Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well This Has Been A Long Time Coming

Hey hey hey!!!!

I know I know I had all these great intentions of posting and then a week without a post turns into a month turns into a year and I almost forgot that I have a blog out there in cyber space.  Truth be told I've been a bit busy...let me try to fill you all in on the last year of my life....

For starters I lost my job in the mortgage business and decided to go to Cosmetology School (I think you know that part by now).  I finished up school in August and went straight to work.  I had plans to move to Atlanta to attend a school there with a focus in makeup but I just couldn't get all my shit together and actually get the move done.  The plan was always in place but I just couldn't get everything lined up.

I finally sold my house in December and the move was starting to take shape.  I lived with my cousin for a few month while I was finalizing everything, just FYI she was a saint to let me stay with her for so long!  Shout out to AC for the housing hook up!!! 

And it has finally happened....I made the move.  I have officially relocated to the ATL and started school at Studio Crush to focus on my makeup career.  I'm super excited about the new direction my life is taking.  I wanted to get back to the blog not only cause I have been missing it like crazy but also because I wanted a way to keep my family and friends up to date on things that are happening now that I live in a new time zone and several hours away.

You all know I have a huge close family so its  little weird to not be close to them because for the majority of my life we have all lived in the same town.  But a new adventure presented itself and I figured while I was single and childless I should take advantage of the opportunity in front of me.

Now, on to the subject matter at hand.  Lets just say this, I fell out of the weight loss tree and hit every branch on the way down, then I got ran over by the fat truck and once he passed and realized I was still on the ground he reversed and ran over me a few more times.  If you didn't catch that whole analogy then I'll just spell it out for you....I'm FAT!  I have officially gained and lost the same 90 pounds over and over and over again and it is a broken record...but that is not going to keep me from trying to lose again.

Sorry about the language but its true!

I had my life in a limbo for a bit while I was trying to figure out what was next and apparently I forgot to focus on my weight and successfully gained everything that I had lost back!  Eh, I'm not happy about that sentence because its just an excuse but its also true and I just have to get back on the right track.  So yet another reason that I'm back on my blog, you guys keep me motivated and keep me accountable for my decisions.

I'm hoping this time will be different, both weight loss and keeping up with my blog, but as we all know Ive said that before....so here we go again!  Now not only will I be keeping you up on my stuff weight loss wise but I will also be sending out pictures of my work so I hope you will come back along for the ride.

My day 1 work, the no-make up makeup look on a fellow student!  So exciting!


journeying said...

Hey, Emily!
You are a very special and precious person to me!
I want you to do well and to accept God's view of you (which has less than nothing to do with your weight whether great or small.) You are precious to Him. You have tremendous gifts given to you by Him and you need to use them for Him. Go for it! Do it! He is holding you in His hand and will supply every true need that you have.
love you!

Vicki Wade said...

You are an amazing, beautiful, strong and brave girl! I love reading your posts and am very very happy for you. Keep us up to date and I wish you every good thing!!!

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