Monday, November 7, 2016

Wonder Woman

Ever have one of those day/weeks/months that you just feel like a super hero.  Well I have felt that way this last week because I seemed to have found a way to juggle my life a little better.  I know I talk about having a schedule and loving my schedule all the time and I do love when things are organized and there is a time for everything but being a freelance makeup artist and hair dresser doesn't exactly allow me a regular schedule.

That being said for the last couple of weeks I have managed to make it to the gym and to all my shoots and even book more and more work.  So I don't get to go to the exact classes every week or go at the same time every day but I do manage to get there most days!!!!

I forgot how much I love my gym time!  Its usually an hour or so that I don't fell strapped to my phone or social media.  Lets all be honest...unless you are a doctor or have some really  important job you don't have to have your phone on you at all times.  That is such an easy thing to type but not so easy to practice in real life.  And for little more honesty I have my phone so if something comes through that is important I can stop what I'm doing for a few minutes and address it.

I am remembering all the soreness and blisters that always comes with getting back to the gym.  My back and knees are absolutely screaming but I know after a few weeks  it will be all worth it.  I will get used to it and be able to find new muscles to make sore next week!!!!  And I have managed to create a few goals for the month of November to reach without any prices/insensitive but just because its good for me!

And since I couldn't decide between the Lynda Carter and comic character Wonder Woman I just decided to post both!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Heyyyyy Peoples!

Hey my friends!  Ive been meaning to post for like 2 weeks now but I keep getting side tracked or booked up so I have not had the time to do it but today I have the whole day off! So far today Ive slept in, joined a new gym and now I'm hanging out on the front porch of yet another new apartment finally catching up on my blog here and my beauty blog at

So yes, I joined a new gym.  I'm heading back to the Y! because lets face it the Y! my favorite gym.  I joined the Y! when I was in college and stayed there for years but when I moved back to my hometown there was only one gym with a pool so I went there for years and years and now that I'm in a new location again I found a Y! that is in my area so I joined up.  I was pretty excited when I had a gym in my building but lets be honest...its like having a treadmill in your bedroom.  I never ended up going because it was just to easy to get to.  I like the idea of going to the gym....its like I have to make a decision to go to the gym.  So needless to say I'm glad to get back at the gym and in the pool.

I haven't been training for anything but would like to get back to a training goal because I seem to go better when I'm working towards something and there are lots of races in my area (triathlons) in about 9 months so it gives me a chance go get back in shape and train and, for the love of God, hopefully lose some of this weight!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Just a Short Sebatical

Hey folks,  Sorry Ive been out of commission for a few weeks.  My lease on my old apartment was up and I was having trouble finding a new place and so I was staying in a hotel and I just wasn't feeling like logging on to public wifi so I took a short internet break.  So after using 500% of my data on my phone in a month I have finally found another place to live!  Yippee!!!!

So my new place is amazing and I am already in love.  My new apartment building has a pool and a gym (so I canceled my other gym membership) and it also has a sauna.  I can get my entire workout done and I don't even have to leave the building!

As you all know I do so much better with my weight when I have a goal and as of last week I officially have a goal, you know....other than that being healthy and living a long time goal.  My cousin who I think you will recognize because she has been my workout buddy for quite a while is getting MARRIED!!!!!!

Hahahah this picture makes me smile....if you knew how hard this workout series was you would just simply be impressed that we still were smiling.

So now that I have a little new found motivation I'm hoping to start seeing some more results.  I have not gained any weight but I haven't really been losing any either because I can't seem to control what I'm putting in my mouth.

So until this becomes an option I guess Ill have to practice a little more self control.

I'm excited about being settled in a new place for a little bit so maybe I can get into a bit of a routine but with my work schedule being different every day that is the hard part so I'm hoping having the gym in my building even if its 3am or 11pm I can still get a workout in everyday.  I know that working out is only part of the equation, like 15% for me and the other 97% (hahah) is my food but I tend to do better with my food when I do better with my workouts.   I don't know why but it works for me!  

I'll be back with you sooner rather than later this time!  And hopefully Ill have some good weight loss results!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

So Excited and So Disappointed

So here goes.....

I have finally finished up all of my school work at Studio Crush and now its time to get to work!  I am so happy with my decision to go to the school and the experiences I gained.  I mean come on, who gets professional pictures of their work like this...



That being said now I am trying to find work!  And I know its gonna be hard and I'm going to have to crawl from the bottom up but in the last week I have booked 2 jobs and both of them got cancelled.  I know the glass half empty side is that I am booking jobs but I am so ready to work and I don't want them to be cancelled!  (insert sad sad face here)

I know I'm kinda just having a pity party for myself and eventually one of these jobs is going to get to the point of actually doing makeup but so far, not so good.  Now on a more positive note I have landed an internship that I am super excited to tell you all about but I can't quite yet, but when I can don't worry Ill be posting about it and make up and everything in between.

Anyway, I really am done complaining for the night.  I wanted to get online tonight because its been a few weeks since I last posted and I was kinda missing you guys.  I forget how therapeutic it is to blog.  I think it is really just a diary now because I haven't really posted weightless or workout stuff for a while but I have all my balls in the air.  I have been doing better with my diet and exercise (as I blog eating pizza) but I haven't been documenting any of it.  That's the next thing to work on right.

So I'm going to sign off for the night but I wanted to post tonight and kinda vent a little bit but now that I have actually said all that out loud I feel better and realize that I am just having a Debi Downer moment and I'm already over it.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bonnaroo 2016

Ive been trying to post about Bonnaroo for about 2 weeks now but there were so many pictures and so much to say and I was getting behind on my blog work by not posting Bonnaroo so I decided to do  a post in pictures.

Let me say first, I have never really wanted to go to Bonnaroo because Im more of what you would call "Indoorsy" and I don't camp but my nephew is young and wanted to go and I agreed to take him. I say that and continue to say that I was super excited to go.  A little nervous about the camping part but super excited about the music festival part.  So here is our

Here we go....

Everyone kept telling us how bad traffic was....guess we got there at just the right time.

High fives as you enter, I hope this does not make you motion sick cause it does me.

Getting Body Painting because its Bonnaroo!

The Arch at Night!!!!  We have so many pictures of the arch.

You know total exhaustion when you lay down in the grass.

Goldrush:  One of the best concerts of the event, plus we met the guy earlier in the day and had no idea he was a performer.

Oh Andra Day!  Yes more please

Because the idea of a shower was dangled but never quite realized this fountain became my best friend.

NBA finals in the AIR CONDITIONED tent!  We saw many many things in here while we waited for our shows because it had A/C

Why not tie dye pants?

Until next time Bitches.....

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy Busy Life

Hey guys!  I know I have been a little bit lost for a week or so but have no fear, I am still here.  I have had a crazy busy busy couple of weeks and I am so happy to be able to report that.  School has been exciting and just crazy fun and everyday and I feel like I am learning things that I would have never learned without this opportunity.

Since Ive been on my blog here we have done so many new things at school.  First off I have learned more about bridal makeup and body art!  Oh hell yeah!  I never even knew that I wanted to do body work but it is so much fun!  I can't wait for tomorrows shoot already.  Here is a few behind the scenes from the last couple of weeks for our bridal shoot and the Free People shoot.

This model was amazing!  I loved getting to shoot with her.

She kept taking pics for snap chat which reminds me that you can follow me on snap chat @fatgirltothin and I now have two separate instagram accounts because I feel like some people don't want to see hundreds of make up and hair pics all the time so my personal and blog account is @fatgirltothin and my hair and makeup page is @lipstickandbobbypins

Then there was this shoot with the amazing Allie Hines, who also did the bridal shoot as well.  I was lucky to have two models this day but I only managed to get any good photos of this one.  This shoot was using all Free People clothes and was on location.  And so much fun!

Now I have to gripe a bit.  I have really enjoyed my new gym.  Its nothing fancy but its open 24/7 so I can get in anytime to get my workout on.  But there is no pool.  Of course I knew that when I signed up and I just don't think I realized how much I would miss the pool when I didn't have one.  So this week I have been looking for a pool in my area and I found out that I was literally walking distance from the 1996 Olympic pool so I got pretty excited but today I went by and found out that its not open to the public.  Its only for Georgia Tech students.  What the hell?!?!?!?!?  I was thinking since it was built for the Olympics that it might be for the city for students.  Do they know how much I want to get in the water and get my swim on!?!?  Anyway, now that I have whined a bit I was able to find a pool, a little further away but I did find one that I can use.  Turns out in a city there is not a lot of room for an olympic size pool...who knew. 

I also hung out here in ATL this Memorial Day weekend instead of going home so I missed out on a grilled hot dog on the grill...not so much!  I went to Cookout!  This restaurant is amazing.  It is not healthy, but it is so good.  It really taste like food off the grill!  It gave me a little bit of cookout flavor on a day that I was kinda missing my people and getting to have a cookover with my family.

I think that about covers my life for the last couple of weeks.  Im hoping tomorrow Ill have some pics from out body makeup shoots tomorrow.  I spent a little time today buttering up a model to make her look all glowy and wet so I can't wait to see if I can actually get the same result tomorrow on my own.

Good night folks!  Ill be back soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boy I've Been A Busy Girl

I wish I could explain in detail how busy my last week has been but I can't so just read this post really really fast and try not to sweat while you are reading this.  Last week I had my first photo shoot, moved into my new place, started my new job, ran home for 5 minutes to grab stuff for my apartment, and then hit the ground running again at work and back to school for week 3 and another photo shoot.  It has just been crazy.  But I'm here and I have some fun stuff to share.

So lets start with school.  I have pics from my first two photo shoots but I don't have the professional shots yet so you'll just have to see the iPhone photos for now.  It seems too easy to do my job when I get to work with beautiful models who are 6 feet tall and have beautiful skin and hair!  But none the less I have the best time ever getting to work on real models!  Not only do I get to work with models but excellent photographers as well.

I could seriously post about 1,000 pics of the photo shoot but I will cut it off here since I will probably be posting these for the next few months.  

I have also finally found a gym that I like close to where I live.  I visited several places since Ive been in Atlanta but I didn't want to join one until I knew exactly where I was putting down roots (temporary or not) so I didn't have to drive all over the place to get to my gym.  But I have found a place that I am really happy with.  Its not big and its not crowded so I can go in and do any kind of crazy workout that I want and I don't have to worry about the looks that I get. (Cause believe me, I can get some looks with the crazy shit that I do at the gym)

And today I finally got to go to Ikea.  I have been wanting to go since I got to the ATL but I didn't really have any reason to go until today.  Now that I am in my apartment and getting things unpacked I realized that I needed a desk so that I could actually have a place to sit and work.  So today I went to  Ikea and got a desk for $8!  And it only took me 2 hours and walking 4 miles to find it.  I just joke because it was an amazing store!  

I feel like things are finally getting settled a bit.  I know where grocery stores are and I have spent significantly less time lost and randomly driving around.  That is a small yet very real victory!

I also have to share with you my new toy.  I got a computer for Christmas which has made blogging significantly easier but I never really bought a case for it cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to put one on it or not.  But I actually saw one from the director of our school and fell in love with it so I have to show it off.  

How cute is it!?!?!?  It looks like a book!

Its called a BookBook from Twelve South and they make products for Mac products so it fits like a glove because its made just for my computer.  And they also have things for all "i" products you may need!  You should really check them out.

Tomorrow I have the day off and I plan on sleeping in and doing a whole lot of nothing, which means I will probably be busy as hell!  But busy is better than boring!  Night folks!
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