Saturday, July 9, 2016

So Excited and So Disappointed

So here goes.....

I have finally finished up all of my school work at Studio Crush and now its time to get to work!  I am so happy with my decision to go to the school and the experiences I gained.  I mean come on, who gets professional pictures of their work like this...



That being said now I am trying to find work!  And I know its gonna be hard and I'm going to have to crawl from the bottom up but in the last week I have booked 2 jobs and both of them got cancelled.  I know the glass half empty side is that I am booking jobs but I am so ready to work and I don't want them to be cancelled!  (insert sad sad face here)

I know I'm kinda just having a pity party for myself and eventually one of these jobs is going to get to the point of actually doing makeup but so far, not so good.  Now on a more positive note I have landed an internship that I am super excited to tell you all about but I can't quite yet, but when I can don't worry Ill be posting about it and make up and everything in between.

Anyway, I really am done complaining for the night.  I wanted to get online tonight because its been a few weeks since I last posted and I was kinda missing you guys.  I forget how therapeutic it is to blog.  I think it is really just a diary now because I haven't really posted weightless or workout stuff for a while but I have all my balls in the air.  I have been doing better with my diet and exercise (as I blog eating pizza) but I haven't been documenting any of it.  That's the next thing to work on right.

So I'm going to sign off for the night but I wanted to post tonight and kinda vent a little bit but now that I have actually said all that out loud I feel better and realize that I am just having a Debi Downer moment and I'm already over it.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bonnaroo 2016

Ive been trying to post about Bonnaroo for about 2 weeks now but there were so many pictures and so much to say and I was getting behind on my blog work by not posting Bonnaroo so I decided to do  a post in pictures.

Let me say first, I have never really wanted to go to Bonnaroo because Im more of what you would call "Indoorsy" and I don't camp but my nephew is young and wanted to go and I agreed to take him. I say that and continue to say that I was super excited to go.  A little nervous about the camping part but super excited about the music festival part.  So here is our

Here we go....

Everyone kept telling us how bad traffic was....guess we got there at just the right time.

High fives as you enter, I hope this does not make you motion sick cause it does me.

Getting Body Painting because its Bonnaroo!

The Arch at Night!!!!  We have so many pictures of the arch.

You know total exhaustion when you lay down in the grass.

Goldrush:  One of the best concerts of the event, plus we met the guy earlier in the day and had no idea he was a performer.

Oh Andra Day!  Yes more please

Because the idea of a shower was dangled but never quite realized this fountain became my best friend.

NBA finals in the AIR CONDITIONED tent!  We saw many many things in here while we waited for our shows because it had A/C

Why not tie dye pants?

Until next time Bitches.....

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