Friday, September 26, 2014

This Week....Whew!

I havent gotten to post this week like I would like to but its been a doozie of a week.  Between school, cookies, ballgames, workouts, and my Starbucks catching on fire my blog time has been seriously cut in half.  But I have tried to stay on track with everything.  Ive been to Crossfit 2 days this week, I shoot for 4 times a week but one day I overslept and I had a cookie order another day that kept me up pretty late so I didnt make it Thursday but Wednesday and Friday were pretty tough so I think twice might have been enough this week.  There was lots of cardio this week which was nice because sometimes when we finish a weight heavy workout I feel like I need an little extra but not this week.  I spent more time trying to catch my breath than I have sleeping.  

School has been fun this week.  No testing this week which helps my stress level and we got to dress casual 2 days in a row!  And you have to see my cutie necklace that my sisters got me for going back to school.....Scissors!!!!

Just look at all that color...

I usually post in the morning right after my workout (when the endorphins are really high) so for the most part my soreness is not to bad but today I can already tell my legs are gonna hurt!  We jumped rope and ran in grass and both of those are calf killers for me, not to mention Im out of shape and just trying to get back to my old level!  We also got to flip the tire today and slam the ball into the floor!  These are my favorite workouts!  I like the nitty gritty ones and flipping the tire makes me feel like a badass every single time!!!!  OK, Ill admit that flipping the tire gave me a major tight cramped up back that made my last run nearly impossible but once we finished I got to sit and stretch it out a bit and its not hurting at all now.

I try to wear my best clothes for the 5am workout....NOT!!!!  Big Bad Cheryl is over there being all cute and I have a cutoff shirt and my bra hanging out.  Works tho!

So I have had to go to the Starbucks 2 minutes down the road from the one I usually go to because of the whole fire thing.  I like my old Starbucks better because I already know the people and they have a huge table that I can spread out on because its not so crowded but this new one that I have had to go to has air conditioning.  As many of you know I am the hottest person in the whole world and this AC is rocking my world.  

I would also wish you a happy Friday but for me thats another day away, but having worked for years in an office setting I can appreciate how exciting it can be to wake up on Friday and know the next day you get to sleep in, so happy Friday folks, just remember us Saturday schoolers as you sleep in and watch college football all day!  

(Please be patient with the misspellings and typos, I cant spell for s#!? and my auto correct seems to not be working so Im doing the best I can but Im sure I missed a few hundred misspelled words!)


Anonymous said...

Love the partner workouts with you! I do have to admit that my outfit was pretty cute this morning. I love that kettle bell shirt! :)

Torey Brooke said...

Emily this blog thing I didnt know you had makes me like you even fricken more! You u need to convince my butt to get to crossfit with you !

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