Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Just a Short Sebatical

Hey folks,  Sorry Ive been out of commission for a few weeks.  My lease on my old apartment was up and I was having trouble finding a new place and so I was staying in a hotel and I just wasn't feeling like logging on to public wifi so I took a short internet break.  So after using 500% of my data on my phone in a month I have finally found another place to live!  Yippee!!!!

So my new place is amazing and I am already in love.  My new apartment building has a pool and a gym (so I canceled my other gym membership) and it also has a sauna.  I can get my entire workout done and I don't even have to leave the building!

As you all know I do so much better with my weight when I have a goal and as of last week I officially have a goal, you know....other than that being healthy and living a long time goal.  My cousin who I think you will recognize because she has been my workout buddy for quite a while is getting MARRIED!!!!!!

Hahahah this picture makes me smile....if you knew how hard this workout series was you would just simply be impressed that we still were smiling.

So now that I have a little new found motivation I'm hoping to start seeing some more results.  I have not gained any weight but I haven't really been losing any either because I can't seem to control what I'm putting in my mouth.

So until this becomes an option I guess Ill have to practice a little more self control.

I'm excited about being settled in a new place for a little bit so maybe I can get into a bit of a routine but with my work schedule being different every day that is the hard part so I'm hoping having the gym in my building even if its 3am or 11pm I can still get a workout in everyday.  I know that working out is only part of the equation, like 15% for me and the other 97% (hahah) is my food but I tend to do better with my food when I do better with my workouts.   I don't know why but it works for me!  

I'll be back with you sooner rather than later this time!  And hopefully Ill have some good weight loss results!

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