:  That day holds so much meaning to us all.  I have always been a patriotic person and now that my beautiful neice is in the Navy it just seems so much more meaningful.  I remember talking to my mother moments after the attack on the World Trade Center and she cried saying it would be "my friends" that would fight this war, and now my active duty neice has joined up to protect our country!  To say that this day is meaningful is the greatest understatement I can think of.  So the 5am workout was themed perfectly...

It was a pretty quite workout.  Still the regular grunting and groaning but not near as much complaining as most days.  I know for me personally I would think about quitting at rep 8 on several of the exercises but just remembering that some people never quit made it easy to power throught the workout.  We had 30 minutes to complete the workout and I got through everything and got 650m on the final row but was not about to quit there, and it seems like the others felt the same way.  Everyone stayed on the the rowers until the workout was done!  It sounds stupid but it was an awesome workout.

I got off to school and ready for day 2 of testing. Day 2 was a male haircut, on an acutal person.  The anxiety was pretty high for this one but my brother-in-law was a champ and let me cut his hair.  It didnt take too long and I think the hair cut went extremely well.  He also got a nice head massage out of it so I hope he enjoyed it.  After the male haircut all of the hands on testing was officially done!!!!  Yipee!!!  


I had finally made it to Friday.  Fridays workout was a partner WOD and Big Bad Cheryl and I teamed up together.  I like being with her, first, she is my frand, second, she is in better shape than I am and it made me push myself to keep up, and C, she took selfies on my phone during the workout!!!  

Between BB Cheryl and the Coach my phone was littered with pictures from Fridays workout....

This collection of pictures is why I love my Crossfit Peeps!!!!!  They make me laugh every single time I look through my pictures.

Finally the final day of testing was here.  The written test to cover everything we had learned for the past 6 weeks.  I was ready for this, I had done well on my quizes and I knew the information.  Then when I got to school I remembered this one thing that I completely forgot to study.  Panic!!!!  Luckily I was relatively familiar with it so I did a little bit of last minute cramming and then tested away!  

It was about a 10 page test and for the frist 9 pages I knew all the answers, it wasnt till the last 3 questions that I didnt know one.  Ill take that any day!!!  I ended up with a great grade on both tests and it was finally party time.  We took the entire day Saturday to party and celebrate our graduation from CORE!!!!!

Today I was back to the gym early early for a terribly hard workout and now I must scoot on to class.  I move up today and we get to welcome a whole new group of CORE babies!  Finally, not the low man!!!!

Thanks for being patient with me last week and my lack of posts.  Hopefully this week will be a little more chill and Ill be able to post a  little more frequently.

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