Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Heyyyyy Peoples!

Hey my friends!  Ive been meaning to post for like 2 weeks now but I keep getting side tracked or booked up so I have not had the time to do it but today I have the whole day off! So far today Ive slept in, joined a new gym and now I'm hanging out on the front porch of yet another new apartment finally catching up on my blog here and my beauty blog at

So yes, I joined a new gym.  I'm heading back to the Y! because lets face it the Y! my favorite gym.  I joined the Y! when I was in college and stayed there for years but when I moved back to my hometown there was only one gym with a pool so I went there for years and years and now that I'm in a new location again I found a Y! that is in my area so I joined up.  I was pretty excited when I had a gym in my building but lets be honest...its like having a treadmill in your bedroom.  I never ended up going because it was just to easy to get to.  I like the idea of going to the gym....its like I have to make a decision to go to the gym.  So needless to say I'm glad to get back at the gym and in the pool.

I haven't been training for anything but would like to get back to a training goal because I seem to go better when I'm working towards something and there are lots of races in my area (triathlons) in about 9 months so it gives me a chance go get back in shape and train and, for the love of God, hopefully lose some of this weight!
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