Progress in Pictures

I cannot express how much I hate the picture now.


Taken at the same time as the one above.  

This was about 6 months or so into my weight loss.  Ohhh the arms!

This was just shy of 1 year.  About 40 lbs lost.

I think this picture was taken for the one year anniversary but I don't remember for sure.  I posted this in the blog so I may have to do some research and try to figure out for sure when.


There is a little bit of a lull in the picture taking, really about 6 months, not much about my body changed even thought the weight was going down slowly.

After a few months of training I started to see some differences again, so the photos started again.  This was the day of the half marathon, no makeup, no cute clothes, just tight pants and a look of terror.

Before the Gastric Bypass Experiment, 6 week transformation...

Still on the Liquid diet part of Gastric...started seeing huge results.

After Gastric Bypass!!!!  This was probably the biggest change yet.

From this point on they are mostly workout pictures.

After 30 in 30...not much change in the body but down another 15. 

Say Hello to Taking Picutres of Myself.

Completeing my first full Marathon.

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