Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Test Week= Stressed Week

This week is already stressing me out and my class week hasnt even started yet.  I have my first testing week in Beauty School and I am a nervous wreck.   Luckily, this week started with a day off and I got to go do a little retail therapy with my sisters before the testing begins.  I have 3 days of testing before me and I have done all I can do to study, now I just hope it all stays in my brain so I can pass everything.

I contemplated not working out this morning so I could get some extra Zzzz's but I thought getting up and getting my blood and brain going before school would be helpful ( I also thought the Venti latte might help).

This mornings workout was a doozie.  Apparently yesterdays was harder so Im not to sad about missing it because todays whipped my tail.  Today was 3 rounds....400m run, 20 ring pull ups, 15 overhead press, and 10 burpees with a broad jump.  I know my limitations so I left the broad jump off of the burpee but everything else I did as required!   After the first round of burpees I just knew i was going to hurl.  I made it through and back out to the run and things just got worser and worser!   I made it thought the workout, dead last, but I freaking finishing.  Thanks to Big Bad Cheryl who did the last 5 burpees with me.

When it was finished most people walked around picking up their weights, not me, I laid in a giant sweaty pile on the floor trying really hard not to die or puke.  IT WAS NECESSARY!   

Not everyone can start the day with a sweat angel!

Now that it is over I am so glad that I went but I can already tell my body is going to hurt after that workout!  Now Im enjoying my latte while getting in the last few minutes of studing I can before its time to start testing.  Wish me luck and shoot up a little prayer for me today.

Hope you all have a great one!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your test today! Glad to know my name is still "Big Bad Cheryl"!

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