Monday, November 7, 2016

Wonder Woman

Ever have one of those day/weeks/months that you just feel like a super hero.  Well I have felt that way this last week because I seemed to have found a way to juggle my life a little better.  I know I talk about having a schedule and loving my schedule all the time and I do love when things are organized and there is a time for everything but being a freelance makeup artist and hair dresser doesn't exactly allow me a regular schedule.

That being said for the last couple of weeks I have managed to make it to the gym and to all my shoots and even book more and more work.  So I don't get to go to the exact classes every week or go at the same time every day but I do manage to get there most days!!!!

I forgot how much I love my gym time!  Its usually an hour or so that I don't fell strapped to my phone or social media.  Lets all be honest...unless you are a doctor or have some really  important job you don't have to have your phone on you at all times.  That is such an easy thing to type but not so easy to practice in real life.  And for little more honesty I have my phone so if something comes through that is important I can stop what I'm doing for a few minutes and address it.

I am remembering all the soreness and blisters that always comes with getting back to the gym.  My back and knees are absolutely screaming but I know after a few weeks  it will be all worth it.  I will get used to it and be able to find new muscles to make sore next week!!!!  And I have managed to create a few goals for the month of November to reach without any prices/insensitive but just because its good for me!

And since I couldn't decide between the Lynda Carter and comic character Wonder Woman I just decided to post both!

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