Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boy I've Been A Busy Girl

I wish I could explain in detail how busy my last week has been but I can't so just read this post really really fast and try not to sweat while you are reading this.  Last week I had my first photo shoot, moved into my new place, started my new job, ran home for 5 minutes to grab stuff for my apartment, and then hit the ground running again at work and back to school for week 3 and another photo shoot.  It has just been crazy.  But I'm here and I have some fun stuff to share.

So lets start with school.  I have pics from my first two photo shoots but I don't have the professional shots yet so you'll just have to see the iPhone photos for now.  It seems too easy to do my job when I get to work with beautiful models who are 6 feet tall and have beautiful skin and hair!  But none the less I have the best time ever getting to work on real models!  Not only do I get to work with models but excellent photographers as well.

I could seriously post about 1,000 pics of the photo shoot but I will cut it off here since I will probably be posting these for the next few months.  

I have also finally found a gym that I like close to where I live.  I visited several places since Ive been in Atlanta but I didn't want to join one until I knew exactly where I was putting down roots (temporary or not) so I didn't have to drive all over the place to get to my gym.  But I have found a place that I am really happy with.  Its not big and its not crowded so I can go in and do any kind of crazy workout that I want and I don't have to worry about the looks that I get. (Cause believe me, I can get some looks with the crazy shit that I do at the gym)

And today I finally got to go to Ikea.  I have been wanting to go since I got to the ATL but I didn't really have any reason to go until today.  Now that I am in my apartment and getting things unpacked I realized that I needed a desk so that I could actually have a place to sit and work.  So today I went to  Ikea and got a desk for $8!  And it only took me 2 hours and walking 4 miles to find it.  I just joke because it was an amazing store!  

I feel like things are finally getting settled a bit.  I know where grocery stores are and I have spent significantly less time lost and randomly driving around.  That is a small yet very real victory!

I also have to share with you my new toy.  I got a computer for Christmas which has made blogging significantly easier but I never really bought a case for it cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to put one on it or not.  But I actually saw one from the director of our school and fell in love with it so I have to show it off.  

How cute is it!?!?!?  It looks like a book!

Its called a BookBook from Twelve South and they make products for Mac products so it fits like a glove because its made just for my computer.  And they also have things for all "i" products you may need!  You should really check them out.

Tomorrow I have the day off and I plan on sleeping in and doing a whole lot of nothing, which means I will probably be busy as hell!  But busy is better than boring!  Night folks!

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